Will getting cut be Manziel’s wake-up call?


The Browns are done with Johnny Manziel. Will the team’s looming parting of the ways with the 2014 first-round pick finally wake him up?

More than 25 years ago, the Eagles parted ways with receiver Cris Carter, who had been unable to overcome challenges with substance abuse. The gesture turned his life and career around, with the Vikings claiming his contract on waivers and Carter blossoming into a Hall of Famer.

With Manziel, there’s a much different vibe. In recent months, it has seemed at times as if he wants the Browns to get rid of him, so that he presumably can join the Cowboys. And if the Cowboys use their hard-earned spot at the top of the waiver-wire pecking order to get Manziel, he may not be the slightest bit chagrined about the outcome. Indeed, he may be happy to go to a team that possibly would welcome his word hard/play harder lifestyle.

Manziel possibly will have to go unclaimed on waivers and then unwanted as a free agent to take the steps needed to fulfill his football potential. And that’s the outcome that could help him the most over the long haul, because it’s becoming more and more clear that he doesn’t love football enough to make it the priority it needs to be, if he’s going to be as successful as he can be over the long haul.

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  1. The only thing he cares about is being a screw-up. He doesn’t care so much about playing football. He may care when the money dries up and all his enablers realize he’s nothing but a boat anchor.

  2. The vibe is different because Manziel has everything he needs for life with his family’s money. He never needed football. It’s seems he treats it more as a hobby and a catapult to fame off the field for partying.

    It’s hard to wake someone up that they are missing their golden opportunity to get ahead when by Manziel’s birth, he will always have it regardless of the NFL.

    I don’t know if the Cowboys want him. If they do, we don’t know what number of option he is. Because they can’t cut him until March 9th, that gives them plenty of opportunity to see if RGIII is available in trade, waivers, or free agency. My guess is at worst both will be made available around the same time.

    Maybe Jerrah will overrule his son and the rest of the front office this time… or maybe just like the rumor they don’t want Hardy to return because of his party antics, perhaps they won’t want Manziel because they would be getting rid of a knucklehead only to pick one up.

    I think there is a strong possibility he is done. Perhaps someone will give him a camp invite in a year or two a la Tebow and the Eagles this year, but if Dallas doesn’t bite, I don’t think other teams are dumb enough to bring him in.

    Not many teams want lying, untrustworthy, drunk, cokehead, possible domestic abuser with marginal NFL talent, injury prone, has had concussions, and when he plays, he’s sucked.

    He has 7 passing TD’s in 15 appearances. He has thrown for over 300 yards ONCE in a game, and they still got blown out 30-9.

  3. 10 years from now he’ll look back on the opportunities that he had and how he screwed them up and drank away his NFL career and he’s going to be full of regret.

    Every year we see busts who wash out of the NFL, but at least a lot of them tried and failed, this kid doesn’t even seem to be trying to become a professional.

  4. He may be picked up on waivers. I do not see any team giving up anything for him. Even if he did not have the bad behavior baggage, he is not much of a prospect. He has wasted a good opportunity in Cleveland. I am doubtful that he will get another opportunity.

  5. Still don’t see why the Browns just don’t keep him and suspend him for conduct detrimental to the team. Lather, rinse, repeat until he’s out of the league. Should take less than a year. Instead, Cleveland will find a way to “Browns” this up and get nothing for all of their trouble.

  6. The Browns are not a good team for troubled young men. Mr. Jones can mentor and guide him and help him become a mature, responsible adult, and Coach Garrett can turn him in to a dedicated, hard working HOF quarterback.

  7. His family is rich, he has been pampered his whole life. Now he has to stand on his own feet and he can’t because he never had to as a kid. That is what happens when you give kids everything they want their whole lives!

  8. 2 years ago, most people seemed to think he was best QB in the draft. In fact, I saw numerous posts saying the Vikings would be stupid to pass on him. Now Bridgewater may not be a stat machine, but he plays. Carr in Oakland, my pick for the best QB taken in the 2014 draft.

