Roger Goodell says priority is still to keep Chargers and Raiders in place

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As has become customary, Sam Farmer from the Los Angeles Times stood up to ask commissioner Roger Goodell a question about L.A.

But this time, it was about whether Los Angeles was going to get a second team, and what the league intended for San Diego and Oakland.

“It is very much a  priority for us to keep our teams in their markets,” Goodell said when asked about the Chargers and Raiders.

The Rams and Chargers have been discussing an arrangement for the future, but Goodell emphasized that the goal was to get stadium deals done in place in the existing markets. Which means those markets better come up with deals soon.

Of course, that wasn’t as much of a priority when it came to St. Louis, considering the money Stan Kroenke threw at the league for the right to move to Los Angeles.

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  1. They ought to just run a liar meter next to Goodell any time he speaks. He gives lawyers a bad name.

  2. “It is very much a priority for us to keep our teams in their markets,”

    Try telling that to St. Louis.

  3. IOW, Goddell and his cronies are trying to find a way for Kroeenke to have the LA market for himself and put the squeeze on Spanos and Davis, two of the poorer owners. All Goddell and his henchmen are doing are speaking with forked tongues.

  4. Does his nose look just a little bit longer lately?

    ‘‘Oakland gets nothing,” Robert McNair said. ‘‘Al [Davis] used to sue us all the time.” – this message is approved by the Commish…no suspension for you!

  5. Goodell is actually probably telling the truth for a change. The Raider in the Bay Area is important for the league as this market has a lot of money and technology that they would like to get more of. Especially with a brand new stadium in the bay and not San Jose where the 49ers actually play. And San Diego with a new Stadium would be in the 5 year rotation of Super Bowls along with the new LA stadium, Miami, New Orleans and a rotating city.

  6. rootpain is 110% correct.

    Al Davis is needed now more than ever.

    But, it would have to be the incarnation of the maverick and wily Al Davis from the ’70s and ’80s.


  7. Thinly veiled damage control on behalf of the Raiders & their fans who got left in the cold regarding the LA decision. We’re not buying it Goodell. The league could care less if the Raiders get a much deserved new stadium.

  8. Translation: moving too many teams is bad PR and they don’t want to lose ANOTHER market. The NFL is dead to St Louis residents. Now they’re stuck paying for a perfectly good empty stadium.

    The lesson is, don’t EVER give in to the NFL (or any sports team) and use taxpayer money to give them free stadiums. Alameda County residents in the Bay Area are STILL paying for the renovations to the Coliseum from the 1990s, and now the Raiders want another free stadium. Screw that.

  9. Mark Davis does not want a free stadium. He just wants and needs some help with it. He can’t afford a billion dollar stadium all by himself. Davis will put into the stadium what he can afford, and the NFL will kick in $300,000,000. Hopefully Oakland will do something like issue bonds to close the funding gap and end this stadium saga.

  10. It is very fishy that the one year lease extension has not been announced yet. How hard can it be to just extend it for just one year? Could it be that Davis may want to move to Las Vegas? A billion dollar stadium and being backed by the casinos may be too hard to pass up. Las Vegas in a growing market. I would love to see the Raiders stay in Oakland for the long haul, but I have my doubts.

  11. …how about the NFL subsidize the two poorest owners in the NFL untill they force them to sell their teams to someone who CAN afford to build their own stadiums in San Diego and Oakland? Heck I own a home and have to always keep my escrow.

  12. How about Goodell put his money where is mouth is and pitch in a little more than a 100 million for each team so they can build new stadiums? Even better, why not offer each team an interest free loan to get over the hump? It’s not like the NFL can’t afford it. Just have both teams pay back the loan through a percentage of their profit shares.

    It’s a great option that keeps the tax payers in these cities out of the equation.

  13. The Raiders really do need a new stadium. I am handicapped with a bad back and I live in Santa Barbara. driving 8 hours to sit in a crummy seat sucks, no room and hard to access seats. I even bought a seat for my walker. I’ve supported them in in both stadium they just need and deserve a new stadium!!!

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