Jonathan Stewart’s foot is fine, after minor scare Sunday

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The Panthers are still awaiting word on an MRI on defensive end Jared Allen’s foot, but they did have good news Monday.

Coach Ron Rivera just told reporters that running back Jonathan Stewart came through yesterday’s game in good shape, and that the “tweak” he felt yesterday was his ankle being rolled up on rather than an aggravation of the foot sprain that kept him out of the last four weeks.

Stewart coming back was a huge factor for the Panthers from the start yesterday, with a 59-yard run on the first play of the game, finishing with 106 yards and two touchdowns.

They spotted him in and out in the second half over injury concerns, but having him well enough to play against the Cardinals in the NFC Championship Game will be big for the Panthers, in terms of both his running and his pass protection.

9 responses to “Jonathan Stewart’s foot is fine, after minor scare Sunday

  1. As a Duck I’m always rooting for Jonathan. He’s been a productive and low-drama professional too, which is always nice (cough Blount cough)…. but as a Duck it’s a bit hard to root for Cam. Conflicted here in harshedmellowsburg. 🙂

  2. Even if you’re not a Duck, it’s hard to root for Cam.

    I’d love to get behind this team and see Ron Rivera win a Super Bowl but it’s hard to do with that annoying QB.

  3. Good to hear he’s fine. We certainly could have used him in the one game we lost. AZ did a poor job defending the run Saturday, and they have incredibly average RBs. Stewart will be hard on them.

    sindiegosage – You’re just letting the noise get to you. Cam doesn’t do anything that hasn’t been done since football was invented, except the first down gesture (I can see why that annoys you). I have an old VHS tape of the history of the NFL, and watched it not too long ago. Many of the TD dances players were doing in the ’70s and ’80s make Cam look like Barry Sanders’ celebrations in comparison. But because Cam got into trouble in college 7 years ago, his dancing makes him the most evil human being to ever walk the earth to some people. Please don’t let these people influence you. They are ‘Bama fans and they are dangerous.

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