  9. The wake up call would be if he goes unclaimed and that if Jerry never picks up the phone.

    Let him be unemployed a bit – that would change his perspective a little. Currently he feels like Cleveland was just a mistake/speed bump on is gravy train. If that train never pulls into the station – it might wake him up.

  10. Chris Carter had the good fortune to play at a time when the league sought out good football players. He would have been drummed out of football by this commissioner.

    It’s a good bet that Goodell is working behind the scenes, illegally, to blackball Manzeil from the NFL.

  11. That rolled up bill is for cocaine. He’s a coke head. Goo dell should suspend him for a year and only allow him back in when he’s shown he’s turned his life around. Time for tough love.

  12. How many stories heave been built around will______ be a wakeup call for Johnny Manziel?

    Sure, eventually one of these might be.

    So far, I could have built an oil daynasty betting that the next one wouldn’t.

    He is still young, and I hope at one point, he gets it, but soft landings won’t be the answer.

  13. I’ve heard the whole ‘he just wants to get away from the Browns’ argument, but it don’t think it make sense.
    In Cleveland, he could have been a starter. Not a lot of talent around him, but that could always change. There are only 32 starting QBs in the league, and what competitor wouldn’t want to be one of them?

    In Dallas, he gets to be a backup. A backup to a pretty good QB, so the only way he plays in the next 3-4+ years is more injuries. Tell me one competitor that wants to hold a clipboard…

    I think that it’s more plausible that JM is just a complete train wreck and needs serious help, than it is to say he just wants to be in Dallas.

  14. His family is rich, he has been pampered his whole life. Now he has to stand on his own feet and he can’t because he never had to as a kid. That is what happens when you give kids everything they want their whole lives!


    The first known case of Affluenza.

  15. Maybe, but maybe he just wants out of Cleveland and part of it has been him been trying to be cut.

  16. Agree with jmc888 on Manziel’s performances, but this: “because it’s becoming more and more clear that he doesn’t love football enough to make it the priority it needs to be” shows (hopefully) that Mike Florio is lucky enough not to have any experience with addiction. Is it really that simple (about what we love enough)? I wish it was.

    I’m not making excuses. Of course he should be cut. And any team that takes him on is as dysfunctional as he is. But his behavior is beyond spoiled. (The money does help him avoid the consequences longer.) It’s incomprehensible to most of us. But maybe not those of us with addicts in our families.

  17. Manziel had no problem with Cleveland whatsoever since that city has a pretty nice party district and he could hang out with Lebron’s celebrity friends.

    That’s the point. It’s never been about football to him. Football is just the thing that got him to better parties. He’s the spoiled rich kid stereotype down to being in rehab after only being legally able to drink for a year and a half. The contract he got from being a 1st round draft pick equals out to what was probably a years allowance at home. Players like Pac Man Jones and Chris Carter didn’t have that. They had to either straighten up or game over. There was no trust fund to fall back on for them like Manziel has.

  18. i am thinking he is closer to the Lawrence Phillips, Aaron Hernandez, Rae Carruth and Ryan Leaf camp than he is Cris Carter.

  19. Nope

    Johnny is an alcoholic who is in the denial and in his demolition phase. Needs to hit rock bottom!

    Right now he still has a boat load of money, going to new city (because some owner will claim) and new fans

    SOMEONE intervene and get this kid clean or he will be the next Ryan Leaf

  20. To answer the article title question: NO. Johnny doesn’t think he has a problem. He doesn’t believe he has anything to wake up from. He thinks those who took the photos, the police, his girlfriend, and the Browns, are the problem. As a Cowboys’ fan, I’m holding my breath. If Jerry signs Johnny, it would be the dumbest thing he’s ever done, and that’s saying something. I’d rather Jerry signs RG3 as the backup, at least he wants to be good at football, instead of wanting to roll up dollar bills to snort blow…

  21. Oh man can there possibly be a better result for disaster fans than Manziel being cut, then signed by the Cows? Johnny Highball and Jerruh Jones together at last! The mind boggles at the thought of all the fun this will be to watch!

