Arians: Carson Palmer didn’t lose “the damn game”

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If not for quarterback Carson Palmer’s play this season, there’s not much chance the Cardinals would have been in the NFC championship game against the Panthers.

That cliched reminder is offered only because of how wrong things went in Carolina for Palmer. His four interceptions and two fumbles loomed large in the 49-15 blowout loss to Carolina and Palmer said after the game that he “kept digging us a hole” with the turnovers. Palmer said that his dislocated finger was not the reason for his struggles and that things snowballed as he started pressing when the Cardinals fell behind.

Coach Bruce Arians also said the finger wasn’t a factor while discussing Palmer’s performance, which he said was not the sole reason for the loss.

“Carson did not lose the damn game, there’s nothing wrong with his damn finger,” Arians said. “We didn’t play near well enough, especially our best players.”

There were certainly plenty of other things to dislike about Arizona’s performance, particularly Patrick Peterson’s fumble when it looked like momentum had swung Arizona’s way after the Panthers went up 17-0. When the quarterback turns the ball over six times, though, it’s going to be tough for any team to wind up on the right side of the final score.

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  1. That’s right. Bruce you did you arrogant overrated loser . Like I said last week your players bailed your ass out. ( as they have many times this past season. This week you couldn’t even get your team pumped up for a championship game . Got your asses kicked from start to finish. How can people call this guy a great coach ? I feel sorry for Fitzgerald he won’t get a ring with this clown as his coach .

  2. All comments should start with the recognition that Carolina was 15-1. Even the best QBs make mistakes when they’re pressing from behind, as Brady proved in his picks. It was the Cardinals lack of defense that put them in the hole. Palmer just kept digging.

    The two teams best built to stop the Panthers are Seattle and Denver. If the Seahawks had shown up for the whole playoff game, SB50 might have been a rematch of SB48. Instead it’s whether the Broncos defense can keep a lid on Cam until Manning gets rolling.

    Wade Phillips, your moment of truth has arrived.

  3. Notice how Arians takes none of the blame . He puts it all on Palmer, and their best players not playing good enough. Seems to me they weren’t prepared for the panthers poor play calling, turnovers killed the cards. Way to go. Bruce you suck !!!!!!!!

  4. Maybe if he turned it over 7 times Arians would state that Palmer lost the damn game. Or is it 8 ?

    Did anyone ask what the magic number is ?

  5. Of course Carson Palmer “lost them the damn game”. Six turnovers??? He choked just like he always has in the playoffs. Way to cover from him Arians….but the moment was way too big for him.

  6. Could it be that Carolina is by far the best team on the field, everytime they take it?

    Lost 1 game this year, just put a whooping on the seahawks, followed up by embarrasing the Cardinals…Denver better be ready, cuz Cam and the panthers are coming…

  7. Palmer played poorly last week against Green Bay.

    The difference was the Panthers held on to Palmer’s errant throws; the Packers dropped ’em.

  8. Bruce has to say that. That’s his qb…but when he says his best players didn’t play well…that all starts with Carson. Same ole choked under pressure Carson. Just like in Cincy.

  9. Palmer is guilty of trying to make too much happen too fast. 3 of those INT’s happened when the game was already out of hand, the fumbles I put on the O-line. My bigger concerns are our pass rush not being effective for both playoff games, Newton and Rodgers had all day to throw. And our O-line and coverage in the secondary were both very suspect against Carolina and the Packers. This was a team loss for a team that seemed to have ran out of gas after week 16. Top offseason priority is addressing our pass rush. Still love my Cardinals though, no matter what. We will be back.

  10. I’ve watched Palmer blow big games for years. The bigger the game, the more likely he is to throw interceptions. Of course, there is nothing quite like watching one of his signature throws, The Palmer Pick Six

  11. 6 Turnovers is hard to come back from, however if the QB is on his back more than a 3 dollar hooker, there isn’t much that can be done.

    It looked like the Waterboy when they were reading Football for Dummies to get the plays

  12. Offensive line got manhandled for the second week In a row and the defense didn’t do many favors allowing 17 points in the first quarter

  13. Uh, the guy throws 4 INTs and fumbles another. Yeah, Carson Palmer DID lose the damn game. What were you watching, Arians??? Palmer sucked it up more than any QB in a big game. Had a nice season, but barely survived last week and got slaughtered this week. Better start looking for a new QB out there in AZ….

