Broncos “amped up” by Rob Gronkowski’s “low blows” crack

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On one hand, all you can do is laugh at Rob Gronkowski’s Beavis and Butthead-level tweet yesterday.

But it’s the playoffs, so you know someone’s going to twist his juvenile brand of humor into motivation.

Gronkowski’s tweet regarding the Broncos which read “Heard their whole team is good at giving low blows,” would have been enough on its own, but punctuating it with the winking/tongue sticking out emoji took it to a new level (a level which resonates in junior high locker rooms around the land).

“It was a funny remark,” Broncos cornerback Bradley Roby said, via Cameron Wolfe of the Denver Post. “I like stuff like that. That gets me amped up. I saw that last night, and I got wanting to play. So we’ll see. That’s all you can say. We’ll see.”

Of course, turning the crude double entendre (which I’m not even sure was more than a single, considering it’s Gronk) into bulletin board material is silly, and there were some who realized that.

“It’s just a distraction,” left tackle Ryan Harris said. “This game is going to be decided on the field on Sunday, not on some social media site.”

Thank God Harris didn’t punctuate that quote with an eggplant, or this thing might have really taken off.

110 responses to “Broncos “amped up” by Rob Gronkowski’s “low blows” crack

  1. Sign of an insecure team.
    Broncos need that to get “amped”?

    Already trying to work the refs and make this a battle in the media.

  2. ” We weren’t gonna try our best before, but now we are going to play extra hard because you tweeted something about us.” Uhhh Ok

    A trip to the Super Bowl is on the line. Every single player on both teams is going to be as “amped up” as they can possibly be.

    Anyone who needs a twitter comment for motivation at this stage of the game has ZERO business playing in the NFL.

  3. The Broncos do have a reputation going back years for ‘legal’ but dirty hits including their O line taking out knees and crack blocks. I understand where it is hard to bring down a big tight end like Gronkowski but taking out any players knee is just as bad for the player as a head shot. It ends seasons and careers.

  4. So something like that amps you up Bradley? Not the fact that your playing in that AFC championship?

    The Patriots are sooooo beating the Broncos.

  5. So it’s OK for Broncos to start things, but not OK for the Pats to follow suit. I’m not normally a Pats fan per se, but Sunday I’m all in to shut up the whining. “Amp this!”

  6. Let me get this right, so There “amped up” To. Go. After. Gronks. Knee-caps…?.. R u serious…?….

    I’m seriously concerned about 2 things…
    Payton manning going out like Ray Lewis!!
    U know a little HGH, what’s the worst that can happen, he’s banned from football? To late he’s already retiring. If Payton manning is out there zipping the ball around like 2011, then we’ll all know he got some extra (left over) hgh from his wife’s pregnancy

    Go pats!!!
    🙏PLZ One more for the GOATS🐐THUMB 👍💍 #5

  7. Hilarious. The trailer trash Broncos spend all week trash talking and whining and trying to influence the officiating of the game to go in their favor (not to mention coming up with excuses if they get clown stomped) but now they have “motivation” what a collection of morons

  8. I love Denver and New England. The cities/area. On the other hand, I’m completely sick of these two teams, their players, coaches and “fans”. The hype has already reached a nauseating level. I was hoping for a different AFC rep in the Super Bowl.

  9. This isn’t about Gronk. He was responding to a flood of pathetic smack from the Broncos locker room. It’s Brady they seem to think they can rattle, and they can’t.

    Let’s hope Pouty Manning is as “amped up” as he usually is for play-off games. I’m not worried about Brady and Gronk.

  10. I think it’s totally unfair and mean spirited for so many posters to be so disresptful to Mr. Gronk. It provides an unfair competitive advantage to the Broncos football team who already have both a natural altitude advantage and a geographically legalized substance induced high advantage. The additional unfair competitive advantage of course, resulting from the “amping up” effect resulting all those nasty comments being made towards Mr. Gronk. That’s just not fair and should immediately be forwarded to the competition committee for their learned adjudication.
    And if this persists, I would suggest that Pats fans everywhere should retaliate by mailing an asterisk to the Broncos organization. That will certainly let them know our disdain for their mean and underhanded tactics.

    “Broncos amped up”. Give me a break!
    Patriots 34
    Broncos 16

  11. It was so nice playing the Chiefs last week, a true professional group. Unlike the whiner Bills, Jets, Steelers, Broncos, and Colts

  12. Ha… Few days before the AFC Championship game and dude needs tweets from the other team to get fired up? The talk of bulletin board material is stupid. Is Roby going to try extra hard now but wasn’t before?

