Aikman: Cowboys should consider a QB at No. 4

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When Hall of Famer and FOX analyst Troy Aikman stopped by the set of PFT Live on Super Bowl Radio Row Thursday, Aikman and Mike Florio discussed the possibility of the Cowboys pursuing Johnny Manziel or Robert Griffin III to address their backup quarterback situation.

But Aikman said he believes the Cowboys might be better served by pursuing a quarterback of the future, even with the No. 4 pick in this year’s draft.

“If there is a player who…is what you view as a franchise quarterback, I think you have to take that guy,” Aikman said. “Jerry [Jones] is all in now and certainly he feels Tony Romo can play another three or four seasons, but I liken it a little to the Green Bay situation when the Packers took Aaron Rodgers.

“At the time, Brett Favre had never missed a game. And he would go on to never miss a game for three more years. In Dallas, we all know what happened with Romo going down last season and the backup situation, although I think their problems went beyond the quarterback position. To me, if you have a chance to add a franchise quarterback, and if you’re going to the team that Jerry thinks they are going to be, then you’re never going to be in this [draft] position again, at least not anytime soon.

“To have a chance to set your team up for 15 years, I don’t know how you bypass that.”

Back problems forced Aikman out of the NFL at 34, so at least to an extent he knows what Romo, who will be 36 this spring, has been battling.

“Tony has been managing the back,” Aikman said. “It has not been smooth sailing coming off the back surgeries. When he returned from missing seven or eight games [last November], he could not go through a normal week’s practice. Of course the collarbone got all the attention, but the back was not right.

“Can he make it through a 16-game schedule? Of course he can. But in all likelihood he won’t. He has shown the back issues are taking a toll.”

To watch the entire Aikman interview from PFT Live, click below.

20 responses to “Aikman: Cowboys should consider a QB at No. 4

  1. I don’t see a QB who is worth taking in the top 10. This would be a good year to trade the #4 pick. And Jerry will be getting Manziel anyway, obviously.

  2. QB then come back around with an RB in the next two and they could have their base for the future. Manage other a few other needs and keeping the team intact and they could have a bright future. That is until you realize JJ is still involved and Garrett is still the coach.

  3. Painful watching Romo play hurt and I’m not a cowboys fan. Aikman plans for Dallas is way too logical. Please listen to Irvin Jerry. Having him mentor Johnny is a brilliant idea, for football fans whom come to sites like this……

  4. u still go and get rg3 if u can sign him for 4 yrs and guarantee him 15 mil so he’ll b happy coming. let Paxton sit and groom him along slowly, no rush. cowboys would be set at the qb position for 2 decades

  5. The Rams might give Dallas a First and Second plus either Foles or Keenum for Romo .

    Dallas would have two high firsts and two high seconds. Might only take the two firsts to move up 2 or 3 spots and get the QB they want.

    Play Keenum or Foles to start the year and bring in the rookie when he is ready.

  6. There isn’t a QB at 4 that is

    1. Worth 4
    2. Going to impact your team like going elsewhere

    Get the BPA at 4 – then QB hunt.

  7. Well Manziel would need to be put on 24 hr lockdown.
    RG3 lost his biggest tool, his legs. Now he is very ordinary, and isn’t a good enough pure pocket passer.
    If you are going for a QB trade back, get an extra 2nd rounder and pick a QB at 20 or so.
    Pick up Manziel as a possible future QB, IF he can get his head turned around.
    It is sad that a player who obviously wants to play for
    another team, could tank his own career to do it.
    Manziel has the Morals of a Sidewinder Snake.

  8. As much as it would kill me to see him go there, the Cowboys would be well served to draft Wentz. Being a Bison fan I saw several of his games.He is smart,has all the skills and is ice when the game is on the line and you will never have to worry about character issues.He is great lockerroom presence, and will make you proud on and off the field.

  9. ….really is a no-brainer…draft Wentz, give him a year behind Romo. If Romo stays healthy in 2016 its a win win for the Cowboys. If he gets hurt again, time for Wentz to learn by baptism by fire. Either way you’ve got your QB of the future.

  10. I think the Jones family should really look at a qb with the 4th pick. Romo might play 1-2 more years. If the cowboys don’t take a qb it will be just like when Aikman retired no qb and years of failing to try and replace Troy. I just want to tell Mr. Jones WAKEUP you owe it to the team and to us the fans of the cowboys.

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