Jon Robinson agrees to become new Titans G.M.

The Tennessee Titans have their General Manager.

Jon Robinson has agreed to take the job, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports. Multiple reports yesterday said Robinson was closing in on the job.

The Titans fired their former G.M., Ruston Webster, after the season. Robinson has a lot of work to do on a roster that’s lacking in talent, although he does have a franchise quarterback in place in Marcus Mariota, which is something most new General Managers can’t say.

Robinson was previously the Buccaneers’ director of player personnel for two years, and before that he spent 12 years in New England. He reportedly has a close relationship with Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, so McDaniels will likely become a candidate for the Titans’ head coaching position.

Photo via Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

13 responses to “Jon Robinson agrees to become new Titans G.M.

  1. Second New England executive hired as a GM this cycle. Clubs are still hoping that Belicheck magic been rubbing off.

  2. All I’m seeing from most TN sports writers is that Robinson was hired because of his willingness to keep Mike Mularkey, and other GM candidates were turned down because of their opposition to keeping Mularkey. If that’s true, then the Titans are in trouble and I immediately don’t like the new GM.

    Hopefully those rumors are untrue, and I’m hoping Robinson has Josh McDaniels in mind. No one wants Mike Mularkey except the ownership (and the players say they do too, but what are they supposed to say?)…

  3. Ironically, Floyd Reese (the Patriots’s former senior football advisor) probably had more influence in New England than Robinson did those last few years.

  4. VenerableAxiom said:

    “It’s great to be called a franchise QB after 1 season with average results, and leading your team to a 3-13 season.”

    VenerableAxiom, that’s because Marcus Mariota had by far the best rookie season of any quarterback in the Titans/Oilers’ 56 year history … not to mention breaking a number of NFL rookie records.

  5. It’s a good hire if he was at all involved in Tampa’s last 2 drafts. If he was involved in their 2014 FA class, it’s not. We’ll see who was responsible for what in that front office as it goes its separate ways.

  6. VenerableAxiom said:

    “It’s great to be called a franchise QB after 1 season with average results, and leading your team to a 3-13 season.”


    Ben Roethlisberger, with the most dangerous set of wide receivers in the league, threw 21 touchdown passes in 12 games. Marcus Mariota threw 19 in the same number of games—and in 99 fewer attempts. The Titans have a bad roster. Marietta showed promise. He should not be called a franchise QB yet, but he is the most talented player on the team already.

  7. Little early to be calling Mariota a franchise qb, isn’t it? Let’s see how he does in year two with a new head coach, new offense, new coordinator, etc. That never seems to be the recipe for success.

  8. I get that this is a far fetched scenario but if the Titan HC becomes Josh McDaniels, they will actually be interesting to watch with Mariota as QB…

    And I am not a Titans fan!

  9. If this guy was a key figure for the Patriots, they would have never let him go to Tampa for a non-GM job. The Titans definitely chose the wrong guy. If he keeps Mularkey, look for the franchise to be sold before the start of the season and they’ll be doing this all over again next year.

  10. I like Mariota so I’m hoping for the best if he hires McDaniels. But the latest Belicheat Flop (O’Brien in Houston) should have any Titan fan concerned.

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