Rice, Irvin pick sides in riveting Pro Bowl draft

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So much drama. So much at stake. So much…filler content.

The Pro Bowl draft was held as part of a two-hour TV special Wednesday night. Really.

There’s really a Pro Bowl draft. The game is no longer AFC vs. NFC. This year, it’s Team Rice vs. Team Irvin with Jerry Rice and Michael Irvin as honorary captains.

Rice and Irvin, by the way, are a couple injury absences away from being in uniform. The game will go on Sunday in Honolulu, though, and now the rosters are set.

It wasn’t a true draft. To ensure balance and some semblance of competitiveness, 34 players were pre-assigned to divide centers, tight ends, left tackles, kickers, long snappers, etc. Four player captains were selected — Devonta Freeman and Geno Atkins for Team Irvin; Odell Beckham and Aaron Donald for Team Rice — and 48 players eventually were drafted.

Irvin got Russell Wilson, Julio Jones and Richard Sherman with his early picks. With a nudge from Beckham, Rice started with Eli Manning, then used three of his next four on the talented and young Raiders trio of Khalil Mack, Derek Carr and Amari Cooper.

“This is the first game of 2016 in my mind,” Wilson said on the draft broadcast. And he pretty much said it with a straight face.

Browns center Alex Mack, who once scored a Pro Bowl touchdown, is on Team Irvin. His Browns teammates Gary Barnidge and Joe Thomas will play for Team Rice. The full rosters can be found over on NFL.com.

Not that any of you would ever research and wager on the Pro Bowl.

Rice chose Andy Reid and his Chiefs staff to coach Team Rice. Though Mike McCarthy had to stay home, the Packers staff will coach Team Irvin with Winston Moss as head coach.

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  1. Wow way to take a stand on promotion, commercialism and the Pro Bowl. Next you’re gonna say that Pepsi doesn’t make super bowl ads for the sake of art and enlightenment, but just to sell cola?

    The pro bowl has always been a joke. Glad you finally caught on.

  2. I’ll be tuned in to watch being that this format is a lot better than the afc vs nfc pro bowl garbage where the players didn’t really play.

  3. Mark my words… John Kuhn will TEAR up the field! Before you know it, 1st and 10 will turn into 2nd and 9 and there will be KUUUUHHHHHNNNN chants everywhere. He will show the world not only that he’s a pro, but a pro’s pro.

    Be afraid whatever team Kuhn is not on; be very afraid!


  4. I live in the D.C. Metro area and was sorting my trash/recycling since it wasn’t picked up last week due to the blizzard.

    I had more fun than people who watched this.

  5. Two things I think they could do to make this something actually worthwhile since it isn’t right now. Either one of these is currently better than the half-hearted exhibition.

    1. Make the college Senior Bowl the main event of the Pro Bowl. Pay for all “Pro Bowl” NFL-ers to go to Hawaii with these kids and mentor them through the week. Imagine the guidance Russell Wilson could give Carson Wentz and how much he would help. It’d be great to see some future NFL-ers on an NFL caliber stage.

    2. Instead of current NFL players, do like they did with the combine and make a “Veteran’s Bowl”. Let former guys who want to get back into it show what they can do. I’d much rather watch Vince Young and Tim Tebow try everything they can to get back in the league than watch O- and D-lineman pattycake with each other at the line.

    Maybe these ideas suck, but they can’t suck much worse than the Pro Bowl. There’s just too much injury risk to make it something guys will go hard at. Especially after the year we’ve just had with the unbelievable rash of injuries to big name guys.

  6. The game is a farce . Even the head coach doesn’t want to be there ! Eliminate the game and just name the players . NFL is tooooo greedy !!!!!

  7. An All-Pro Award show highlighting the honorees and no useless game being played would be better. Black tie event a’la the Oscars/Grammys with short video clips of the selected players and hitch it to a different NFL city every year would be cool. Do it the week after the Super Bowl so everybody can attend. Not perfect but best I could come up with in a few minutes.

    I used to love the All-Madden Team Show when I was a kid.

    The players are ever more unwilling to participate and the teams that are on the field now are filled with replacement and filler players that make a mockery of the whole procedure only second to the game itself.

  8. The probowl! The mother of all all star games and a fantasy football dream come true. When can i enter the fanduel 1,000,000 2 dollar qualifier? And I googled fanduel probowl stacking advice and nothing came up. I’m so confused! Please help

  9. Wow! This is so much more exciting than playing NFCvs AFC! I was on the edge my seat through the entire draft! It was almost as good as watching kickoffs sail thru the back of the endzone or extra points!

  10. I watched this for 5 minutes and the only question i have is;;

    When will espn tell jon gruden to get a real freakin haircut??????????????????????????////

  11. Here is how little I care about the Pro Bowl, I had no idea this format even existed.

    Also earlier I said this, and will say it again, this game just needs to go away. No one wants to be there. Now coaches are bailing on it. Give the honor and, skip the game. Please. It is un-watchable anyway.

  12. Got an idea today about the Probowl to upgrade the interest from the plays.

    The NFL should make it a CHARITY EVENT. Take all the revenue generated and distribute donations to various charities supported by each player. Players on the winning team get slightly bigger donations. Between the plays when possible they could present some of the charities.

    That way it would give the players a nice incentive to participate and play good football, all while serving the community. I think its a win-win for the players and the fans. I think its just the owners who would have to give up some money with that, those poor bastards.