  13. Gronk might go for another Oscar performance like he did a few weeks back while it was diagnosed as a minor sprain. Rolled around like his leg was blown off.

  14. Haven’t seen a team talk this much before playing the Pats in the post season. Tells me that they are trying to talk themselves into thinking they can win. This is a team that has no faith in their QB.

  15. We’ll see if the Donks can get lucky one more time. They barely escaped the last time these teams met with half of the Patriots skilled offensive players missing.

  16. Broncos post crap all week “Brady’s a crybaby”, “Gronk pushes off”, blah blah…. but now they’re saying the game will be played on the field, not social media. Pot/Kettle.

  17. Kids will be kids! The ones “amped up” are the fans – can’t wait to see how Bill Belichick preps for this one and if the Patriots O’Line will give Tommy time to find his wounded receivers. I also wonder if Manning will finish the game and/if the Patriots D will force him into more mistakes. All in all, trash talking means nothing – all is said on the field. Will Manning go out with a bang(!), or will he go “out” all banged up?

  18. Not only is Rob Gronkowski the greatest tight end of all time playing in the prime of his career. Not only does he chew through porn stars. Not only is he on a party schedule that would kill most people and still make time to focus on his job…

    But he also has some of the best one liners in the league. Consistently.

    What do the Broncos have again? Oh yeah, as many Papa John’s coupons as they want.

  19. I am shocked that nobody wanted to run with Von Miller’s “it only takes me one second” comment. They are just lobbing softballs at this point.

  20. Never motivate a Defense that wants to take out your knees – never.

    What Gronk should of said: ” Hey guys, play with respect and don’t lower yourselves by going after the knees – cheap & dirty “

  21. Right if you need a social media war to get amped for the AFCCG maybe you shouldn’t be playing. Why are the Broncos all the sudden talking so much, have they done this all year?

  22. I can’t say I blame the Broncos for talking smack before the game, it will clearly be the only chance they have to talk smack because I don’t see this game being close, I wouldn’t be surprised if they shut them out, so talk the smack now and lick your wounds later…Pats 34-0 and I hate the Pats….the only chance they have is for the D to play like they did early in the season when they scored more TD than their offense….they will need an effort like that…..Belichick>Kubiak Brady>Manning this could get ugly…..I just hope I am pleasantly surprised by the broncos come Sunday

  23. Go back and look at video of Martavis Bryant running into Wade Phillips. He was slowing down, and then reached out and pushed him to the ground. If he hadn’t been a Steeler, that video would be all over the media.

  24. I suppose it was too much to point out in the article that Gronk’s tweet was a reaction to threats made by the Broncos this week? He was turning an unpleasant threat into a joke. The Broncos have done nothing but run their mouths this week.

  25. The league should do the right thing and rename the AFCCG to the “Second game the Patriots play in after their bye week at the end of each season.”

  26. Amp up all you want, if you don’t stop the machine that is the Patriot’s offense, you’ll be watching the Super Bowl from your living room.
    Niner Fan

  27. Has a db ever been flagged for hitting a receiver too low? Too high, maybe, but too low…?

    I heard about another thing that was “too low.” Sorry, I misspoke… I heard about 11 0f 12 patriot things that were “too low.” Of course they were first autographed by the ref. and then had the “laws of physics” applied to them during a brief stop to the Gillette Stadium bathroom.

  28. So the Broncos are so stupid they didn’t realize it was a response to being called out on the OPI taunting. SMH. They want to poke the bear they got it. This isn’t even Onion Network worthy.

  29. CAM NETWON SAID WHAT???!!! THAT NO GOOD, EGOTISICAL, SHOWBOA…..oh wait. Gronk said that. Well, you know what? He’s just a young fella having fun out there, I’ll allow it.

  30. Good thing he can play football… otherwise he’d be unemployed and living in his mother’s basement.

  31. The Bronco’s need all the “amping up” they can get with Methuselah slinging the ball. A combo of Human Growth Hormone and that forehead that like a drive in movie is frightening. All he needs are bolts in his crooked neck and you’ll have the total package.

