Making sense of Cam Newton’s abrupt departure


Much can be said about the demeanor of Panthers quarterback Cam Newton at his post-Super Bowl press conference, and reasonable minds may differ as to whether it was a sign of immaturity or evidence of his passionate desire to win.

Here’s an area where the answer is more clear. As noted last night on Twitter and throughout Monday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio, the video of the press conference suggests that Newton bolted not because of any questions asked by the reporter but because he could hear someone from the Broncos crowing about the victory. Via the Denver Post, it was Broncos cornerback Chris Harris Jr.

So while Newton arguably should have been less sullen when talking about the game, the tone and content of his answers and the decision to get up and leave are really two different things.

Besides, if Newton’s reaction means that Newton will become even more determined to get back to the Super Bowl and win it, Panthers fans will be very happy about the outcome a year from now.

157 responses to “Making sense of Cam Newton’s abrupt departure

  1. If they want me to dance and dab at the post game interviews they should have let me in the end zone….

  2. I’ll say this for Cam: at least in his press conference he wasn’t hawking Budweiser beer after earning $2,000,000 in bonus money for winning the Big Show.

    With that said, Cam still has some maturing to do. If you’re going to be a hot dogger when winning you also have to be a cool cat when losing.

    Mainly, bravo to Denver’s defense and coaching staff for planning and executing a great game… and that comes from a Panthers’ fan.

  3. …and by “crowing”, let’s be clear, he means that Chris Harris was actually answering questions asked by the media.

  4. He immature, he’s not a true leader on or off the field. That’s the only sense that you need to make.

    He needs to grow up. How did Russell Wilson react last year? Like a man. How did Peyton Manning react the year before that? Like a man.

    How did Newton react? Like an immature child.

  5. I like Cam but damn bruh you literally dab in your opponents face during the game yet can’t handle some distant chirping after you lose? Come on man!

  6. No excuse. Pack up the tears and be a man. If you are going to be that obnoxious and gloat in the face of the losers when you win, then you need to be a man and take it when you lose. Stop making excuses for this grown man.. he needs to stop acting like a petulant child.. other great quarterbacks have done these tough interviews.

  7. Newton is a thin-skinned front runner.

    When every is going his way – he ‘dabs’, crows, points and smiles – excessively.

    When things dont go his way – he pouts, whines, is sullen, and a borderline crybaby. In other words, he’s NOT a professional.

    Win and lose with class and dignity – is NOT what Cam Newton is about.

  8. So what if he heard Chris Harris crowing about winning the Super Bowl? It’s still a sign of immaturity to behave like he did.

    In addition to maturity, he needs to learn how to make quicker decisions when playing teams with a fast pass rush, how to put some touch on his throws when necessary, and continue to improve his accuracy. He had a very good year but his flaws as a quarterback are obvious to any defense worth their salt.

  9. …………..Cam will never grow up…….but we won’t need to worry about this happening again because the Panthers won’t be making it back the big dance for a looooooong time. The NFC is too strong and this was a down year.

  10. “Should have been less sullen”? WTF are you talking? I’d be furious if my QB lost a Super Bowl and was anything less than crushed by it. Honestly, I don’t even care that he bounced early. Yeah, it’s unprofessional, but I’d rather have the guy who’s so upset that he just can’t stomach another second of talking about the loss than one who is sitting there with some stupid grin like it doesn’t even matter.

  11. As a broncos fan I love that Chris Harris once again got in Cam’s head. Cam you got denied. Your team got outplayed and outclassed. Maybe you can take a page out of Peyton Manning’s book about how to handle yourself in the face of adversity.

  12. In Elway’s first three Superbowls he lost in three blow-outs averaging more than 30 points of defeat and stood up there and took it with grace and composure despite being a big part of why the Bronco’s lost.

    And just about every other QB who has ever lost has done the same.

    And then we have Cam. Who was more than happy to celebrate and rub it in when he won. But has now run-off like a little girl seeing her first spider now that he lost.

  13. So Cam can dish it out but can’t take it? That’s what I’m gathering from this.

    Here’s an idea Cam, if you don’t want the other team talking trash, outscore them. . . . . . .

