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Ron Rivera: Josh Norman always had confidence, now he has maturity

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When Josh Norman arrived in Panthers camp as a rookie in 2012, he had more confidence than you might expect for a fifth-round pick from Coastal Carolina. But he wasn’t quite as ready for the NFL as he thought he was.

“He came in a very confident, cocky football player,” Panthers coach Ron Rivera recalled today when asked about Norman. “It was evident he was still needing to grow and mature as a football player.”

That growth and maturity took some time. Although Norman started 12 games as a rookie, he didn’t play much in his second season and still wasn’t a permanent starter in his third season. It was only this season, his fourth year in the league, that Norman became a full-time starter, and a star. Rivera said that stardom has come from learning to play the game the right way, within the Panthers’ defense.

“As years went on, we were seeing the development,” Rivera said. “He kind of shot from the hip, gambled a lot, took a lot of chances, but he started to grow, develop in the scheme.”

Now Norman is one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL — right in time to help the Panthers get to the Super Bowl, and then cash in next month as a free agent.

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20 Responses to “Ron Rivera: Josh Norman always had confidence, now he has maturity”
  1. drshankenstein says: Feb 4, 2016 1:34 PM

    MATURITY ????? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. chesswhileyouplaycheckers says: Feb 4, 2016 1:37 PM

    “He kind of shot from the hip, gambled a lot, took a lot of chances, but he started to grow, develop in the scheme.”

    Good thing he add that bit about “in the scheme” or they’d be putting Rivera in the concussion protocol

  3. johnnyballsack says: Feb 4, 2016 1:43 PM

    By “mature” Rivera must mean picks a fight with every WR he faces and gets in twitter wars with retired players. I would call Greg Olsen a mature player. Norman, not so much.

  4. typicalnipple says: Feb 4, 2016 1:47 PM

    Sounds similar to Big John Football.

  5. huh6016 says: Feb 4, 2016 1:49 PM

    Does the Rooney Rule apply to drafting too?? The NFL needs a spanish female nose tackle, just ask Goodell.

  6. elementaleffect says: Feb 4, 2016 2:00 PM

    Just want to make sure we are talking about the guy that fist fought Cam Newton 6 months ago. Same guy that continues to bring up and talk nonsense about Beckham and refuses to let the incident go.

    Quite mature.

  7. eagles1960 says: Feb 4, 2016 2:02 PM

    Best in the game right now.

  8. joedirte says: Feb 4, 2016 2:06 PM

    Hes mature to Carolina panther standards and by that measurement I agree with riverboat Ron.

  9. highdimension2015 says: Feb 4, 2016 2:17 PM

    Coach Rivera is
    now a good judge of maturity.

  10. blu4l1fe says: Feb 4, 2016 2:36 PM

    A lot of people confuse confidence with arrogance…..

    Maturity….. Not sure ’bout that either….

    He may have figured how to play his position as best he can. Up to and including how to get into his opponents heads. If that’s Rivera’s definition of maturity…. then Norman certainly got that down.

  11. pantherpro says: Feb 4, 2016 3:01 PM

    Tell it like it is #24! We got your back!

    Panther Pride

  12. nard100 says: Feb 4, 2016 3:04 PM

    This must Rivera’s attempt to boost Norman up after that fiasco of an interview with Deion Sanders. Nice Try.

  13. jbaxt says: Feb 4, 2016 3:05 PM

    I think he’s pretty good at abusing verbs and annunciation. I often correlate one’s intelligence with maturity. If you’re going to act like a fool, you’re usually a fool. So on a scale of 1-10, I’d put Norman at a 4.

  14. rangersco says: Feb 4, 2016 3:17 PM

    He is a crybaby who got smoked by Beckham and still whines about it

  15. Rdog says: Feb 4, 2016 4:14 PM

    Haha I saw something different from Norman in the Giants game… Something had to set off OBJ…

  16. jomo56 says: Feb 4, 2016 4:50 PM

    Nice to see a coach back his guy especially when that guy (Norman) traded in his diapers for Depends except he’s still full of ….

  17. curmudgeon13 says: Feb 4, 2016 5:17 PM

    The 2015/2016 Panthers will be heralded as the greatest NFL team of all time…….

  18. conwayam says: Feb 4, 2016 5:22 PM

    Was it mature of him to also brandish a bat after one of Carolina’s scout team scrubs had already threatened ODB with ending his career before kickoff? How about body slamming ODB at one point? Was that mature? All of the DB’s were very chippy with Beckham all game. This guy is a joke. ODB still beat him a number of times. Julio Jones got 5 out of 6 passes against him in week 16. I hope Peyton doesn’t avoid him the whole game as he has been exposed now.

    Panthers are pretty bush league winning that game the way they did. Just play football next time without the threats and props.

  19. ndnation23 says: Feb 4, 2016 5:23 PM

    there are a lot of things i would call Norman..mature is most definitely not one of them lol

  20. skawh says: Feb 4, 2016 5:40 PM

    Is he “mature” enough to shut down Demarius Thomas, that’s the only question that matters. The rest is just noise.

    Go Carolina!

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