Police recommend felony charges against Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman


Bellevue Police recommended to prosecutors on Monday that Seattle Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman be charged with felony hit-and-run and vehicular assault stemming from an October accident that left the victim with head injuries and a broken collarbone.

According to Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times, the Bellevue Police Department released a 101-page report Monday detailing their investigation into Coleman’s accident on October 14. The investigation claims that Coleman told officers he had smoked synthetic marijuana before the crash.

“A lighter, a glass spoon pipe with tarry residue, an opened bag of synthetic cannabinoid and three unopened bags of synthetic cannabinoids” were found in Coleman’s vehicle, per police. He was jailed for two days following the incident and suspended one game by the Seahawks. He missed a second game due to a concussion sustained in the crash.

Coleman allegedly left the immediate area of the crash scene following the incident while barefoot. He was found by police about two blocks away around 20 minutes after the incident and was “calm and cooperative” with authorities.

Coleman’s truck was traveling at 60 mph in a 35 mph zone and hit a Honda Civic. His foot remained on the accelerator for several seconds after impact, driving the Civic 260 feet down the road until it was pushed off the roadway, up a hill and flipped over, according to the police report.

Coleman had eight carries for 32 yards in 14 games this season and made one start at running back in December after Thomas Rawls was lost for the season. He’s appeared in 31 games over the past three seasons and is a standout special teams player for Seattle. He’s set to be a restricted free agent this offseason.

45 responses to “Police recommend felony charges against Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman

  1. You should have shown the images from the wreck. It’s worse then it sounds.
    Cut him.
    Resign Tukafu

  2. I’m a ‘Hawks fan but if a guy smokes marijuana and drives, then commits a hit and run, and then the police investigate and recommend felony charges, he should stand trial. And if he is found guilty, I hope they throw the book at him.

  3. theashleyguy says:
    Jan 25, 2016 11:09 PM
    I’m a ‘Hawks fan but if a guy smokes marijuana and drives, then commits a hit and run, and then the police investigate and recommend felony charges, he should stand trial. And if he is found guilty, I hope they throw the book at him.


    seriously? That’s what the police and judicial system do…everyday.

  4. This is why I was saying a couple of months ago spice is no joke it causes fits of rage, depression and sometimes death. It’s terrible stuff and it this substance illustrates what a failure the war on drugs is the worst stuff comes in a lab not a drug dealer’s basement. Marijuana should be legal so that crap like this never makes it out onto the street.

  5. wow..just make it legal..why smoke man made junk..its been around longer then humans for crying out loud..

  6. Reading the description of the accident it sounded more like attempted murder. This is going to cost Derrick Coleman a lot of money.

  7. In a state where the real stuff is 100% legal, you’d think he would just smoke the good stuff. The NFL only checks once a year…

    FYI: “Synthetic Marijuana is NOT real. The name should be changed because it has nothing, nada, zip to do with real MJ. The Synthetic sucks big time, the real deal is natural, grown in the earth and actually has some medical benefits with no afterburn.

    Sorry about Derrick, as he had a great back story about being deaf and overcoming his issues to make it in the NFL but that dream is not pretty much gone.

  8. On the tv news they said he had a bunch of marijuana edibles in the car too. But can’t eat those with NFL rules against THC.

    THC way safer than the synthetic “spice” stuff. Look what Chamdler Jones did while smoking spice with Gronk last week 😉

  9. Why do we need to legalize any drugs or have alcohol does your life suck so bad you have to fake a reality ,,get a life and don’t use any drugs or alcohol

  10. I must admit that I would be upset if the facts are what they seem to be, and the Seahawks knew them and didn’t cut him…….Suspension for one game just doesn’t seem to be enough………..

  11. “Why did it take until the season was over to make these charges for such a simple case?!?!”

    101 page report about an accident ? Was Ted Wells involved ?