  14. So Cam suddenly tasted what crowing about winning feels and sounds like to the opponents? If that’s the reason, maybe there’s hope for this immature punk.

  15. Della Street says:
    Feb 8, 2016 2:55 PM
    It was a classless move by Harris. Then again, cam’s antics are classless…

    It was a classless move by Harris? He was doing the same thing Cam was there to do but didn’t, answer questions. During Newton’s questioning you could clearly hear Harris being questioned and responding. It was a questionable move on the part of the league to have the interview areas set up within ear shot of each other if they were going to allow concurrent questioning.

  16. Making sense? what’s so hard to understand the man has NO good sportmanship. He’s shown poor sportsmanship his entire sporting life (includes college & pro’s). And what do selfish poor sports do when things do go their way? Exactly what Cam did after the game last night…
    People will make excuses for those they like, but actions speak a lot louder than words.

  17. Apologist for Cam much? Oh please. Stop making excuses for him. He flaunts his showboating when he’s winning and he pouts when someone else is celebrating? Talk about acting like a 10-year old. You make excuses for him then you’re no better than all the enablers he’s had in his life.

  18. hiding under a hoddie…..

    Not showing any form of sportsmanship.

    He is a kid and he needs to pick it up a notch and be a man.

    MVP….yeah right.

  19. Talib and others on DEN were also classless calling out Cam after the game. You can be honest but wait a few weeks before you dump on your opponent.

    One thing really surprises me.

    I have not seen much about Riveras idea to punt. I think it was 4th and 24 or something ridiculous. They were down by two scores.

    Phil Simms claimed it gave them the best chance to win?

    They burned their 2 time outs. Peyton lined up on 4th down to milk the clock all the way before calling timeout. That sequence was obvious.

    It left CAR near the same spot deep in their own end. With no time outs, and down by two scores.

    It like would not have mattered. But why give up with 2 minutes left?

    Also in the last few plays why not throw some hail marys, instead of 10 yarders? Cam certainly has the arm. Was his shoulder far more injured then anyone knows?

    I was completely baffled by those decisions. I must admit I am surprised i see little mention of it today.

  20. He was a pouting cry baby in years past when they were going 8-8. People forgot about that because they were 17-1, but others remembered and were accused of being “racist” for calling him out on his immature act.

  21. Did he honestly believe nobody would ever throw any of that stuff back at him? That opponents wouldn’t delight in taking down Superman?

    In a similar light I wonder if the Panthers will ever broach the topic with him that providing endless bulletin board material may not be the best long-term strategy. Good teams always get the opponents’ best efforts but next season there will be multiple opponents who’d be happy going 1-15 if that one win came against Carolina.

  22. Cam blew it, MVP will never be looked on again in the same light. He let a lot of people down in his actions, he had a lot of talk but when all did not go well he showed his true colors.

  23. I see that as being a poor move on the nfl media. no one would want to hear that RIGHT AFTER you just got beat..not saying what cam did was justified, just saying id rather do my interview alone than to have the person who just kicked my a– that close to me and talking about how he kicked it

  24. wangchungish312 says:
    Feb 8, 2016 3:02 PM

    If their situations were reversed, what do you think Peyton Manning would have done?
    Probably said something like he had to go home and have a few Budweisers.

  25. Cam’s mad cause he had all these cool poses rehearsed to use when it was time to do a “Group DAB Photo” on the sidelines as time is running out like he and his soft, phony teammates did so disrespectfully to the cards and Seahawks…

    Advice for Cam, spend less time watching youtube videos trying to bite the latest dance moves, spend more time in the film room bro trying to figure out how Von miller and Demarcus Ware are going to try and destroy you and how you can best try and prevent it,.

  26. Funny, when Cam celebrated and others complained he was outraged and said that he is different (even though we know that he is not because Kapeernick, Wilson, Vick, Tebow, and even Jamarcus Russel are running QBs), but now that the show is on the other hand he got upset?

