Outside criticism of Cam a non-issue inside Panthers locker room


Much of the dead week between the conference title games and a some-star game that should die was spent talking about why Panthers quarterback Cam Newton gets criticized and whether and to what extent there’s a racial component to it. Inside the team’s locker room, however, it’s a non-issue.

“We don’t even talk about it to be honest,” Panthers All-Pro defensive tackle Kawann Short told PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio. “We know what character he has and we know what he brings to the table and [he’s a] down-to-earth guy. [We] treat everybody like it’s a blood brother, and you grew up with him so many amount of years. . . . It’s just the outside people looking in can’t really tell what type of person he is. And that’s OK, because the only people that really care is family and closest friends and guys in this locker room.”

Short (drafted in 2013), Newton (drafted in 2011), and Luke Keuchly and Josh Norman (both drafted in 2012) provide the locker room with a nucleus that ensures the Panthers will contend for years to come. Which means that Newton and (as the team racks up titles) other players will draw more and more scrutiny from fans who resent the team’s success.

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44 responses to “Outside criticism of Cam a non-issue inside Panthers locker room

  1. This is such a tired topic…a few haters like the laughable seahawk lady and the media makes it a major story line…find a real story…like mental health issues in Washington State!

  2. Carolina Panther Fan Starter Pack:

    1. Say “Dab”

    2. Say “Keep Pounding”

    3. Hashtag #CaMVP

    4. Have no clue who the previous other quarterbacks were before 2010.

  3. I am a Browns fan, can’t believe that Cam has negative reviews, the man is good for his team, and for his community! Way to be Mr. Newton

  4. Cam’s towel on his head used to bother me, but since he’s matured so much as a quarterback who is great fun to watch, he could put a toilet plunger on top of the towel on his head when he’s off the field and I’d just laugh and say to the wife, “There goes that crazy Cam kid again, just having fun.”

  5. We hear so many stories about the league fining players for the color of their socks and shoes and then we call it the “No Fun League” because it gets tiring. Now we have players like Cam that play the game with some passion and everyone wants to say it’s over the top. As we found out when the Seahawks won their Super Bowl and every media center wanted to crown them as the next great dynasty, this is the “Not For Long” league. Cam has spent some years on some pretty bad Carolina teams and nobody gave them a remote chance to do anything this year, so I have no problem with him enjoying his time in the sun.

  6. Every team that makes it to the super bowl looks like a dynasty that’s set up to win super bowls for the next decade. But there are 30 other teams working hard to knock them off, plus injuries play a huge role in determining the teams that stay on top. Cam Newton looks unbeatable right now, Russell Wilson did a couple years ago, Tom Brady did last year, etc.

  7. I’m from the northwest and it gives me so much pleasure watching the panthers go to the super bowl. I am not a fan of the Panthers but am a fan of seeing all the local hawk fans not have anything to say now about how great their dynasty is…

  8. Clete Blakeman is referee in the Superbowl.
    He’s also Aron Rogers personal valet in the offseason.
    Guarantee that he will keep the game within a score. Looks good for Manning

  9. It’s just a tired topic at this point. Cam has matured, hasn’t gotten in ANY trouble since entering the NFL, does so much for his community (mostly with sick kids), playing the game at a HIGH level and having fun while doing it, yet these grown men cannot stop whining non-stop about Cam. Just let it go at this point. Cam has grown into one hell of a QB and will only continue to get better which is scary.

  10. Not a panthers fan, This is just the beginning for Cam, 6’4″ 240.. Won the Heisman.. Playing like it!!! Finally!! How many Bust QB’s we all rip on with good reason!! Now we have a really Big Dude throwing and running really well!! Fun to watch and We all heard every network say.. Cam only has 1 weapon at the beginning of the season..

  11. People don’t hate Brady because he is white, they hate him because he comes off like a douche. I don’t see why Cam hate can’t be for the same reason.

  12. How come no one in the sports media brings up the gang signs he throws up after throwing up TDs? He throws up the “b” a lot. I wonder what that means?

    Yes, he has matured so much!

  13. Cam is carrying this team, I believe you need more than that to win championship. The receivers are average at best, the defense is good not great. I don’t see how they win the championship with that make up.

  14. Cam, just do what the patriots are famous for and ignore the noise and do your job. Send the salary cap cheaters home with another in a long line of SB losses.

  15. Ill give him props when he does good against an actually secondary. He has had some terrible throws and a defense that scores almost as much as the offense

  16. If they are upset with anyone, it should be the media, for manufacturing the race issue to pump up dead week ratings. People who don’t like Cam Newtown are usually motivated by their preference to not see the QB position be ego driven. That’s all. There will always knuckleheads out there, and the media will race to them if they think it will drive ratings, but they are a very small minority. Russell Wilson is pretty well liked, and #1 in jersey sales, and I happened to notice he has brown skin too. Go figure.

  17. If you were his age and had his body and talent, you’d be running around celebrating too. lol History has shown he won’t be running around like that 5 or 10 years from now…

  18. Carolina Panther’s Cam Newton has become a freak show! This is partly the fault of Ron Rivera the Carolina coach and of course Carolina’s equally vulgar fans. Cam seems to get away with a lot─ and the NFL officials are looking the other way. NFL officials should enforce the “excessive celebration” and “un-sportsman like conduct” rules vigorously. Think for a moment, what if everybody else started to do the same freaky stuff that Newton does on the field? That should be a good way of measuring of how inappropriate what anyone does, and this case in regards to Cam Newton’s vulgar behavior has been on the field. If every NFL player started do what’s Cam does on the field, clearly NFL games would turn into freaky─ vulgar exhibition of antics…Before this get way out of control, and it already has with Carolina’s Cam Newton─ NFL should strictly enforce its own rules and make sure that Carolina Panther’s Cam Newton and anyone else gets 15 yards for each Cam Newtonesque vulgarity on the field. The laws are on the book already─ and I’d like to know where’s Mike Pereira hiding? The Super-bowl 50 would be a very good Mike Pereira start enforcing his own rules!