  14. Carson being Carson…king of the pick-6 and strip sack. He looked like he was back in tiger stripes out there.

    Arians of all people should have known what they were getting with that guy…typical USC/No1 pick guy.

    No sympathy for anyone who tries to retread a loser. They try every year…retread a loser (but good) QB and get the same eventual results.

  15. Game was over before he committed one of those turnovers. When you are down 20 plus points and your line can’t block the rush you are going to turn it over

  16. 6 turnovers. Or was it 7? Throwing into double and triple coverage. The defense shares blame in this loss as well, but the onus is on Palmer.

  17. I know you lose as a team Arians, but when your QB turns the ball over 6 times by himself, he lost the game for you. Palmer should have got MVP….for Carolina.

  18. Actually, he did. He had a great season for which you were happy to give him full credit. Now that he turned the ball over 6 times in one game, he should take the blame.

  19. I saw last week vs GB that nerves were getting the best of Carson Palmer.. Then early in the game yesterday its like they knew they had lost already and Arians started calling trick plays… Arians didn’t look so confident again either…

  20. Carson Palmer is no franchise QB and average at best. He was absolutely horrible in that game and the Cards were overrated all season. Look for a bad record next year and last place.

  21. Say what you want, but Palmer didn’t help keep them in that game. Every chance at scoring was deflated when he threw a pick. Receivers also need to hang onto the ball.

  22. The Cardinals just plain got beat. In every facet of the game. They even got bad bounces on top of that. They’ll be back in the playoffs next year.

  23. Just because they couldn’t have made it this far without him, doesn’t mean he’s not to blame for the loss. Nobody can recover from that many turnovers and almost all of them were his fault. I can’t even name one Cardinal that had a good performance.

  24. Nobody wearing a Cardinals jersey played well. But 4 INTs and 2 lost fumbles do put Palmer at the front of the parade.

    The biggest killer was when he lost the fumble near the end of the first half only to have Newton give it right back but then immediately threw a pick in the end zone. A TD there right before half just might have turned the tide. That was their last shot to get back into the game.

  25. In title games, MOMEMTUM IS HUGE.

    Patrick Peterson’s fumble GAVE THE MOMENTUM RIGHT BACK TO THE PANTHERS after the Cards stabilized themselves and closed to 17-7 and inerfect position to get a FG or TD which would have changed the game back ro a close competitive one.

    Instead, Peterson’s MAJOR SCREWUP turned ihe game into a 24-7 rout causing Arians and Palmer to go into desperation mode to gambling to catch-up on iffy passes to try to get back in the game where they were way behind on score and with no momentum.

    The Entire Game turned on Peterson’s major SCREWUP which came after the Cards took the Panthers best opening shot and then made adjustments to where the Cards were able to march on down for their first score. Once the Cards got behind 24-7 due to Peterson’s MAJOR SCREW-UP, right or wrong, they went into desperation mode which in Arians system means throwing up a bunch of passes.

  26. I don’t mean to sound bitter, because I was rooting for the Cardinals yesterday, but I just can’t help but think that the Packers were a freak tipped ball TD from playing in this game (I know I’m oversimplifying the game from last week by saying that, but it was a big moment in the game), and I have to believe that Rodgers’ awareness wouldn’t have led to so many turnovers, and in turn, made for a much more competitive game, even if they still would’ve lost.

  27. The majority of Palmer’s picks happened when the Cardinals were already down pretty big, so Palmer is trying to make a play. What lost the Cardinals the game was their Defense. It was terrible. No pass rush. The secondary looked like high schoolers out there trying to cover Ted Ginn, and Corey Brown (not exactly Antonio Brown, or Calvin Johnson). By the time the Cardinals looked to settle into the game they were already down big so their offensive game plan was over and had to press. I’m with Bruce on this one. Palmer didn’t lose the game, but he had every part in it as the rest of the guys.

  28. I’m a Bengals fan who wished nothing but the best for Carson Palmer, until the matchup this year that is. In Oakland he said his game against the Bengals was just another game, then this year when he knows he has a good enough team to win it’s “much more than just another game”. He proceeded to talk crap all week about how horrible the Bengals were for making him quit. It’s clear now that you can take the player out of the Bengals, but you can’t take the Bengals out of the player.