  27. Della Street says:
    Feb 8, 2016 2:55 PM
    It was a classless move by Harris. Then again, cam’s antics are classless…

    All Harris was doing was fulfilling his media duties just as Cam was doing. He was answering questions from a reporter. Blame the venue for not having separate rooms but not Harris.

  28. Cam… Cam…. Cam…… (shaking head). You looked frightened the WHOLE game! When I looked in your eyes at the beginning of the game I knew it was gonna be a looong night..

  29. So he doesn’t like losing. Why can’t a guy who has carried his team to the super bowl act pissed? We don’t need clones of every QB in the NFL, he shouldn’t have to talk about how great the Denver Bronco’s defense was, we all saw it.. I am tired of hearing the “politically correct” answers. Cam is a very good QB, and he wins because he cannot accept losing.. To me that is a good quality in any guy I want on my team. I am sorry he is not a journalist’s best friend.

  30. People that try to defend Newton and actions and or comments well the lack there of think about the rest of the team that swallowed their pride answered the question regardless of the situation .. Crushed ?? Yup he should be … But defending him is weak…he’s immature and a front runner who will wish he dealt with last night better because it was his first , last and only shot …….

  31. It’s amazing how they are clowning on Newton for this. When Manning was destroyed by Seattle he threw his O-line under the bus as the reason they lost. Against the Saints he bolted off the field without saying anything to saints players. Then he promotes advertisements during the celebration instead of paying respect to the game and players around him. He is the true clown.

  32. Typical front runner.

    He backed away from the podium a little slower than he backed away from a chance to try to recover his own fumble on the field.

    What a wuss.

  33. mogogo1 says:
    Feb 8, 2016 3:10 PM
    Good teams always get the opponents’ best efforts but next season there will be multiple opponents who’d be happy going 1-15 if that one win came against Carolina.

    I understand the idea but obviously you have never had the misfortune to be a fan of 1-15 team. To this day in spite of doing a great job here as a DC from ’83-’87 Rod Rust’s name is a cuss word in NE because of his 1-15 stint as HC of the Pats

  34. TheDPR says:
    Feb 8, 2016 2:55 PM

    So what if he heard Chris Harris crowing about winning the Super Bowl? It’s still a sign of immaturity to behave like he did.

    In addition to maturity, he needs to learn how to make quicker decisions when playing teams with a fast pass rush, how to put some touch on his throws when necessary, and continue to improve his accuracy. He had a very good year but his flaws as a quarterback are obvious to any defense worth their salt.


    Guess you’re saying that the Seattle and Arizona defenses sucked, right?

    Guess what….Seattle was #2 and Arizona #5.

    See ya.

  35. That is a complete lame excuse for leaving the press conference. With the way Newton acted this year, he deserved what he got both from the game and from football fans. He needs to grow up and quit being so arrogant. Don’t assume he will make it back to the super bowl, Marino never made it back.

  36. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the The Most Valuable Player in the National Football League. The marquee face of the shield; the face of the league.

    Please, we don’t need to be told what we saw or how to “make sense” of what we saw. Cam is a classic example of what we all know and have always called a “poor sport”. He can dish it out like a big boy, but he takes it like a child.

    Don’t make him out to be something we can all tolerate with some ‘warped’ understanding.

  37. Manning, Brees, Brady, Wilson, and Rodgers (cancel Rodgers-he would have pouted too) would have toughed it out and answered the questions.

    Big deal if there was other noise from an opponent…….big deal.

    Put the big boy pants on and be HUMBLE and GRACIOUS in defeat.

    No way the above guys would have left early and pouted like a 12 year old.


  38. Cam will need to learn.

    Every player and team in the NFL has to learn to deal with loss, disappointment and difficult situations. It’s part of the sport.

    Denver got blown out in the Super Bowl only a few years ago and had to suck it up and bounce back.

    Seattle was on top of the world, then lost a heartbreaking Super Bowl and then lost to Cam this year.

    Brady lost two Super Bowls on clutch plays by Eli Manning.

    Rodgers was 13-0 in 2011 and looked poised to go back-to-back. Nope.

    Everyone has to deal with loss. It’s very hard to win the Super Bowl.

