Bengals fill out coaching staff

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The Bengals lost several members of Marvin Lewis’ coaching staff after the end of their season and they’ve plugged the big holes in the last couple of weeks.

On Thursday they did some work at the other end of the line. The team announced that Robert Livingston will be their assistant defensive backs coach and that Robert Couch and Dan Pitcher will both be assistants on the offensive side of the ball.

Livingston was a defensive quality control and assistant special teams coach during the 2015 season. It was his first on the staff after spending three years as a scout in his first NFL job.

Couch will be the offensive quality control coach. It’s his first NFL job and the Bengals release says he’s worked in private business while coaching high school football recently. He was an offensive lineman at Vanderbilt and played in NFL Europe.

Pitcher is an offensive assistant and joins the Bengals after four years in the Colts’ scouting department.

21 responses to “Bengals fill out coaching staff

  1. They need to clean up their scouting and player evaluation process to identify the potential jerks that they may be drafting. Then perhaps they might win a playoff game rather than give them away. There is definitely something the matter in that locker room.

  2. 2016 marks the start of the demise of the prison team Bengals. Lewis let the inmates run the asylum and it has hit the tipping point for this franchise.

  3. Dirty players. That’s hilarious. After Burfict, who is dirty?

    Give me a break. David DeCastro, Cody Wallace and Matt Spaeth all went at Burfict’s knees.

  4. Love all the thumbs down from the Bengals fans who still dont realize that they simply blew this game by their idiotic actions on the field. It is one thing to lose like the Vikings did, it is another to lose by marching a team into field goal range by dumb penalties.

  5. Whodey! Happy to have you! Help the players keep that competitive edge and win games! Maybe next Christmas, you can even help Vontaze Burfict, Adam Jones, and Reggie Nelson pass out a 100 more free bikes to the kids at Cincinnati schools!

  6. Sore Steelers fans calling Bengals players dirty. LOL. What do you call Mike Mitchell then? Don’t forget he’s taken out AJ Green, Tyler Eifert and Kevin Huber.

    Go grab some Kleenex, you dolts.

  7. Something tells me the quality control coach for the bengals has a near impossible job. This is not a quality team, and has no control.

  8. I love how people take the burfict and Pacman issues and say the whole team is dirty lol. Most players on the team are very active in there community and for the most part upstanding citizens. Burfict’s hit was no doubt intentional but if porter would have been flagged for being out there running his mouth Packman wouldn’t have been flagged and it would have offset the burfict penalty. The nfl screwed us and steelers fans are screaming to the heavens because they know the bengals are their biggest threat in the division. Keep crying but the steelers are without a doubt the dirtiest team in the league.

  9. Coach Marvin Lewis is running the most successful Coaching FACTORY in the NFL. I care less for the series of playoff losses, because the fact is that the door will come down as long as it keeps getting hit. Other teams can’t get up the steps to even knock on the door.
    As far as all the crying and hating of Burfict and Jones (opposition fans and a few Bengals fans), suck it up… this ain’t franchise is no longer the Bungals… maybe a better slang name would be The BANG-als! The New Bad Boyz run the AFC North… rest assured that THE Cincinnati BENGALS Will be in The Playoffs, Again!!

  10. Well Bengals fans now you know why Steelers fans laugh at you about the whole Kimo von Oelhoeffen thing. Especially the part about how the Steelers kept Cincy from winning by knocking out Palmer.

    As you can see from tonight, Carson Palmer will NEVER win anything. He is the ultimate choker. So you can relax and be at peace. Losing Palmer cost you nothing. You’d have lost that game with him… especially in there.

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