  32. Gronk pushes off on literally every route and he’s got the gall to whine like a 5 year old about so called low blows…

  33. Lol @ the Bronco’s….. Seriously act like you have been here before!! It’s like taking a homeless person to an all
    You can eat buffet and they are still stuffing pork chops and French fries in their pockets… The Donkeys are by my appearance of Low Class! Typical Patriots, they let their Stellar Play & Dominant coaching do the talking!!
    Patriots 28
    Donkeys 27

  34. kroenkesucks says:
    Jan 21, 2016 7:47 AM

    We’ll see if the Donks can get lucky one more time. They barely escaped the last time these teams met with half of the Patriots skilled offensive players missing.


    Yeah, they “barley escaped” with their back-up quarterback playing.

    That won’t be the case this week-end. Expect a blow-out.

    Broncos: 37
    Pat*riots: 13

    Signed: (No dog in this race)

  35. Broncos have been talking so much smack all week to the media. But Gronk makes one tweet and that is supposed to be some huge deal?

    Some nice double standards.

  36. Of course Gronk pushes off – the friggn Refs allow the DB & LB to hang all over him after 5 yards.

    Broncos are very afraid of GronkMan

  37. I love Pats fans complaining about double standards.

    The Bronco’s bring up pushing off: PFT has an article.
    Gronkowski makes a crack about low blows: PFT has an article.

    It’s not a double standard, when you’re not approaching everything with a persecution complex.

  38. It sure isn’t their QB ( HGH Manning) who is getting them amped up. Not with His ONE touchdown pass in Denver all year. TB12 the GOAT , in one game in Denver with key offensive players out threw 3.
    The Pats have a better chance of beating the NFC team than Denver. Don’t forget seattle blew out Denver the year before the Pats won their 4th super bowl .

  39. Broncos were beat with Brady & backups in week 12 – until the Refs stepped in and helped out.

    I expect the Patriots to pounce this time.


    Broncos 27

  40. “I love Pats fans complaining about double standards.

    The Bronco’s bring up pushing off: PFT has an article.
    Gronkowski makes a crack about low blows: PFT has an article.

    It’s not a double standard, when you’re not approaching everything with a persecution complex.”

    Here’s the difference — when a Patriots parking lot attendant farts, there’s an article filled you and your buddies having emotional breakdowns and tripping over yourselves to post your idiocy.

  41. ohand16 says:
    Jan 21, 2016 6:37 AM

    “This one’s…for John”

    Sounded like the voice of God when Pat Bowlen said that
    No……that was the voice of the NFL when they whacked your cheatin Bronco’s twice for playing fast and loose with the salary cap. How Bronco’s fans can simply overlook the proven fact their team blatantly cheated is concrete proof of the hypocrisy of that fan base. Those two ill gotten Lombardi’s should be a reminder to all Bronco’s fans of the depths their team stooped to to “win” a couple *championships*.

  42. It’s the AFC championship game.

    If ANY player on either team needs to be motivated to play their best they need to find a new job and return their pay check!!!

    BB called it hot air, I call it plain and simple stupidity, could not care less for the Broncos players, I am, however, a little pissed Gronk did not control himself…he better make up for it on the field!!!

  43. It’s absurd for a member of a defense tries to “talk tough” – when that same defense is going the coward’s way out on Gronk’s knees.

    That’s like when a terrorist “talks tough” after he/she has blown to pieces innocent civilians (including women, children, old folks) with backpacks, poisons them, shoots them in the back, etc.

  44. All that Denver whining, and Gronkowski trolls their whole team better than they did, with just one tweet.

    Broncos are looking like amateur time.

  45. Let me get this straight….Gronk simply responds to the litany of trash talk, yet somehow that “pumps up” the Broncos?

    Meanwhile, Von Miller predicts he can get to Brady in 1 second.

    The Broncos have been running their mouths all week.

  46. Broncos beat the Pats using a virtual rookie QB several weeks ago. I know Edelman was out. So was Ware! Booth are back, so Brady has another weapon and Denver has another pass rusher. No reason to believe this won’t be a good game! This one’s up in the air.

  47. You KNOW the Pats will find a way to win this game. If Roethlisberger laid 300+ on them last wk, Brady will find the open guys. As a Steeler fan I am sick to admit that, but Denver was thoroughly beatable last wk. No Gronk remarks, synthetic weed episodes, or other distractions ever get the Patsies eyes off the prize. Belichick could use cardboard cutouts on defense, to confound Manning.

  48. mototax says:
    Jan 21, 2016 10:23 AM

    Broncos beat the Pats using a virtual rookie QB several weeks ago. I know Edelman was out. So was Ware! Booth are back, so Brady has another weapon and Denver has another pass rusher. No reason to believe this won’t be a good game! This one’s up in the air.