    Cam needs to grow up a bit. I feel like his emotions got the better of him late in the game and he looked defeated. In reality he was 6 points down and needed to keep trying to find a way to move the ball. The game wasn’t over. You never know when the tide will turn. An injury can happen, or the defense might . Play to the 000.

    All he can do is get back to work and try to get back to that spot again and be more prepared for a war the next time.

  39. Guess you’re saying that the Seattle and Arizona defenses sucked, right?

    Guess what….Seattle was #2 and Arizona #5.
    They were when they played them. Got Seattle early in the season when they weren’t playing well and the Cardinals without the Honey Badger which made a big difference.

  40. Denver got blown out in the Super Bowl only a few years ago and had to suck it up and bounce back.
    Denver also had a QB who carries himself the right way and isn’t a mental midget. Big difference. A tiger doesn’t change his stripes. This guy will never win a SB or another MVP.

  41. Averge qb who just saw his SB window slammed
    in his face.
    Next season there will be 30 other teams that spent the whole off season watching and learning how Denver destroyed Newton and the Panthers.
    Then the whole “lose the SB” curse thing and the Panthers are back in middle of the pack land.
    Oh yeah, you need to go after the fumble, not run the other way.

  42. It was a classless move by Harris. Then again, cam’s antics are classless…

    WRONG!! If you took 30 seconds to click on the link Harris was not “crowing” he was just answering questions from the press regarding their game plan.

    Scam Newton should have been focused on his own interview and owning his mediocre play instead of listening to players on the WINNING team talk to reporters.

    I’ve been a Cam supporter since before he was drafted but lost a lot of respect for him last night…

  43. If Cam decides to look back on this and see how he portrayed himself to be a sullen,poor loser and actually grimace when thinking about it then that is at least a step in the right direction. Next season and how he comes back from this will be a defining time in the career of Cam Newton.

  44. I blame the Panthers organization…NOT Cam Newton. Look he’s just a kid. Someone from Management should have taken him aside BEFORE he went out for the press conference and said:

    “Cam, the first thing you say is: I want to congratulate Peyton Manning for the win and his HOF career. Congratulations to the Denver Broncos team and organization. They were the better team (Today), I really don’t feel like answering any questions. Thank you and goodbye”

    EVERYONE needs help with the media. Peyton Manning, Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers on and on.

    I didn’t like the hood though.

  45. his teammates that thought they had a “leader” in Cam found out last night they had merely had a flashy clown who was a lot of fun to be around.

  46. His actions yesterday are consistent with his immature self. He pouted all through last year and the year before and his outrageous celebrations this year were unsportsmanlike and reflected that he really is immature.

    This year was a mirage – cowardly defensive coordinators never brought the rush on him figuring he would burn them with rushes, but what Denver proved is that pounding the child into submission is the only way to beat him – he will complete 40 yard passes and run for a first down, but he cannot and will not beat you if you hit him early and often. He will sink into his little child hoodie and disappear.

    And just wait until his body does what happens to every man as he gets toward 30 – he’ll start adding flab and soon will be a 300 pound mountain waiting to be tackled since he will be as immobile as a mountain.

    Mark my word, he will never be any better than he was this year – feasting on 13 cowardly teams with losing records and beating only four teams with a winning record. This was all a mirage.

  47. Have you ever dated the perfect woman you thought you’d end up marrying but she breaks up with you for another guy? Take this feeling and multiply by 1000 to feel what Cam was feeling. He had a nearly perfect season and he thought the Super Bowl was the wedding but Denver’s D snatched it away from him.

  48. stacie73104 says:
    Feb 8, 2016 3:42 PM
    I blame the Panthers organization…NOT Cam Newton. Look he’s just a kid.

    No, he is NOT a kid. “It’s not Johnny’s fault he parties too much and hits his girlfriend, he’s just a kid.” “It’s not Cam’s fault he can’t handle the media, he’s just a kid”.

    Just stop it with that crap. They’re not kids. They’re grown men, period.

  49. It’s amazing how they are clowning on Newton for this. When Manning was destroyed by Seattle he threw his O-line under the bus as the reason they lost.


