Scot McCloughan doesn’t expect to be a big player in free agency

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For many years after Dan Snyder bought the team, the Redskins regularly dove into the free agent market with big money and came out with big names.

That didn’t serve them very well on the field or in the standings, however, and it’s not something General Manager Scot McCloughan did in his first offseason with the team. The Redskins signed a handful of free agents, none of whom made anyone recall the moves that brought players like Albert Haynesworth, Jeremiah Trotter, Deion Sanders or Adam Archuleta to Washington.

McCloughan said Wednesday that he doesn’t expect things to be any different this offseason.

“I think we’ll have a little bit of money but it’s going to be similar,” McCloughan said, via “We’re not going to be big players. I don’t believe in that.”

However they approach players from other teams, the biggest issue for the team this offseason will be working out a deal with quarterback Kirk Cousins. McCloughan said Wednesday that the franchise tag is something the team will use to hold onto Cousins, although they’d prefer not to go that route.

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  1. He’s not saying he won’t sign free agents. He’s just not going to get in a bidding war for overpriced big name underachievers. Instead, McCloughan will hope to find someone that he gave a high grade to coming out of college that is maybe sitting on the bench behind a pro bowler. A lot of times teams don’t know who is sitting on their own bench, because they’ve never really gotten a lot of playing time. This is how smart GMs can build a good roster in just a couple years. Which is kind of the opposite approach the Redskins have historically taken.

  2. I think what Scot means is that while the Redskins have alots of salary cap they won’t be going after big names in FA. Those days are in the past.

  3. Draft young talent for the trenches and everything else should fall into place. OLine and D Line are two areas where teams should always look to infuse young, moldable talent.

  4. He did sign Justin Smith and make nate Clements the highest paid defensive player in the league in the same off-season, so do take that into consideration when Muhammad Wilkerson could be available…..

  5. Actually it was Terry Donahue who signed Nate Clements in 2007 Scot didn’t become 49ers GM until 2008.

  6. McCloughan wasn’t made the GM of 49ers until 2008, the year after Clements was signed to that ridiculous deal.

  7. Grudens first draft, Moses , Long, Grant, Breeland, Murphy wasn’t bad either. Scot did reach for Paea , culliver , jjohnson, and knighton.

  8. Damn people bringing up Nate Clements makes me feel sick, I had not thought of that name in a very long time. Scot M did a lot of great work while in San Fran. It was honestly too bad that his personal problems got the better of him, as he is a great GM, setting up our good run with Harbaugh. It’s good to see he’s on his feet building a team who I don’t thoroughly dislike.

  9. We all forget the Danny was 34 years old when took over the Redskins and chased Charlie Casserly out of town for Vinny Cerrato ..ugh!

    Dan has matured, he is now 51 and has leaned a few lessons I think … what a difference a real GM makes in putting together a professional football team.

  10. Funny Baalke has been riding Scott’s coat tails since he left..All those 49er teams that went to the nfc championships and super bowl were built by Scott ..

  11. To me there is nothing wrong with trying a big name free agent, but only if you have the money to do it. With less than $10 million in cap space he knows this is not the year to go fishing.

  12. York saying Baalke built a championship roster already ya right . Scot M built the squad and when he left he stated he built a team that can compete for the next 5 years. Baalke is a chump and SF won’t be any good till he is gone.

  13. norcalmafia says:

    Funny Baalke has been riding Scott’s coat tails since he left..All those 49er teams that went to the nfc championships and super bowl were built by Scott ..

    – – – – – – –

    Exactly! This year we got to see the full effect of what Trent Baalke has produced in SF…and it wasn’t pretty.

  14. Just an aside….after leaving the niners, Scot was the personnel executive for the Seahawks, helping Sneider and Carroll put together their roster. I expect the Redskins will be in very good hands.

  15. The Baalke vs. McCloughan comparison is more equal that most people think. I went back and compared the complete draft classes for both Niner GMs, and found that both Baalke and McCloughan had a couple of great drafts, and a couple of total failures. Baalke’s good drafts were during his first 3 years, and along with holdover players from McCloughan, the team had the talent for Harbaugh to make a run at a championship.

    Not so much talent on the roster anymore… and Baalke’s last two drafts have been poor. The Niners are looking at some lean years ahead.

  16. Its funny you skins fans now suddenly forgive dan snyder and his foolish moves. What is also funny is that cousins is about to get a giant contract or tagged at 20 MILLION. Cousin cant beat anybody whos even decent. Hell, Matt Castle beat him

  17. “skins1970 says:
    Jan 27, 2016 7:12 PM

    @Folkcrusadder the Redskins have close to 55 million dollars in salary cap space.”

