Seahawks confirm Marshawn’s retirement message

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A year ago, the post-Super Bowl chatter was dominated by talk regarding the decision of the Seahawks to throw the ball and not give it to Marshawn Lynch with the game on the line. This year, Lynch is still relevant, for different reasons.

He posted a tweet in the fourth quarter suggesting strongly that he’s retiring. To help remove doubt, cornerback Richard Sherman added this on Twitter: “Salute to my guy @MoneyLynch . . . It was an honor sharing the field with you.”

The folks at Skittles also chimed in with this: “Three words. Lifetime. Skittles. Pension.”

Lynch technically owes the Seahawks $5 million if he retires — unless the Seahawks agreed last year when signing him to a new deal or since then that he gets to keep the money if he walks away after one season.

If truly done, Lynch finishes at No. 36 on the all-time rushing list, with 9,112 career yards.

UPDATE 12:29 a.m. ET 2/8/16: Russell Wilson has confirmed it, too. And the Seahawks retweeted Wilson’s message.

UPDATE 12:48 a.m. ET 2/8/16: And now owner Paul Allen has confirmed it.

43 responses to “Seahawks confirm Marshawn’s retirement message

  1. Oakland will pull him out of retirement.
    Regardless, if true, an one of the best players in Seattle all time, singlehandedly putting the offense in his back the better part of last 6 years. Epic runs,epic power, which gets overshadowed by his distaste for medias confrontation.

    Even with the defense, Seattle doesn’t get to where they were without Lynch, and even just the threat of Lynch, making plays and keeping defneses honest. Regular season, helped the team get wins which gave them home file advantage, and the continued in the playoffs with huge games. In that sense,under appreciated,because it let Wilson in his first couple years,have that guy behind him as a threat.

  2. @ stampnhawk

    You said “singlehandedly putting the offense on his back the better part of the las 6 years”…


    6 seasons ago for the Seahawks, he played in 12 games, ran for 573 yards and rushed for an average of 3.5 yards per rush.

    That isn’t “singlehandedly putting the offense on his back”.

    This past season, he played in 7 games for them and ran for a total of 417 yards and rushed for 3.8 yards per rush.

    Again, that is NOT putting the offense on his back and carrying it “singlehandedly”.

    Now, the 4 seasons in between those, yes he pretty much did.

    So, for 4 season he did, not the better part of 6 seasons.

    Unless you’re a politician, the truth matters…

  3. Selfish punks trying to steal the spotlight. On the other hand, Peyton exuded class by avoiding the subject so as not to be THE story. Clearly there’s a difference in the quality of upbringing of those involved

  4. leaving sooner rather than later is the right decision for any RB, especially one with his running style.

  5. Thank you always and forever for beastquake! HOLD MY D! You brought style and fury to a Seattle team that used it to become the bully of the nfc. You led by example and the entire team followed. Was a fun ride for sure dog, but Russell has this now. It is in good hands.

  6. Sports fan

    Sure, not this year. But with no name recievers and either an all but done Hasselbeck, then a season of TJack and Clipboard Jesus, then a rookie in Wilson, Lynch was the focal point of that offense, stats aside, giving it momentum if nothing else with a big run or power run. That alone allowed whoever the QB was to not feel the need to do it all himself,with the comfort of a game hanger behind him. So stats wise, no,but anyone who has followed Seattle football through the early 2010’s knows that he’s been the guy thats always been there on offense,which is what I mean by carrying the team.

    Wilson took that mantle over when Lynch was hurt this year.

  7. For all of you indicting him for posting during the aftermath of the Super Bowl…did you ever think that he did it so that this story would get buried in all the hoopla? He doesn’t want the spotlight. I’m sure he’d be glad if there were no stories about it at all. We loved him as a Seahawk and wish him well!

  8. I enjoyed his overall contribution to the Seahawks’ being relevant the passed 6 years and am really sorry that he is retiring. I do understand that with the Cap and Rawls coming on that he knew his position on the team was tenuous, at best.

    Marshawn, it is well documented, has contemplated retirement for a few years. His announcement now that the season is officially over means he is giving the team as big a head start as possible in their planning for next season. Appreciate that and thank you for all you have done Marshawn.