    Except that he didn’t. I saw the entire press conference, and the only time he mentioned his OL was to say that there are professional man in the locker room that worked hard to reach this stage.

  50. “They want to be famous. We want to be champions, they want to be rappers and backup dancers. We want to play football.” – TJ Ward

  51. You expect this from a diva receiver or running back, not from the QB. Can’t remember a more unprofessional post “Big Game” conference from a QB.

  52. You guys are really going to the mat to defend this guy. His antics in that post game presser were ridiculous especially in light of everything you reported about him this year. A real shallow act. You guys seem to be quick to point this out with others, yet very slow to condemn Cam after he pretty much negated everything you wrote about him this past year. All I can say is very interesting.

  53. Hey Superman, welcome to the SUPERBOWL!!!!

    A real superman would have tried to encourage and lead his team to victory, or go down swinging, but a phony just sulks and throws mini-temper tantrums.

  54. I thought Tom Brady’s post game after losing the SB to the Giants, losing the perfect season, was the template for how to handle this. A suit & tie, gracious praise for the opponent, etc., etc. And there’s no bigger loss anyone ever had than that in NFL history.

    What I saw last night was typical of an immature kid who’s been carried all his life because he can play football great. Does whatever he wants, nobody can say anything to him, but when he gets beat down like last night, he acts like a sore loser. Disappointing to see a great football player acting like an adolescent.

  55. Teams that lose the SB generally don’t get back to it the next year.
    Certainly hoping that holds true for Superbrat.
    Media needs to stop bending over backward because they’re so afraid of being accused of racism.
    Cam’s a sham when it comes to acting like a man, and it has nothing to do with what color he is.

  56. Cam Newton was the MVP of the league who torched teams all season. The Denver defense completely such him down sacking him 7 times, forcing him to fumble twice (as well as 2 Tolbert fumbles) and picking him off once.

    Asking a Denver defensive player how they had that success was precisely the question you’d expect reporters to ask.

    THAT upset him?

    That really is pathetic.

  57. Did I hear that a reporter asked him if he was still wearing the gold superman shirt under his hoodie? Brilliant!

  58. Cam: “If you don’t want me to dance, keep me out of the end zone”.

    Okay Cam, If you don’t want to hear about how Harris stopped your offense, then don’t let him stop your offense.

  59. If you’re going to jump on the podium and declare yourself the best in the world….then when you fail you should be able to handle a little backlash. If you’re going to dish it out you better be able to take it….

  60. People need to stop making excuses for this guy it’s getting old. To the ” he’s young” crowd, no he’s not he’s 26 it’s not old but at that age I had a one year old a good job and was looking to buy a house… Far from a child at that age. To the ” he just havin fun” crowd stop it,I’m 39 and have been watching football since I can remember and I have never seen any QB deliberately taunt the other team by dancing ,jigging,dabbing in there face after every first down. All his teammates stayed and answered all the uncomfortable questions,as the QB of “his” team he needs to take the full brunt of the criticisms whether he likes it or not. Newton is a physical freak but an immature mental midget.

  61. Seriously? You are trying to defend the indefensible? His behavior all year had been self-centered and atrociously child like. What he did last night was to be ecxpected considering that he ALWAYS acts like a 6 years old in 26 year body.

    Hey Cam, you shouldn’t run away from your fumble like frightened little girl. That was pathetic. If you wanted the ball, I guess they should have given you the ball.

  62. If it was his intent to dodge the questions couldn’t Cam have not shown up at all. Cam walking off was unprofessional but, can the guy get a little credit for showing up?

    I think the presser was just like the game for Cam, he gave the best he had and it just wasn’t good enough.

  63. one good thing about Cam loosing is that there is a chance that he might learn to be a little humble. Had he won, he would have been completely insufferable. He has a lot going for him. I hope he can put it all together and act more like Manning, Wilson and Brady.

  64. He should have finished answering all questions, then if Harris was still answering questions at that point, walked over and congratulated him – in front of all the media. That would have been a classy move. But it didn’t happen, and until Cam grows up, it won’t. What’s done is done, now Cam needs to prove to the world that he can move on and learn from this debacle. I have my doubts, but I hope he proves me wrong.

