Jared Allen says he expects to play and have an impact on Sunday

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Panthers defensive end Jared Allen is expecting to play in the Super Bowl.

Allen described himself as “100 percent ready to go,” at Super Bowl Opening Night, suggesting that the foot injury that kept him out of the NFC Championship Game is no longer a hindrance. He also said that he’s feeling amped up for the game and expecting to have an impact in pressuring Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

Panthers coach Ron Rivera wasn’t quite as certain that Allen can go, saying that Allen will have to show he can make it through a week of practice before a decision is made on Friday. But all indications are that Allen will be on the field.

Allen has been a starter for the Panthers since arriving in a Week Four trade with the Bears. Although he’s not quite the pass rushing threat he once was, recording just two sacks in 2015, he’s still an important pice of the defense, and a piece the Panthers expect to have in place on Sunday.

16 responses to “Jared Allen says he expects to play and have an impact on Sunday

  1. He’s done. He was a huge waste of money for the Bears and hasn’t done much for the Panthers either. I don’t have a problem with him getting a ring but there’s no way he plays a significant role in the outcome.

  2. At last! A chance for redemption — getting out from under the stench of all those horrible years in Minnesota.

    A Super Bowl ring, an unattainable dream for so long, a great way to cap a career!

    Go Jared!

    3 sack day!

  3. Vikings fan who has great respect for Jared Allen. I really hope that the Panthers win, and that Allen gets to cap his excellent career with the victory.

  4. Depending on how many seasons Allen has left in the tank, this could be his last chance to play in a Super Bowl. You get the feeling that healthy or not he’s going to find a way to be on the field to try to earn a ring instead of sitting on the sideline hoping to be given one.

  5. -” 23rdusernameused says:
    Feb 2, 2016 9:12 AM
    jarred deserves a ring! I hope he gets one. “-
    ———————————— +++++

    OK, nothing would make me happier in this years Super Bowl than seeing Jared Allen finally get a ring, that said, maybe it’s just me and I am nutso! But I am still of the school and belief that TEAMS Earn and Deserve rings! Not individual players!

    This era of “fantasy and free agency” where players are more and more ME ME ME! Is dang OBNOXIOUS and trashy and somehow the new generation of fans are none the wiser.

    Thankfully Jared has never been this kind of player.

  6. -” ratraget says:
    Feb 2, 2016 8:34 AM
    This dude been washed up for a couple of years.”-

    !?!. Pfft! And just what have YOU done today!? Just curious…..lol

  7. Bears fan here. Much respect for Jared Allen. Hated it when the Bears played against him, although he was a bit underwhelming in a Bears uniform. Still a tough competitor though. I wish him success in the “big game” this Sunday.

  8. Jared got drafted for his long snapping ability more than his pass rushing ability and came within a sack of Strahan’s single season sack record. My point? A student of the game and a tireless work ethic…. respected league wide. The ring will cap off a fine career.

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