Panthers still convinced no one believes in them

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The Broncos are trying to feed off the underdog role, and rightfully so, but they might have a problem.

The Panthers still think they’re the underdog.

Even though they’ve lost once all year and entered the week as a five-point favorite, the Panthers remain convinced no one believes in them either.

“You can’t take that chip off our shoulder,” Panthers defensive end Charles Johnson said with a grin. “That’s something that’s permanent.”

It’s worked for them so far this season, as no one thought they’d survive the loss of key players to injury, no one thought they’d stay undefeated as long as they did, and there was widespread thought that the Cardinals might beat them a week ago.

But all year long, the formula has worked for them, so why stop now.

“To be honest with you, we’ve done a good job all year of not listening to the narratives outside our building,” center Ryan Kalil said. “That comes from coach [Ron] Rivera, who’s really talked about living in each week and staying in the moment.

“We’ve done that all year long, so we’re just going to do stay focused on today and worry about next week next week.”

Except, of course, there is no next week. But don’t tell them that, they’re on a roll.

24 responses to “Panthers still convinced no one believes in them

  1. I can see where it will be bad for all of pro football if the panthers win…

    Such things as honor, integrity and respect are quickly fading out of pro football… Replaced with primadonna, self serving, childish antics!

  2. its not that i dont believe they can do it. i just really want Manning to beat them and crush that giant ego.

  3. They have a chip on their shoulder because they hear everybody dogging them”


    “To be honest with you, we’ve done a good job all year of not listening to the narratives outside our building,”

    So which one is it? They aren’t listening to anybody or they are hearing everybody?

  4. I’ve already heard the professional gamblers in Vegas will be putting BIG money on Denver late. Amateurs are betting the line more favorable for professionals who will take over on Saturday night/Sunday morning.

  5. I love how every team that is successful for the first time is branded a bandwagon franchise. Does no one understand that this is how sports work? Teams attract fans when they are successful. Why do you think there are a bunch of 9er, cowboy, packer, Denver fans everywhere…? They’ve all won in the past.

  6. I’m with philyeagles5. And I’m betting that all the people the Panthers think are doubting them are actually just wanting the Broncos to win. Doubt and hate are not synonymous

  7. Anyone else think this “no one respects us” theme throughout the entire league (or sports generally) as a motivational technique is out of control?

  8. The fact they are the favorites and just about every sports analyst thinking they are going to win, doesn’t really play into the underdog role.

  9. Someone bet $600k on them to win the Super Bowl and all the betting favors them. Give me a break on this sob story of being disrespected. It may play in the locker room but not in the real world.

  10. Well two things are true. First, regardless of what’s happening on Sunday, the Panthers will not be able to defeat New England this season.
    The second thing is that not many people like a whiner. And the Panthers are just whining way too much. If you just look at wins and losses, the Panthers had a remarkable year. But if you look at how badly some of those games smelled, they should be right along side Tom Brady right now starting their 2016 two a days.
    Like Geno says, “What’s true is true.”

  11. Pulling for the Panthers. It would be nice to have an organization that hasn’t won an NFL Championship get one. Carolina fans are some of the nicest folk I’ve shared space with at Lambeau — I’m not talking about their new “online” fans. They’re as dumb as the rest of the online fans except me.

    Still and the same, I’m tired of the disrespect card being flipped around like a game of 52-pick up. Tiresome to put it mildly.

    Note to Cam: You’ve had a heckuva year. You’re probably a unanimous MVP. Those of us who are white football fans DO know what to make of you. You’re the best player in the NFL this year. So, dump that card, you’re smarter than that.

    Go NFC.

  12. We may be favored, but everyone still hates us. I”m not sure if it’s because our guys enjoy the game and like to have fun or because we’re not a big market team? Regardless, we are not a disrespectful team who bashes our opponents, so stop trying to make us look like that type of team. Yeah, Cam dabs, dances, and celebrates after a big play or TD; so what? He is a great teammate and leader. Carolina fans and kids love Cam. Whether you like it or not, Cam is the new face of the NFL. #KeepPounding #DabOnEmCam

  13. I doubted the Panthers all season, I never thought guys named Philly Brown and Fozzy Whitakker could contribute, nor that castoffs like Ted Ginn Jr, and Jerricho Cotchery could make a difference.

    After what they’ve done in the post season, I’m done doubting. I seriously think theyre going to beat Denver by 30, this is their game to lose, and I think they’re going to make Peyton look terrible.

    That being said, I just hope it’s a good game!

  14. suncawy says:
    Feb 2, 2016 7:15 AM
    The fact they are the favorites and just about every sports analyst thinking they are going to win, doesn’t really play into the underdog role.
    First, to you and all the other commenters here, quit throwing the betting line out as your argument. Just because a bunch of addicts are placing bets with their family’s grocery money and kids’ college funds on the Panthers has absolutely no connection to what happens on the field. As for “just about every sports analyst thinking they are going to win,” that is completely false. For example, did you see the NBC show on Sunday with Collinsworth, Ryan Fitzpatrick and a guy from Pro Football Focus? If you watched the first 59 minutes of the show, you would think the Panthers are going to win by 30. Then Fitz & CC picked the Broncos, while the PFF guy picked Carolina. Last night on CBS Sports Network, Rich Gannon picked Denver (Steve Buerelein & Trent Green picked Carolina). That’s just a couple of examples. The talking heads are closer to 50/50 on who’s going to win than they are to a unanimous pick for us.

  15. The betting line opened at 3.5 and is up to 6, 80 % of the money being wagered is going on Carolina….and no one believes in them???

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