    You will be missed.

  9. randygnyc says:
    Feb 8, 2016 12:45 AM

    Selfish punks trying to steal the spotlight.


    Yeah because a retirement tweet is really going to steal the spotlight from a game that’s being watched worldwide. I mean when we casually found out at the Superbowl party due to our wonderful smart phones we completely changed the channel to view his retirement press conference and didn’t continue to watch the game at all.

  10. And the 2016 winner of the “A-Rod Makes His Announcement at Just the Wrong Moment Award” is….

  11. Saying the timing is selfish is bs. He did it at a time when he got the least attention. Had he waited two weeks the entire group of NFL writers would be talking about him.

  12. I love the people are bashing him for announcing his retirement during the superbowl IN A TWEET. This is Marshawn Lynch…you know the guy that hates media and being asked questions so he announced his retirement when the least amount of people would be around to ask him about it. He literally found the only way he could announce it where he wouldn’t be mobbed with reporters. Did you not see what was surrounding Peyton Manning after that game ended?

  13. Nice of Least Mode to tweet this out during the Super Bowl in a futile attempt to get people to remember he was still in the league in the first place. Maybe he can give Scam Newton some interview tips in his free time now.

  14. First off, yeah, real classy to do it right in the middle of the biggest game of the year, although it provided some relief given how crappy the whole game was.

    Second, I can understand why he took to Twitter to announce it, especially if you consider that what he speaks is anything but English.

  15. he is far too flaky to become part of the network crew with Peyton so I guess its off to an island where he can kick back and toke his weed the rest of his life.

  16. Class act for tweeting this during the Super Bowl. God forbid the focus not be on you. Great player but comes off as completely selfish.
    Won’t say a word but manages to stay in the press with timing. Can’t be in the Superbowl but tried to be about it.

  17. Pretty good career. Probably not enough years/yards to qualify for HOF, but a lot of memorable moments and big contributions to the success of the team.

    Well done, Beast.

  18. Can’t tell you how happy this makes me… can’t barely understand two words the man says when he talks…

    He isn’t all that… look at his numbers… he’s serviceable and he had a couple good years so lets not get carried away acting like he’s the greatest… he’s nowhere close to the neighborhood of Smith, Sanders, Payton or Riggins…

  19. The only seahawk player I respect, glad to see him be able to walk away from the game relatively healthy.

    As for those calling him classless, maybe he was trying to slip out, with all the coverage on the superbowl, without being noticed.

  20. To everyone that has called him a classless punk here, how many of you didn’t know about his tweet until after the game and you came to this site? Did it really take anything away from the game?

  21. IF he was trying to slip out unnoticed…why tweet anything?

    Call the front office and tell them, then go about your business.

  22. Apparently he’s saved his $49.7 million he’s made on the field, so yeah I’d retire too. So if he’s done that already, I’m sure he’ll continue being financially smart. Too bad he didn’t get that ring he should’ve gotten last year

  23. For everyone saying that he was trying to take the spotlight away from the Broncos, did you ever think that he announced his retirement in the middle of the game because he knew the attention would be focused elsewhere? Or are you all just that stupid?

  24. Thanks for the memories, Marshawn! Hawks fans will never forget your contributions to the team and our first SB win. Loved watching you play… and how you fired up the team when you went Beastmode! Beast Quake #1 is still one of the best runs of all time. Wish you all the best in retirement. Come back and raise the 12th man flag next year during the playoffs.

  25. For the idiots claiming that Marshawn was trying to steal the spotlight, you fail to recognize the Super Bowl was played in his backyard.

    If he wanted to steal the spotlight, all he had to do was show up at the Super Bowl and announce it right on national TV.

    Instead he posted an ambiguous picture of some cleats hanging from a wire in the most subtle retirement announcement in the history of professional sports and he chose to do it when he thought it would be unnoticed since everyone was watching the game.

  26. Hilarious that anyone thinks this man doesn’t like the spotlight!!!! He is a marketing genius. What better way to get the spotlight then by pretending you don’t want to be in it. He was the talk of every sport station when his team did well. He knew damn well what he was doing so don’t be fooled!!!

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