    Edelman was out, and so was with Amendola, and Gronkowski was out for the crucial end-of-game stretches. Also a few important defensive players were out for the Pats.

    In a sense, this is up in the air, but in another sense, we have the Patriots with a big influx of important skill players, better weather, and a less-productive QB on the Broncos side. With the last game being a razor-close OT win, the above would seem to swing things back in the Pats’ favor. But with these teams, you never really know.

  49. ” We weren’t gonna try our best before, but now we are going to play extra hard because you tweeted something about us.” Uhhh Ok

    Yeah, the Pats never use bulletin board material as motivation.

  50. Gronk knows who our two safeties are and he’s gonna play like a scared little punk come Sunday, just watch. I actually predict a big game for the other guy Chandler, that dude’s huge too and he can ball.

    Call us dirty if you want NE fanboys. This increasingly PC progressive society is changing the game and it sucks on many different levels (particularly the officiating).

  51. @ camstolemycomputer says:

    “Broncos are scared they are trying to talk themselves into thinking they have a chance.”

    Really? They have no chance? Denver has the #1 D in the league, AND the game is being played in Denver.

    I am sure you said the same thing about the Giants both times they played the Pats in the SB, especially the first time when the Pats came into the SB at 18-0.

    What an inept statement. The final score is what matters, not some blowhard homer who is the one actually scared.

    Cam stole more than just your computer, Einstein.

  52. Truth is the Broncos secondary has broken your Gronk twice.. Once this year ….remember him rolling around on the ground like he was on fire? and T.J. Ward took him out when Ward played with Cleveland. You think Gronk doesn’t think about that when he’s going over the middle? Think again… Denver lives in that big ham head of his…

  53. So let me get this straight, multiple Broncos players trash talk the Patriots for 3 days, saying Gronk pushes off, they’re gonna hit Gronk in the knees, Brady is a crybaby and a whiner and insinuating that the refs hand them calls (which looking at their last meeting in Denver couldn’t be further from the truth). Then Gronk responds with a joke and now they’re amped up and ready to go because they’ve been disrespected? HAHAHA you can’t make this stuff up. Denver is pathetic… really.

  54. cornerstone2001 says:
    Jan 21, 2016 9:23 AM

    “I got wanting to play”?

    What language is he speaking exactly?

    Apparently, it is the same one you are typing.

  55. doylemcmuffin

    I do not think Broncos players are dirty…I do think they’re talking way too much but that’s their business and, for me, it’s somewhat stupid.

    Not sure about Chandler… I do think NE will try to surprise Denver with a bit of running but we’ll see!!!

    Hopefully it will be a good game, one for the ages, that honours adequately the two magnificent quarterbacks that will be playing the game, namely Peyton if it turns out this will be his last season.

    Tough game for both teams but Denver does have a slight advantage because they are playing at home and have a very good team.

    That said, I do think the Pats will win 🙂

  56. Simple way to beat the Pats hit Brady early and often

    He hates pressure
    How do I know the Giants proved it twice

  57. Yeah yeah I know the Bengals lost (with their backup QB..barely), but I can’t help but feel like the Bengals were the best of the AFC this year and Dalton would’ve been healthy by this point. We have a better offense than the Broncos and a better D than the Pats (plus we were way healthier outside of Dalton). Just feels like the Bengals are cursed. At least the core is young. Maybe next year.

  58. Ever see those PBS videos of wild broncos? Make No Mistake as those broncos are extremely inbred and have lots of genetic weaknesses, just as the Denver Broncos have shown that they do.

    If it takes some silly remarks by Gronk in response to threats by Broncos players that they are going after his knees, (as the Broncos are known to do and are famous for their cheap shot, chop blocks), when the Broncos players should already be amped up for the AFC championship game, then the Broncos have already lost the game in their minds.

    Too bad for Manning, but the Broncos show that they are resigned to losing and are desperately looking for every and any crutch that they can cling to in hopes they can try to use it to luck out against the Patriots.

  59. Not a Pats or Broncos fan, but I saw absolutely nothing wrong with Gronk’s comment. I’m sure the coach had a little chat with him about saying NOTHING in the media other than the usual cliches.

  60. Now Roby is ready to play. Patriots in 6. Oh I forgot this isn’t boxing. And I am rooting against the Patriots, like always. But they have zero chance of losing against the Broncos this year.

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