  22. Too bad the Raiders already have a QB because what a great pick-up this would be if they moved to Vegas. Billy’s there anyway!

  23. Has anyone considered the notion that this is EXACTLY what Manziel wanted? He clearly doesn’t see a future for himself in Cleveland and, while he’s gone about it in a completely juvenile fashion, this is exactly what he needs to secure the freedom to find a place where he is valued (think Dallas…).

  24. He’s a spoiled entitled rude alcoholic punk. And he will continue to get what he wants by being released. Like all NFL players he’s talented enough to make it this far, but it’s not the NFL was his only source of significant income. If he flames out he has a rich family to fall back on, most of these guys getting cut serves as a wake up call because they need football, so they work on their craft or their off the field problems (Whatever the issue was that caused the termination). The thing is Johnny doesnt need football, he just needs the fame. So no, it will not be a wake up call.

  25. The problem is he created a media vibe for whatever team picks him up. Just like Tim Tebow. I still think a team could use his him but as a coach why would you want to have this garbage in the news every week?.. will Tebow start. bla bla bla. Manziel is a coach killer if you put him on your team even as a backup. He might have to be out of the league 2-3 years before people go after the next shiny object to demonize to make themselves feel good about their ethical lives.

  26. Hopefully the Cowboys will pass on this idiot. I think the other 30 teams have already written him off. No, Manziel will not learn from being cut, or from being subsequently unwanted. He will blame the media, teammates, coaches, the commissioner and anything else he and his “camp” can think of. If he ever shines a light on himself, I suspect it will be long after he’s no longer able to play.

  27. phooteballs says:
    Feb 2, 2016 8:56 PM
    Still don’t see why the Browns just don’t keep him and suspend him for conduct detrimental to the team. Lather, rinse, repeat until he’s out of the league. Should take less than a year. Instead, Cleveland will find a way to “Browns” this up and get nothing for all of their trouble.

    Sometimes moving on and “getting nothing” is the best way to deal with troublesome people in your life.

  28. It wouldn’t be a wake up call for this moron if it had a fire house alarm on it!

    He’ll never get it. Johnny Affluenza should just go live with his parents. They made him what he is today….a spoiled, rich kid.

  29. Great comment, abninf. Jerrah has proved he has a great ability to recognize talent and to built a deep roster filled with high character players. Romeo might just retire rather than face this level of competition.

  30. All he appears to want is the lifestyle that comes with being a star in the NFL without putting in the work.

    His philosophy? Start at the top and work your way up.

  31. He will be released on March 9th. Good riddance in Cleveland. An expensive experiment in a total human waste.

  32. I had to swallow my pride and stretch my moral bounds of acceptance when the Cowboys signed Greg Hardy. And kept Randle. And ignored the JJ sexual assault lawsuit. And allowed Dez to run free.

    All because I was born and raised in this team. But I cannot do it anymore. If the Cowboys sign Johnny Manziel i will be having a jersey/apparel bonfire in my yard, period. Too much is too much.

  33. This whole thing is either contrived so he can escape Cleveland, or else we are looking at the new Ryan Leaf, honestly not sure which…

  34. Funny how “CC” will reach out to his people, but remains in the shadows for others. Stay strong brotha. Look out for your own. Smh

  35. Chris Carrer is a racist idiot. Johnny is a train wreck, yet do you see CC stepping up to help? No….because he’s JM is white and not a story for CC.

  36. He must not be a real fan of football; most of us would kill to eat/sleep/dream NFL 24/7/365.

    You almost want to pity him, but the ego and squandering of such a killer opportunity makes you just cringe.

  37. Honestly, the guy would probably be happier away from football. He could actually drink, like most people do, and not have to worry about ‘letting a city down’ or whatever other B.S. football coaches and fans are heaping onto his shoulders. He could get away to Vegas and not have to wear some outrageous disguise. He wouldn’t have a chopper looking for him when he goes ‘missing.’

