Bills G.M. thinks bringing Rob Ryan in will only help Rex


Bills General Manager Doug Whaley was bound to coach Rex Ryan this offseason, when ownership decided to hang onto the pair of them.

And he thinks that adding some guys even closer to Ryan is going to help them all.

Via Tyler Dunne of the Buffalo News, Whaley said he thinks bringing Rob Ryan and Ed Reed in to help Rex is going to help the team as a whole.

“If you look at it, Rob and Rex, they’ve had some troubles,” Whaley said. “Their name is kind of like, ‘Hey, they’re the Ryans, what happened to their defense?’ So why not bring in your brother and try to reclaim that name? That’s the way I look at it. And who’s going to have your back more than your brother? I think it’s a positive. I know it’s a positive. Everybody in the building feels it’s a positive. It’s a positive for Rex, too.

“It can help him expand his horizons as the head coach and get into some other things.”

Of course, that assumes having Rob Ryan around is a positive. His Saints defense was on pace to be one of the worst in league history when he was fired this year, and the average ranking of defenses he runs is 22nd in the league.

61 responses to “Bills G.M. thinks bringing Rob Ryan in will only help Rex

  1. I think the two Ryan brothers will work well yogether. Rob will have the juice to tell Rex to shut his trap and leave the PR to the folks who ad good at it and just coach. This from a lifelong Pats fan since Billy Sullivan started the Franchise…

  2. The GM seems to take the approach of, “Lets throw something against the wall and see what sticks”


    Anyway, we get the see the Ryan Brothers NFL Farewell tour next year.

  3. Can we quit pretending that Rob will be running the defense? He’s basically another set of eyes that knows the defense and can help improve the learning curve. Nothing more.

  4. I like Whaley. He knows how to say the right things.
    Also in defense, I don’t think the Saints had a lot of great talent on defense. As a looong suffering Bills fan, I hold cautious optimism, and sip slowly from the cup of Kool- Ade.

  5. First the good news: with Rob in town, sales at restaurants will go through the roof.

    Now the bad news: The Ryans will be ground breaking…it’ll be the first time in mathematical history-
    the theory that two negatives make a positive, will be disproven.
    I’m positive the result will be negative!

  6. Throw some tights on these 2 and maybe you got a WWF tag team. The only thing dumber than these two are the fans who put up with the lousy bills and the concrete toilet they call a stadium.

  7. I’ll say it again. It’s Dennis Thurman who should be concerned about his own job. If Rob Ryan hasn’t already starting undermining Thurman, in order to steal his job, he soon will be doing it full throttle. It’s what the Ryans do best. They watched their dad do it. Good luck, Dennis, and good luck Bills fans.

  8. Wow. Look at that picture. Man, could you imagine having to sit between those two guys on an airplane? Ugh.

  9. Tweedle Dee + Tweedle Dum = More hot air and ZERO championships.

    Good luck with that Buffalo! Looks like y’all are getting Buffaloed

  10. Wow, this clown the Bills have for a GM sounds like he doesn’t know what he is doing. Last week he thought the Bills would have cap trouble this year and this underhanded quote dissing his own coach and his staff?

  11. wow, you mean Rex, the guy who flew to Hawaii instead of attend the east west game wants to be better? Watch him complain about his draft picks if he has another bad season…..but then again Rex was going to get one more yr no matter what, why not give him and his bro a chance to coach together before they both get fired next yr……

  12. It’s known that neither of the Ryan Bros. can coach. But judging from the photo in this article, they’ll always be able to find employment as walking whoopie-cushions.

  13. Great so I guess rob is going to free Rex up so he’ll have more time to look at the lovely ladies feet. So the gm is on board with this so no excuses if the bills don’t win that division again.

  14. As a Fins fan every time I read an article about Rob joining Rex I can hear Flounder from Animal House saying “Oh boy is this great”. The fat, drunk and stupid quote comes to mind also.

  15. joetoronto
    Jan 26, 2016, 6:04 PM EST
    I still can’t believe Tyrod Taylor made the Pro Bowl, what a joke.



    At first your comment on the Ryans I let go because they have to prove themselves or it’s a easy choice to fire both

    Your comment on Tyrod just shows your deep dislike towards Buffalo because you will never have a Pro Football team in Toronto

    Tyrod was the 7th ranked QB with stats that are too far off of Cam’s, so really show some football knowledge before you spout the babble

  16. Man, too bad about this franchise. Two years ago they looked ascendent. Now they just look ass-end.

  17. Bring Kevin Gillbride in for some fun.

    Two Ryans don’t make a right.

    This is like trying to put out a fire with gasoline


    all of these made me lol and a bit mad I couldn’t think of them first….thumbs up to all

  18. Those are some seriously odd comments about your current coaching staff. “They’ve had some troubles”? That’s worse than most GMs say about guys they’ve canned.

  19. joetoronto says:
    Jan 26, 2016 6:04 PM
    I still can’t believe Tyrod Taylor made the Pro Bowl, what a joke.

    The joke is in your mirror and always has been.

  20. It is best case scenario because there’s nothing Rex has to argue this is his choice. So Buffalo will either see a direct benefit or will not have anything to think of next year in terms of firing the two of them.

    As stated in other post Bills fans are nit delusional but rather we have to deal with management’s decision in one of two ways.

    Give up on your team and be like other bandwagon fans(JoeToronto) or …

    Stand by your team as we have during the last dark 16 years and hope the Bills become successful once again as a loyal fan of any team in any sport does.

    So here we go again, hoping for better days

  21. Whaley seems to really being trying hard to sell this idea as being good for the Bills………me thinks he’s trying to convince himself.

  22. His defenses may have averaged 22nd overall, but the talent level of most of those defenses were horrible.

    If a coach did a competent, professional job week in and week out and did all he could to get his team ready and they just aren’t capable on Sunday, what more can he do?

  23. The Ryan’s are both excellent coaches and really good people. Of course Rob will be helpful because nobody knows Rex’s philosophy like Rob. Wins and losses are, for the most part, determined by the players. We all know that. Or maybe Ron Rivera and Gary Kubiak are the two best coaches in the NFL, and I’m just missing something. I’m just curious about why everybody hasn’t been proclaiming Kubiak and Rivera the greatest coaches all year long.

  24. What kool aid is the GMGR of the Bills drinking. Hiring the first Ryan brother was a mistake, look at what they did this season. Now hiring the second Ryan only doubles the problem with the team. Bills fans are in for a long season. The once proud Bills organization has sunk to a circus act with the Ryan brothers.

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