  13. I’ve bet on the game before. You just bet against the team with the most rastas. They stay longer at the luau and come in hungover for the game.

  14. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Pro Bowl, but ever since they ditched the NFC vs. AFC format, I don’t care about it at all. What little value there was in the game was completely wiped away by stripping away the conference rivalry.

  15. Haha, betting on the Pro Bowl! What kind of degenerate lunatic do you think I am?

    But let’s just say Vegas had an opening line… Any word on that? I’m thinking Irvin -2.5, O/U 70.5

  16. Might as well just play ‘Flag Football’, at least then we’d know for sure there won’t be any “defense”.

    Waste of time, effort and advertising revenue…
    I’m not watching…

  17. All star weekend would be much, much more entertaining if they did skills events (40 yard dash races, hands competition, QB target battle, 1 on 1 WR vs DB, etc) than some gimpy scrimmage game.

    At least then the actual pro bowlers would participate (and maybe some Super Bowl players) because they don’t have to worry about getting injured.

    This draft crap is….crap.

  18. #TeamRaiders will dominate this most important game. More at stake in this game than the one the following Sunday. Carr to Coopwe at least 10 times and Mack will pile up a Pro Bowl record 15 sacks. Just Win, Baby! then on to San Antonio!

  19. Eli Manning and Russell Wilson both seem like solid, company guys. If they are healthy and selected for the Pro Bowl, they will show up year-in and year-out. Brady, not so much.

  20. .
    The (so called) Pro Bowl – brought to you by the same team of morons that brought you framegate. Let’s hear it for Goodell, Pash, Gardi, Blandino, Vincent, Kensil, Henderson, Wells, Graves, and newest rat, former Clinton press secretary Joe Lockhart who will be taking Goodell’s fire for the framegate debacle.

    You might remember Lockhart as the man who lied to America about the Lewinsky affair from day one. He makes John Lovitz look like Pope Francis.

  21. We need to keep the pro bowl. It’s the only way fans in Cleveland or Buffalo can hope to see their players win anything.

  22. I would watch if…check that…there is no conceivable scenario.

    Get rid of this garbage and just do the skills competition.

  23. I’d rather watch Irvin and Rice draft their teams and immediately play the pro bowl on Madden than watch the real game.

  24. I think it’s time to do away with the Pro Bowl game. They should still vote and nominate All Pro players.

  25. I was talking to my neighbor over the fence yesterday and his phone rings. It was Jerry Rice picking him.

  26. Browns center Alex Mack, who once scored a Pro Bowl touchdown, is on Team Irvin. His Browns teammates Gary Barnidge and Joe Thomas will play for Team Rice.

    Boy, if you thought no one played hard in this game before, having players on the same team compete against each other should really spice it up.

  27. For a game no one claims to care about, it seems like a LOT of you care enough to come on here and comment on it. As long as people still keep watching it, even if just to complain about it, it will still exist.

  28. Didn’t watch it. Won’t watch the pro bowl either. Football is not exciting when it’s just a casual event like the pro bowl, where nothing is at stake. I can’t watch a game where half the players aren’t even trying.

  29. I wish the Pro Bowl was televised before the Super Bowl on Super Sunday, so the players competed in front of that audience to make the game more intriguing.

  30. You can tell that the NFL also no longer cares for it and treats it like the joke it is by not having AFC vs NFC any more and giving them the worst looking uniforms on the planet.
    Heck, if I was a player and I had to wear one of those, I’d stay home with an injury to.

  31. How come people are so offended by the Pro Bowl? I understand it’s not a great game to watch, but I enjoy turning it on for about a quarter during the off week between the championship games and the Super Bowl. No one is forcing you to watch it or pay for tickets to it, etc. How does it affect people to the point that they hate it and want it cancelled? I’m legitimately curious.

  32. They have made a dumb, meaningless game more dumb. I would expect this sort of thing from the WWE. Maybe Hulk Hogan and the Rock will pick teams next year.

  33. Wilson’s looking at it like the first game of 2016 because he’d lime to forget his last game of 2016.


    As would every other qb in the league other than PM and Cam. In a week and a half you can add one of those Two to the list. Only one qb in the league gets to be happy with how it ended every year.

    But really, if you are surprised by Wilson and how competitive he is (yes even in a probowl) then you don’t understand what drives him and why a 5’10 qb could become one of the best in football when most people doubted the possibility.

    On a side-note if this game is like flag football where defenders areally going 90% then I can think of no better qb than russell. Can you? The way he can extend a play and make something out of nothing just playing street ball on a broken down play is unmatched and I imagine that is what it’s going to look like much of the time. RW rolling out, breaking someone’s ankles again like he did jj watt in his last probowl (look it up it was awesome and made jj play harder from that moment on).

    Picking Russell Wilson first for this game was an easy easy decision.

  34. Would anybody be sad if they moved this game to London instead every year?
    I think that would be a good compromise for those ridiculous regular season games and the dumb idea of having an NFL team there.
    London, you can have the pro bowl from now until the end of time as far as I’m concerned.

  35. dino2997 says:
    Jan 27, 2016 11:36 PM
    Who got Teddy Bustwater?
    Who got beauty queen Claitlin Matthews with the ledge HGH forehead? (BTW a banned substance in the NFL)

  36. Who got beauty queen Claitlin Matthews with the ledge HGH forehead?
    Have you seen that new DiGiorno commercial where he has the beard? Not at all a beauty queen anymore…. dude looks like Wisconsin finally got to him.

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