  12. “THC way safer than the synthetic “spice” stuff. Look what Chamdler Jones did while smoking spice with Gronk last week”

    Uh no, Gronk was in Florida at the time. Keep up the lies about the Pats though.

  13. No excuses for his actions. Seems like a good kid with a good heart but we all have to pay for our bad choices. DC put someone else’s life at risk and he knows it.

    No doubt DC broke the law and will be fined/suspended as see fit by the league with no one to blame. With that being said, I do wonder if the league should revisit if weed should be banned. I’m not a doctor, just an average Joe, but what advantage does weed have? If someone is hurt, I’d rather them use weed for the pain than a script for Oxy. It’s scary to think these young kids would resort to “synthetic” weed. Who knows what crap is in that stuff. Some of the best weed is grown in the PNW, and because of fear of a drug test, DC is putting chemical based synthetic crap in his system? Just saying, this might be a banned substance that needs to be revisited, especially since more and more states are legalizing weed as the years go on because it’s obvious it’s not the Devils drug like everybody used to think.

  14. ……..synthetic Marijuana is a conjured up name for a hard core drug that has NO association to real marijuana. CALL IT what it is …crack or some other bad bad drug which screews you up and makes u make horrible choices. That being said…his days in the NFL are over……

  15. My Family lives and dies SeaHawks. We are very proud to be “12’s” with an organization that has tried to clean up it’s act. 2013, 14 were messy due to the HGH scandal. The SeaHawk Management and players made great progress to build a great team that can carry on for a number of years and be proud of what was accomplished. Derrick Coleman made a choice and unfortunately he will have to pay a price. The cost in his field will be enormous!!!!

  16. For all you knuckleheads whining that the problem is that he smoked synthetic weed because pot is illegal… even smoking ‘real’ pot is going to impair your driving.

    The issue here isn’t that he smoked fake pot, it’s that he blazed up (on anything) and got behind the wheel. He should go to prison for a long, long time for this.

  17. postintelligence says:

    Tell me again why we just don’t let these guys smoke regular weed?

    Because it’s a federal crime, perhaps.

  18. So if I read this correctly, Goodell is going to add 2 more games to Tom Brady’s “suspension”? Maybe take another million bucks from the team?

  19. This isn’t just a DUI, he injured someone while driving while high.
    I think the league needs to give him a lifetime ban, and let him apply for reinstatement after 1 year.

    A one game ban? The victim was injured and maybe could have died. You get a longer suspension for smoking weed a few times.

  20. Too bad his BLOOD toxicology report came out absolutely clean…. 0 anything in his body whatsoever.

    Sounds like the cops might be making some bull up as usual..

  21. Athletes who drive impaired could be some of the dumbest human beings EVER. They have the monetary means to get limos, taxis, or other chauffered rides and dont.

  22. Love how the Seahawks hold there player’s accountable, we don’t need the league to step in because we have suspended Coleman for one game.

    Oh yeah, he would of had a concussion that week as well…we held him accountable anyway. What a classless organization.

  23. What hypocrites! It’s hit and run to an unoccupied vehicle. That only happens 20 times a day in Seattle alone.

    Bellevue, the locale where this occurred, is always making legal mountains out of molehills, because Bellevue is wealthy, white, and political…bunch of noise about nothing. Felony will be reduced to a misdemeanor, which always happens in court.

    Community service, no jail time…

    You folks act like you’ve never made a bad decision in your lives. Is it jealousy, or you simply apply double standards to the lives of athletes because they don’t have to work a 9-5.

  24. I loved Derrick Coleman’s story but him and his lawyer were in the media spinning this story. I am not even a big believer Bellevue PD story being fully accurate.

    The fact is he got into a car while intoxicated on substance and hit an innocent person. Many of us have lost people we know in the same circumstance. The NFL actually now has initiatives that these guys can use to get home safe.

    Go with Will Tukuafu and let Coleman have his 2nd chance elsewhere.

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