Dolphins want to see if Dion Jordan loves the game

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The Dolphins are set to draft eighth in the first round this year, which would be their highest selection since trading up to the third pick to select defensive end Dion Jordan in 2013.

Wherever they wind up picking, the Dolphins will be hoping for bigger success than they’ve found with Jordan in his first three years in the NFL. Jordan has 46 tackles and three sacks in 26 NFL appearances and didn’t play at all in 2015 while serving a suspension for violating the substance abuse policy.

Jordan can apply for reinstatement from that suspension in April, but the Dolphins don’t sound like they are making any plans around his return. Vice president of football operations Mike Tannenbaum said the team will run a “meritocracy” when it comes to playing time and General Manager Chris Grier outlined what the team needs to see from Jordan for him to work back into the lineup.

“I think everyone needs to prove something,” Grier said, via the Miami Herald. “We talk about creating a competitive environment with guys that want to be a Miami Dolphin and want to be here and love the game and compete. Obviously, what happens whether he gets reinstated or not from that point we’ll make that decision once we see him and get him in the building.”

Olivier Vernon and Derrick Shelby are both headed for free agency and Cam Wake is coming back from a torn Achilles, so defensive end is a spot where they could need some reinforcement. Based on Tuesday’s answers, the Dolphins won’t be putting all their eggs in Jordan’s basket when it comes to providing it.

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  1. Was there anyone in the world OTHER than the Phins front office who didn’t think this was a huge mistake the moment they drafted him?

  2. 3-4 OLB drafted as a 4-3 DE. And the Phins traded UP for him.

    Jeff Ireland, on that point alone, you should have been fired.

    As far as Dion is concerned, I hope he gets it together. Right now, he is Justin Blackmon to me. That’s not a compliment. But he could be a solid OLB if he can sort out his abuse problems.

    And NOT a DE.

  3. You haven’t figured out he doesn’t love football yet??!?!?! That would explain a few things about the Dolphins.

  4. Remember when the Dolphins mocked the Raiders for trading down? At least DJ Hayden can get on the field…

  5. The Dolphins came into 2015 with two beasts at DE in Wake and Vernon, and some higher hopes with Jordan to finally “get it,” so they could possibly spell Wake or Vernon to keep them all fresh.

    Fast-forward 4 months, and Jordan got busted for PEDs after showing nothing (again). Wake got injured (a blown Achilles is a very bad injury, particularly for Wake’s position and his advanced age), plus another year ticked off the clock. And Vernon just may be out the door – in large part due to how many resources were invested in Suh.

    The DE cupboard is rapidly getting threadbare in Miami.

  6. “When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things.”

    Hopefully, like many of us who made poor decisions as young men, he realizes what he lost. The Dolphins obviously believe he may do so and contribute, as they haven’t cut him. He was pretty much unanimously considered to be the the top defensive prospect in the 2013 draft, so I can understand why the Fins hoping the light will go off.

  7. “Remember when the Dolphins mocked the Raiders for trading down?”

    No? Why would we mock you? We both got what we thought we wanted.

  8. “And Vernon just may be out the door – in large part due to how many resources were invested in Suh.”

    Thats not true. Suhs contracts can be restructured, and he wasnt paid crap last year.

    If Vernon leaves its because he doesnt want to be here.

  9. Yet another player that philbin and the coaching staff ruined. This guy clearly could have been a good lb, was good in coverage, fast, did well when he played against gronk and even covered Megatron a few times in the red zone. Not to say that he would have been great, but they did not utilize his talents. I hope he can overcome his problems and get his head straight.

  10. cornersss says:
    Jan 27, 2016 1:29 PM
    “Remember when the Dolphins mocked the Raiders for trading down?”

    No? Why would we mock you? We both got what we thought we wanted.
    There was a little, since the raiders accepted less than what was considered fair value for the pick. I for one believe the Fins got over on the deal, still do. But you’re correct, both teams got what they wanted.

  11. The same things were once said about Ricky Williams.

    It’s not really “putting all eggs in basket” when all that might be left are defensive rookies. And you have to pay him should he stay or go.

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