  65. I hate when people say he is young and still has some maturing to do. So what?

    Jameis Winston would have answered those questions. He is a lot younger and people say he is immature.

  66. Last night’s Super Bowl is undoubtedly life-changing for Cam Newton. The only question is, how will he respond?

    He could choose to listen to good advice and honestly examine how he acted, and as painful as last night’s loss was and the petulance he showed at the press conference was–he still may one day look back and see how it became the greatest turning point in his life and career.

    Or, he can continue to listen to the sycophants and hangers-on around him telling him how great he is and to $%*! humility and respect for your opponents. Having now lost his veneer of invincibility while being humbled and frustrated on the national stage, he can decide to not learn a thing from it. His future career from now, in that scenario, would be “Remember when he went to the Super Bowl that one time? Seems like forever ago…”

    I do believe you can have kid-like immaturity at 26 and rise above it. There’s still time and the talent is there. It’ll be interesting to see which way it goes.

  67. defining moments of the me generation team.. stewart wouldnt give cam his td ball.. good for him…. and the childish unsportsmanlike of knocking the ball out of the denver receivers hand with an added push when he was posing.. something that the panthers specialize in.. posing..

  68. This was classless and you should have stated it as a fact. He should have paid his respect to the Broncos defense. Poorly written and not objective by the author, perhaps on Cam’s payroll?

  69. For ever moving forward, he will never be respected by any NFL players or teammates. He did not put it all on the line when his teammates needed him.

  70. To quote Cam himself. “If celebrating hurts other peoples feelings… then guess what?? Too bad theres no bandaids for feelings”

  71. Loves to hot dog, which is fine with me. But you cant be the spoiled brat acting like a child when other players do it your face. If it is ok for you to do it then it is ok for them to do it.

  72. Now for the rest of his career, talk of that early departure will not go away. The fumble as well. The media will keep bringing it up. And the football fans. . .they won’t forget.

    Superman can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound nor be faster than a locomotive anymore.

    “look! Up in the the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No!! It’s SuperBaby.”

  73. I feel bad for Cam he wears his emotions on his sleeve and that is acceptable for about 99% of the population.

    He is upset, which is understandable. Cut the kid some slack, at his age I didn’t have all the composure I do now at 35.

  74. I don’t care what happens the rest of his career. Anymore dabbin’ or supermanning or corny first down signal will forever feel like he’s doing it down 20 like he did a few short years ago.

  75. I thought Tom Brady’s post game after losing the SB to the Giants, losing the perfect season, was the template for how to handle this.

    Sorry but that is BS. He made the media wait 40 minutes than pretty much gave the same response Cam did.

    In this situation Payton gave praise to Cam all they way leading up to the game. Yet Cam had not one nice thing to say about Payton or anyone else on his team.

  76. I hope Cam makes it back to the big game soon. I am a white 42 year old man. Were all you guys perfect when you his age?? Give me a break. Dude isn’t perfect but daxm, losing the SB isn’t easy. I get he is supposed to be a role model but back the fuxk off.

  77. If Cam were in the true top tier he would have stayed

    But he’s not quite there – so I’m going to cut the guy a little slack

    He lost. He was pissed. Most likely at himself more than anyone.

    Knowing his own state of mind it may be that avoiding the media was the better judgement

  78. True character comes out in adversity. This immature man wants to be the center of attention when things go his way and turns into an ass clown when times are tough. Sham Newton is more like it!

  79. The funniest thing here is the surprise by the media. Any one paying attention to Cam since day 1 has seen – the issue isn’t how he “win’s” – its how terrible of a loser he is. The fact is the Panthers discussed not re-signing the guy – despite his talent – because of his moping and poor sportsmanship (read: terrible leader) after losses in his first few years.

    This has only gone away due to the great year the defense had – and all the wins.

  80. all season long he was celebrating, dabbing, and stuff… now looking at his face after the sb: priceless!!!