    This will end up being one of those mutual partings.

  38. Johnny Football can use the affluence defence. Did not know it would ruin him, leaving school early to par-tay.

  39. Any owner that signs this idiot, would instantly lose credibility in the locker room. The kid just doesn’t get it, and is a cancer to his team and himself. I honestly believe that if there were a case of Affluenza, he certainly suffers from it.

  40. Who has his cfl rights? He’s probably enjoy playing in Toronto and making hand gestures for Drake.

  41. He’s going to have to take a year off and go into intensive treatment to quit his addiction. If he doesn’t he’s going the Ryan Leaf route.

  42. Two things at play here:
    1) Is he really talented enough to play in the NFL?
    2) Can he stay out of trouble off the field?

    I guess number 3 might be whether he’s concerned about 1 & 2.

    I have no idea what the answers are but clearly he just wasted two years.

  43. Thinks he’s Broadway Joe, but he can’t play like Joe and Cleveland isn’t NYC. Clearly this clown is more like Ryan Leaf. Maybe he can go home and make his stupid “money sign” to entertain drunks while working as a bartender in the joint Daddy buys him. “Johnny Barfly” seems to prefer to be out drinking, snorting and partying way more than getting sacked on a football field.

  44. If he blew off the most dedicated and star-starved fan base he will ever know, where he would have been put on a pedestal if he took the job seriously, he will never succeed anywhere. The kid is a loser and may wake up dead soon if he doesn’t get his life in order asap…

  45. >Indeed, he may be happy to go to a team that possibly would welcome his word hard/play harder lifestyle.

    Does he really have a “work hard” lifestyle? I mean, “play harder”, sure, but…

  46. I think the only way he gets a wake up call is for him to get on a team that has a very strong front office, a head coach who will not tolerate anything in any way from him, and extremely strong locker room leadership.

    But what organization in their right mind would want a guy who is a loose cannon on the field and a complete train wreck off the field. At the QB position you need to have stability and can be counted upon? Fratboy Manziel hasn’t shown that.

  47. I agree that Manziel is “a clown,” and well on his way to becoming a loser a la Marinovich. But still, I sometimes wonder if he deliberately did some of the stupid stuff just to get out of Cleveland. It’s possible.

    The bottom line is this kid has everything it takes – other than the mental part which is obviously the single most important thing for an NFL QB – to be the next Steve Young. He has a LOONG way to go, but he could get there if he played everything straight and worked his ass off.

  48. JerryJerk and Johnny Nerdball are a match made in heaven… for the other 31 teams. The cowgirls are an ongoing joke thanks to sport’s most clownish owner. Manziel will be a joy to behold cavorting with the likes of Hardy, Randle and Dez.

  49. LOL. love seeing all the old guys hating on Manziel…your prescribing him jail time? for what? the fact that you don’t like him?

    New rule for bashing Manziel: Post your career credentials before you start knocking a guy who is a Heisman trophy winner and a 1st round NFL pick. Bunch of 1st String Janitors and All-pro sanitation engineers bashing someone who has been more successful in his 23 years of existence than you have in your whole life!

    Free Billy Bandziel!

  50. How many times have I said people hate JF , but he dominates your sports life! Anything about JF get sore posts than almost any other sports subject. Hahahaha, so who are the real losers?
    As for the Browns and their fans, you become irrelevant losers again. HAHAHAHA

  51. It ain’t just “old folks” and losers who “hate” Johnny Turdball. Anyone who knows football can recognize a second tier NFL talent… unless, of course, y’all are from texas.

  52. Hopefully, no team bails Johnny Turdball out, by signing him after he gets the axe in Cleveland. It will be a win win for this little geek if Jerry jones gives him a shot. He needs to hit rock bottom, or he will continue to act like a Kardashian and bring drama to whomever enables him.

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