Jared Allen isn’t happy with being scratched for Sunday

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Panthers defensive end Jared Allen has a broken bone in his foot and a bug in his butt. Allen believes he can play despite the injury, and he’s not happy about the decision to deactivate him for the NFC title game.

“Not happy, plain and simple. I’m ready to rock,” Allen said Friday, via Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer. “Coach’s decision, gotta live with it.”

Allen believes he would be able to play despite the injury.

“A hundred percent,” Allen said. “But it’s coach’s call. I respect coach, so I’ve got to respect his decision. It is what it is.”

If the concern is risk of further injury, Allen isn’t worried about that.

“Broke is broke,” Allen said. “That’s all questions for the doc. I just know I do what I do, get ready, coach’s decision. He made a decision. I’ve got to live with it and support my guys and be the best cheerleader I can be this week.”

If the Panthers win, Allen will have two more weeks to recover from the injury before what would be the first Super Bowl appearance of Allen’s career.

25 responses to “Jared Allen isn’t happy with being scratched for Sunday

  1. Classy organization. Aging vets who have impact will remember this in free agency and trade situations. Plus they would have to be teammates with a QB that wears women’s clothing and thinks his child is an ironic disciple (since not chosen).

  2. Allen has been injured all year. Glad he’s on the team, but he hasn’t really produced this season without a broken foot…. what’s he gonna do with that? ! Hope the Panthers make it to the superbowl and Allen gets to shine

  3. Ron Rivera is in a no win situation if he plays Jared Allen and he get hurt even worst… And Carolina defeats the Arizona Cardinals ,then Jared Allen will complain about not being able to play in the Super Bowl…Jared Allen needs to keep his mouth closed and help cheer his team to victory on Sunday…So that Jared Allen can finally play in his first Super Bowl…

  4. Yup, they claim they are a 1st class organization.

    But from what I hared, last weekend before the clash with Seattle, they replaced the turf of their field. No, wonder Seattle was falling down for the first dozen plays, or more.
    Yup, that’s a 1st class organization. Take advantage instead of honor and integrity.
    I hope Seattle hangs fifty on these pretenders next year. Low life scum bags! I was pulling for you to win, but not anymore.

    Ex black putty tats fan

  5. He’s no good and has a broken foot

    Play someone that gives you a chance to win and quit saying you support the coach. Mentioning it is a form of denouncement

  6. Honestly, is the person that’s gonna take his spot on the roster gonna have any more of an impact than Jared with a broken foot?

  7. Allen is a POS anyways. I went Tobhigj school with him. He was the biggest a hole in the school and got expelled because he stole all the yearbooks and was selling them out of his trunk. Anyone who knew him growing up knew he was destined to be in jail one day.

  8. Oh good. I won’t have to watch his depiction of animal cruelty of calf roping if the QB gets sacked.

  9. Can’t blame the guy — spends his entire career playing for the pathetic Vikings — never getting within a whiff of this opportunity except during the “rent-a-Favre” years, and now with it in his grasp, poof.

  10. Kony Ealy gets the start but Ryan Delaire is active t this week. I suspect Ron knows we need to get to Carson Palmer in a hurry and that Delaire has edge speed. Youth movement for this one

    Jared may not be happy but Ron kept him on the active roster vs putting him on IR, which would have ended his chances of playing in a superbowl if they make it.

  11. Can’t blame the guy. All those years spent with the horrid, bottom feeding Vikings teams, bad Bears teams and he finally gets to a good team making a SB run and he’s injured.

    Have to feel for the guy.

  12. He complains so much for a very average player. How about, “Thanks for trading for me & getting me out of Chicago” He knows he would not have been IN the playoffs if he stayed on the Bears right? No playoff bonus checks if you’re not in the playoffs.

  13. At this point in his career Allen is only effective because of effort. He has made some plays for the Panthers because he plays smart and gives effort. A broken foot will hurt that effort so why not put in the guy that is younger, faster and stronger (Ealy).
    Allen needs to hope the Panthers win and then he can play in his first SB when his foot is a bit more healed.

  14. Jared Allen hasn’t done much in the games with the Panthers , he’s banged up and honestly they’re better off with a healthier younger body out there in Delaire. And then you rest Allen in hopes they get by AZ and can play Allen in the ………SB! Ahhhhhh nervous wreck over here LETS GO PANTHERS!!!!!

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