  81. Man I remember Jim Kelly during those post game interviews acting with total class. If there was ever a quarterback who might had a reason to act like a spoiled kid he sure could have.

    Cam watch those tapes and watch him fighting cancer and you will see the same leadership in both cases.

  82. I loved it when he said Denvers D did “nothing special”. So it doesn’t take anything special to hand you the worst beatdown of your career? Nothing special to sack you 6 times? Nothing special to strip you twice? Nothing special to hold you to a QBR of 56? Yup, he just had a bad day, no props to his opponents.

  83. Sounds like you’re making excuses for the guy.

    He’s a big enough boy that he should be able to speak for himself.

  84. dexx57 says:
    Feb 8, 2016 7:50 PM

    He is MVP. For all the people who criticize how well have you handled adversity in your life?


    Everyone handles adversity their own way. Like I said before, this wouldn’t be a big deal only if he was humble when his team was winning. As it was, he was arrogant and even rubbed his opponents nose when he seemingly declared he doesn’t care who he offended when he does his TD dance. That is why people are criticising him. He may be the MVP, but he sure isn’t acting like one.

  85. And I wonder how Cam would dance around and act if he would’ve won the game. I couldn’t imagine all of the Superman poses and obnoxious stuff he would do. He gets upset because he heard a Bronco in the distance celebrating, but he would be 1000 times worse.

  86. He didn’t smile one time during the game. He was slow. He was just winging it with his passes. To say he wasn’t on his game is an understatement. He looked ill before, during and after the game.

  87. Superman doesn’t jump out of the way…..Shame, He can never do the Superman reveal thing again ever again……but he will. This what the NFL wants they don’t want class in a player that want ratings. He needs to take some lessons from captian America the true MVP of that team.

    p.s. who else has had enough of the one they call”prime time” replace him…..oh wait ratings……

  88. Cam, maybe you never heard of this guy because he was white and knew something about real football, but his name was Lombardi and he told his players this about celebrations in the end zone: if you score a touchdown, act like you’ve done it before! In your terms Ben there done that ,no big deal.

  89. Great season, Cam. Congrats on the MVP – you earned it. Additionally, I don’t mind you leaving the presser abruptly – I wasn’t really interested in what you had to say anyway. You be you.


  91. he does not know how to win and he does not know how to lose you must learn 1 before you can learn the other

  92. He left the press conference because he didn’t want to be seen crying on national TV. He has to learn to be a REAL leader,which includes being a gracious loser,especially when the world is watching. I think his teammates may have lost some respect for him after that display,and for his failure to even try to recover his own fumble at the 4 yard line. He just gave it up. What message does that send to the other guys? You never quit until the clocks says zero. His body language through the entire game was bad. Cam needs to grow up.

  93. It’s because we foster this culture of “winning”. Instead of being happy for what you accomplished, we teach that one wasn’t “good enough.” Cam is a product of the toxic culture that creates unnecessary negative emotions and feelings of inferiority. Why can’t both teams be happy they made it as far as they did? Cam shouldn’t be made to feel bad about what he managed to do this season.

  94. Obviously Newton embarrassed himself during the press conference. He showed he isn’t a leader and is weak. He showed that on the field as well, you could see half way through the 3rd quarter he was DONE. His body language said it all, he took forever to get his team to the line of scrimmage on every play, he grabbed his shoulder, he looked dejected. He is a pure front runner, doesn’t have the guts to bring his team back. As embarrassing as he was after the game Peyton was just as embarrassing with his ridiculous hug and kiss with Pappa John and his repeated Budweiser plugs. These were RIGHT after the game ended, are you kidding me? What a corporate shill, sellout . Seriously, could you even imagine Brady, Montana, Unitas, Bradshaw, Aikman, etc.. Doing that ? Unreal

  95. You can have your draft pick back when the cowboys get their cap space back says:
    Feb 8, 2016 8:15 PM
    I like Cam, but the criticism is more than fair. Best thing he can do is come back fighting, no more dabs or selfies, just be all about that business.


    That would be awesome. If he came back next year, scrambles for a touchdown, tossed the ball to an excited kid, and left the field with a smile and a few high fives to his teammates…..