  29. Let’s face it – the NFC was really weak this year. Everyone had a soft schedule, and the regular season wasn’t a good measurement for any of those teams. The Cardinals are still the Cardinals, and Carson Palmer is still Carson Palmer. It’s amazing they got this far.

  30. 28 teams sat home and watched Carson Palmer lead his team into the NFC Championship game. Those same 28 teams sat on their rear ends watching Tom Brady lead his team into the AFC Championship game. Both Brady and Palmer ended up on the losing end of their games. Neither of their teams would have made it this far without these two QBs. In two weeks from now, either Cam Newton or Peyton Manning will join Brady and Palmer, and go home losers. I look at all these QBs as winners. There are only a few human beings on this planet that can do what these guys are doing. That’s why they get paid $20 million a year. I’d love to bring home Carson Palmer’s paycheck.

  31. nothing is funnier than listening to Arians lie.

    Carson Palmer is a choke artist that tried to lose last week..and sure he can beat Detroit and Tampa Bay during the season but he’s not beating many playoff teams.

  32. .
    Every once in a while, teams have a ” Murphys Law” game where everything that can go wrong will go wrong. The Cardinals had theirs yesterday. After I saw the Patrick Peterson play, I knew it was futile.

  33. Carson Palmer looked nearly as bad last week but nobody was talking about that coming into the game. Some players shine in the big moments and some crumble under the pressure. If it wasn’t for a fluke INT-turned touchdown he would still be in the running for the record starts without winning a playoff game.

    The Panthers dismantled the Cardinals last night.

  34. 2010 carson says i have money and dont need football anymore..

    2015 carson says i have money and dont need to win a playoff game………….

    same skin Quitter

  35. Panthers played straight up lights out ball last night!!! Cardinals were out gained, out muscled, just out everything!!! SB Bound baby!!! CaMVP!!!! #keeppounding!!!

  36. Bruce Arians is nothing but fat garbage in a beret. Last year he “guaranteed” a playoff victory against Carolina before the game. After they lost, he claimed that if the Cards had a full healthy roster, they would have won, “hands down.” Coach of the year…right.

    After watching the cards get bailed out by the refs against the niners AND the vikes this year, I could not WAIT for my boys to plays them.

  37. That’s worse than Kaepernick’s worst game. Kap is still a better QB over Palmer, doesn’t choke in the playoffs..

  38. As respectfully as possible Coach Arians, what game were you watching? Maybe you don’t want to bash an individual’s play, but enough of the coach speak & get real

    He accounted for 6 turnovers, all six because of HIS lack of ball security, not a RB missing an exchange, WR tipping a pass up or running the wrong route

  39. Sorry Cardinal fans. The clock struck 12:00 and Carson turned back into the turd he has always been. The guy flat out quit on the Bengals and the Raiders. Karmas a bitch aint it Carson? Four pics and two fumbles all on his own and Arians says it aint on him. Might have to rethink Arians being a good coach.

  40. I haven’t seen a QB choke like Carson Palmer did the last two weeks since…hell, I’ve never seen it. That was tough to watch.

  41. Does anyone remember a year ago when Arians said the Cardinals would be getting dressed in the 49ers locker room at this time next year? Good times, good times

  42. Thanks for trying Bruce, but it was obvious that Carson will never get you a SB. You could see it in his eyes. He looked shell-shocked the entire day. Even in the win against GB, he looked like he could barely hold on. This defense deserves better. Carson should just retire now and call it a career. That probably won’t happen because the Bidwills are just to cheap to do what it’s going to take to upgrade the qb position.

  43. It was 17-7 when Peterson fumbled the ball. They had the game right there. Panthers offense was struggling and Cards offense was driving on their defense pretty well. Cards just drove down the field and into the red zone when Palmer threw a pick. The Cards defense held Panthers to a 3 and out, Cards get the ball back and this time drove it down the Panthers throat with a 1 yard TD run by DJ.

    Then Cards kicked off to Panthers, held them to another 3 and out. Then Panthers punting and Patrick Peterson fumbles the ball and the defense gives up after that with 2 big runs by Stewart and then the TD and the route was on.

  44. The game I saw was the one a miserable Carson Palmer played in. He just kept throwing into coverage that was impossible to complete. He knew it and so did Arians know it, so how can he make excuses for the guy. He stunk.

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