    Sorry ‘skins, was going off of “over the cap” website which says 2016 cap currently at $9 million and change. Having trouble finding anythings that indicates $55 million available.

  18. Just do not give a major deal to Cousins he is not the answer. He is a plug right now and a game manager. Give him a show and prove deal. DO not mortgage the future on him and that water pistol. DO not leave us having to watch dink and dunk for years combined with a 2 yard pass on 3rd and 8 or more. Kirk simply doesn’t have the arm strength or confidence in his arm to be dangerous deeper than 15-20 yards. There are many answers right now since Horrible Gruden is still there so I say give a modest 2 year deal. We only have 10 million which can go to 26 million if they do the horrible act of cutting RG3. 26 million is not allot. Please let Us franchise Kirk and someone trade for him. That would be perfect. YES that is the best scenario out there.

  19. OTC shows that Washington has ~6 million from 2015 to carry over to their ~9 million in 2016, so they currently will have ~15-16 million (based on a $150 million 2016 Cap expectation). That’s not a lot of money unless you have your core signed already. Likely they will flush some veteran talent in order to make more room.

    McCloughan *is* very good at finding talent, but will be up to Gruden & Co. to develop it.

  20. Scott wont break the bank but i bet we sign some bigger names that play smash mouth ball at a discounted rate or make a trade for one of his former players

    Just a hunch but i see us landing C Alex Mack(he will run out of the factory of sadness quick this offseason) , another high caliber Oline player,
    SOME SAFTEY HELP maybe Eric Berry and or Harrison Smith, maybe trade for Kam.

    I see DC making a run for a big WR like Calvin Johnson if he is available if Garcon And Roberts are traded or cut, plus a slot WR.
    Another TE that can ball out with J-REED(like the pats used to do with Gronk and the lone gunman lol).
    NEED Dline TALENT, and Haloi Ngata or BJ Raji would help out alot for the right price if Pot Roast takes a pay cut or retires but he is only a Great Sub player now.
    A KNOCK YOUR BLOCK OFF MLB, i wish we could land a MLB like James Laurinatis is what we need to find in the draft or FA. Really missing London

    Scott will bring in alot of quality football smart role and depth players that will surprise everyone at how good of a pick they will be. I think the roster will have a high turnover tho.

    Def we are on the right track and working to develop “Captain America” Kirk Cousins and building a team around him from the lines inside and out.

    I think adding a Part-No-Huddle super fast style offense (a mix of the Oregon Offense, the Pats and the Packers) with a double TE Package like the Pats were running, along with some of the fun and gun wc spread the Saints run to Gruden and McVays Offense would use Captain America Kirk Cousins skills the best and would help him develop into something Great.

    Hail To The REDSKINS!!!!!!!!

  21. The DC REDSKINS need a Marshall Faulk type RB!!! I wish Stanford RB Christian McCaffrey could be drafted this year. I see him as a mix between Faulk and James but WAY BETTER HANDS! I REALLY WANT THE REDSKINS TO DRAFT HIM IN 2017! With more great building this year and adding him next year I see that making the Offense with CAPTAIN AMERICA Kirk Cousins leading it being “Greatest show on Turf” Magical!!!!!

    Alf is just not the style of RB we need but really love what he did in DC he is a class act! ALF MORRIS WILL GO TO SEATTLE AND BEAST!!!!

    I am not sayying Vinny Signings and moves but some Big names players that could help out if signed for the right price.
    The F.A. Class this year might only really have those few big names as the quality players


  22. @folkcrusader I was told by a friend this morning the Redskins right now are 15 million over the cap but if they release RG3 that would save them 28 million which would put them close to 50 million. So I’m sorry I jumped the gun.

  23. That’s a d### lie PFT!!!! Scot said the franchise tag was an option. He never said it was a forgone conclusion if they didn’t work out a deal with Cousins. #HTTR

  24. Just one FA – just one Santa McCoughlan. Get us a top-notch center, please. Keep Lichtensteiger as guard or backup or whatever but go get Mack, or at least Unger…

  25. This going back to pass FA signings is really tired. Every NFL will continue to sign free agents since you only get 7 or 8 draft picks per year on average. Most teams swap out 15 players per year from the roster. I’ve never had a problem with Snyder trying to get talented players. For the umteenth time, Deion played well in 2000. He was 33 years old, not 40. I see Charles Tillman playing pass 33. Hell, Revis is 31. Charles Woodson was 37 this past season. Deion did not give up a TD and he and Champ Bailey formed a rugged tandem. People should drop Deion from the list of failed FA signins by the Redskins. He was one of the better ones actually.

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