    Yeah but – he is incapable of that. He’ll be right back to his antics first chance he gets.

  96. dexx57 says:
    Feb 8, 2016 7:50 PM
    He is MVP. For all the people who criticize how well have you handled adversity in your life?

    He is a coddled punk. And he showed his true colors when he backed off from diving on the ball he fumbled that sealed the game for Denver. Not only is he a punk…..he has no heart.

  97. I watched the footage of Cam’s presser at the first time it was shown, and was wondering what was going on there. Because all I heard was a bunch of noise in the background and somebody talking loudly. Sounded like they were talking over Cam’s presser. And I could barely hear the questions they were asking Cam.
    Then I learned that they had Bronco’s players there also, and it was some sort of group presser. That sounded weird as no other championship postgame has winners and losers talking at the same time and at the same place.

  98. Did Chris Harris tell him not to jump on the fumble? Did Chris Harris tell him to fall on the ground and loud it like a 2 year old throwing a tantrum? What a leader at 27 years old.

  99. There was alot wrong with this game besides Cam Newton’s lack of maturity. Add to it Peyton Manning’s greed, plugging more than once for Budweiser and Papa Johns,Aqib Talib’s idiotic behavior,a crappy halftime show,among other things. It went just the way Goodell wanted it to.

  100. It’s amazing how they are clowning on Newton for this. When Manning was destroyed by Seattle he threw his O-line under the bus as the reason they lost.


    Except that he didn’t. I saw the entire press conference, and the only time he mentioned his OL was to say that there are professional man in the locker room that worked hard to reach this stage.


    Not only that but if I remember correctly Richard Sherman was astounded that Peyton Manning went to the visitors locker room and waited there patiently for a while while they celebrated and then finally was able to congratulate the Seahawks personally for the win. That man has class and Russell Wilson learned from him.

    Hence the letter he wrote to him today saying how much manning meant to him starting at manning football camp when Russell was 15.

    Classy in victory and defeat proven on the big stage over the last three years.

    Manning is
    Wilson is
    Cam is not

    If it’s going to be Russell vs cam over the next 10 years I know who I’m rooting for.

  101. If you self-style yourself as Superman then you can’t break into a sulk from the second quarter all the way through the press conference.

    His sulking didn’t start at the press conference. He walked off the field at halftime with his shoulders slumped and head down. Teammates pick up on that.

    On the fumble recovery, his instinct was not to get the ball at all costs. His instinct was not to get his ankle pinned by the pile.

  102. Regarding Kubiak I was curious what John Fox might have been thinking. Luck or doesn’t say something about his coaching or oversight of the defense?

  103. wangchungish312 says:
    Feb 8, 2016 3:02 PM
    If their situations were reversed, what do you think Peyton Manning would have done?

    I think I’ve got a pretty good idea of what Manning would have done and depending upon ones subjective definitions of professional and maturity, his actions and words would have been, at the very least, socially acceptable and somehow endearingly cliche. Don’t get me wrong, if I were going to give an example of how I’d like to see a young man or woman act in defeat, Payton Manning may have no equal. But I’m not going to compare the two respective quarterbacks because to do so does a disservice to both. I don’t find it necessary to compel Can Newton to reveal his now obviously emotional reaction to the most important game of his professional career, when it’s just as obvious he came up short. If anyone was expecting a catharsis, I think you missed it in the most honest reaction Cam Newton could have had. But that’s just me.

  104. He doesn’t have daddy to bail him out on this one, Spoiled rich kid that throws a fit when he looses and acts like a dope when he wins.
    His teammates will get sick of this.

  105. So this was his Belichick moment. Didn’t make enough palys, true, other team played better, also true.

    But don’t sit there like a 21 y/o who just got sent to the office. Again, style & class all mixed up.

    On the other hand, from the first play, he looked like a QB who had been told before kickoff that this was Peyton’s game so don’t bother trying too hard. Considering a few of the calls, not so sure this isn’t the case. Cotchery caught that ball. If you disagree hand over your football card and go home. You don’t have a clue.

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