Dolphins exec Dawn Aponte leaving for Lions job

The Dolphins, through all the changes of recent years, have added layers upon layers of organizational chart.

Today, one of those layers is heading out.

According to Alex Marvez of FOX Sports, vice president of football administration Dawn Aponte is leaving the Dolphins front office to go work for the Lions.

Aponte handled the Dolphins salary cap, but even with old Jets co-worker Mike Tannenbaum coming in to run the place and hiring a new G.M., there have always seemed to be more pots than lids in that front office.

Now, she gets to work alongside a new General Manager in Bob Quinn under a new team president in Rod Wood.

27 responses to “Dolphins exec Dawn Aponte leaving for Lions job

  1. Thank god she’s finally going, too many cooks in the kitchen. Maybe she should go and join Ireland wherever he is.

  2. Red Dawn is a total professional and salary cap controller. She will be sadly missed in Miami.
    My concern is that Tannenbaum will now try to make a big splurge and subsequently drive the team into salary cap hell like he did to the Jets. Aponte was always business first and the voice of prudent fiscal management in the team. Her imminent departure and Tannenbaum talking about restructuring the Suh deal are probably not a coincidence.

  3. Tannenbaum was responsible for Suh’s dumbass contract. Aponte was responsible for inserting the clause that gives the Dolphins the right to restructure it at will.

    As a capologist Aponte did a good job with what she was given. Her mistake was getting involved in the Philbin/Ireland beef. Even tho they’re both gone have to wonder if Tannenbaum told her to back off that type of involvement.

    As I write this early on a Thursday morning it’s 75º in Miami, 34º in Detroit. She can kiss that perk goodbye

  4. There goes your cap genius. Just like with Suh’s contract Fins fans will try to somehow spin this and tell us it’s a good thing and the rest of us just don’t understand. Probably even some of the same ones that were calling her a genius yesterday. Unfortunately for them we know the truth.
    Can we interest you in Megatrons $24 million contract for next season?

  5. annes22 says:
    Jan 28, 2016 9:35 AM
    Thank god she’s finally going, too many cooks in the kitchen. Maybe she should go and join Ireland wherever he is.


    Ireland hates her. She’s a snake.

  6. The reporter that first reported this story is retracting his story along with other Miami Dolphin beat writers that confirming Dawn Aponte is indeed staying with the Dolphins.

  7. “Ireland hates her. She’s a snake.”

    Odd comment. You guys have absolutely no idea what goes on in front offices or personnel relationships other than a tidbit of info.

  8. tattooit says:
    Jan 28, 2016 9:52 AM
    Holy Spray Tan Batman!
    Spray tans in Miami are like snow makers in Alaska, completely unnecessary. You can get a tan driving home from work.

  9. She was very good at contracts. Worked with Parcells before Miami, impressed Goodell and others, went to work for the NFL League office, before coming to the Dolphins. Based on reporting over the years, she was also extremely political, and she was very good at that as well. Political discord beginning with Ireland and escalating from there, with Aponte usually on the winning side, may have ultimately led to a conflict loggerhead. Mike Tannenbaum was no Jeff Ireland, Tony Sparano, or Joe Philbin. Everything Aponte brought to the table, he brought to the table. His voice, it seems with Ross, is “the voice,” making her redundant, secondary, and unnecessary. She’s very smart and again, good at politics. She leveraged her current position and is landing in Detroit. Good luck Jim Caldwell… Good luck to the GM as well. She will be a serious force to be reckoned with. What I know is gleaned from years of good reporting, so I may be totally off base, but this is what it looks like to me.

  10. Unless she doesn’t

    Can we interest you in Megatrons $24 million contract for next season?

    This must be part of the reason for her interest.
    Megatrons will probably take his sweet time deciding again. You guys were lucky last time getting your players hired so late.

  11. Who cares? She’s a “capologist” only;people at the top tell her what players they want and it’s her job is to make it fit under the cap.

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