  19. niners816
    Jan 31, 2016, 8:41 AM PST
    Carolina Panther Fan Starter Pack:

    1. Say “Dab”

    2. Say “Keep Pounding”

    3. Hashtag #CaMVP

    4. Have no clue who the previous other quarterbacks were before 2010.
    Regardless of the SB outcome, these Panthers have already accomplished an amazing feat by creating harmony between Seahawk & Niner fans.

  20. I sincerely hope that Super-bowl 50’s Referee Clete Blakeman and his officiating crew are going to strictly enforce “excessive celebration” and “un-sportsman like conduct” laws vigorously, and send a strong message to Carolina Panthers and their Cam Newton, thus save our beloved game of American football from abuse and vulgarity!

  21. The only people I’ve heard make it racial are the media.

    To me, it looks like it’s their year and Denver is basically cannon fodder to the foregone conclusion.

    I would have loved to see Patriots/Panthers. Would have been a battle.

  22. As a 20 year Panthers fan and PSL holder I start out a little ticked at some of the comments that I read here but then I remember that trolls really just troll to get a rise so I just laugh. If any of you actually believe some of the ridiculous statements that you make about Cam Newton, the Panthers and Panther fans I wish that you would do a little research instead of just saying stupid things. It really is comical, but then I read other stories and it’s the same trolls that troll all the teams… I wonder who the trolls pull for?

  23. Carolina Panthers are having a winning season they can care less what some racist trash thinks about their quarterback…Carolina is just one more victory away from winning Super Bowl 50 ,and taken their place in football history…Let that racist trash write they letters and whine and cry ,all while the Carolina Panthers just Keep Pounding

  24. This is how the media has treated Cam Newton and the Panthers this season:

    After 4-0: we will give them props when they beat a good team.
    After beating the Hawks in Seattle: we will give them props when their stats are better.
    After leading the league in scoring during the regular season: we will give them props when they win a playoff game.
    After beating the Hawks again: we will give them props when they don’t blow a big lead.
    After dismantling the Cards last weekend: we will give them props if they win the super bowl.

    For those of you still waiting to give the Pathers props, save it. I doubt some of you ever will and more importantly, the team couldn’t care less if you do or not.

    Keep pounding!

  25. The stars really aligned for Cam this year. Their division is terrible and they played the NFC East and AFC South, which are easily the two worst divisions and the Packers at home and the Seahawks on the road.

    There defense is amazing and had 39 takeaways and the Panthers scored 148 points off turnovers, which is the most by and team in the last five years.

    I think a lot of the haters on Cam stem from him running around out there like he is carrying the team on his back, when he is really just a good piece of the puzzle.

    I wish all the hype around this game was about the two top defenses in the league instead of Cam vs. Peyton.

  26. Simply replace “Steelers” or “Patriot” with “Panther” and you pretty much have the same arrogant dribble that we’ve all heard for the past few weeks about how their team was going to destroy the Broncos and Manning was toast, etc, etc.

  27. The biggest question about Newton is how long can he stay healthy. He’s like Gronkowski, so big, defensive players are going to go low to tackle him. How long before his knee or ankle pays the price when he leaves the pocket?

  28. niners816 says:
    Jan 31, 2016 11:41 AM

    Carolina Panther Fan Starter Pack:

    1. Say “Dab”

    2. Say “Keep Pounding”

    3. Hashtag #CaMVP

    4. Have no clue who the previous other quarterbacks were before 2010.
    I’m sure I’ll miss a few, but:

    Jake Delhomme, Steve Beuerlein, Rodney Peete, Kerry Collins, Brian St. Pierre, Jimmy Clausen, Vinny Testaverde, Frank Reich, Chris Weinke, Matt Moore

  29. I think Cam is great and I think they should win, but talking about racking up titles before they have won even their first is a bit premature. It’s hard to win Super Bowls. LOB Defense, Wilson and Seattle, only 1 so far. Rodgers and Green Bay…. Only 1 so far. Patriots, one in 11 years. Things happen. As Steve McNair proved, you can be big and strong and run like a RB but not for too many years or you spend all your time half injured. Long way to go before Cam and these Panthers become all time greats.

  30. I would much rather that it was the Patriots playing the Panthers in the SuperBowl. But since it’s not I’m going for the Panthers to win and Cam to win MVP.
    I don’t know about any racists remarks having been made. I do know that I don’t enjoy the modern celebrating that starts at high school football, including the vulgar gestures and the goofy hats that Manziel and others wear. But that’s mostly my older generation beginning to say goodbye.
    As for excessive celebrating, I would hate to see the game hinge on that. If they are going to penalize it differently for the SuperBowl, they should make it clear ahead of time and give them a fair warning.
    I going to predict that the Patriots would have beaten the Panthers 28 – 21 if they were to have met in the SuperBowl.

  31. Cam is definitely on top of the game right now, but he will not be able to continue to play the way he does if he wants to sustain a long career in the NFL

    hes in his athletic prime now and fully able to run linebackers over, but that won’t be the case forever and when he only has his arm and mind to rely on he wont be nearly as effective as he is now

    that being said, if i was Carolina id run him into the ground the next 4 years and bleed him for everything hes worth

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