Adam Vinatieri wants to kick at least a couple more years

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Adam Vinatieri recently finished his 20th season in the NFL and he’s not planning on stopping any time soon.

Vinatieri said during a visit with Mike Florio on PFT Live from Radio Row in San Francisco last week that he didn’t want to put a timetable on how much longer he’ll remain in the NFL, but it looks like he’s looking for at least two more seasons.

“Not only a season, but Lord willing, a couple of years,” Vinatieri said, via the Indianapolis Star. “There will come a time when it’s over for me. I don’t think that time is yet. I enjoy playing. I enjoy doing my thing.”

On PFT Live, Vinatieri said that he only wanted to keep playing if he’s going to be helping his team win games. Vinatieri was 25-of-27 on field goals in 2015 and hit 32-of-35 extra points.

He did admit to having an eye on Morten Andersen’s record for points in the NFL, however, and the fact that he’s 291 points away from tying the mark doesn’t seem to hurt his motivation to continue kicking. He’s set to be a free agent, although the Colts have made it clear they want Vinatieri back.

13 responses to “Adam Vinatieri wants to kick at least a couple more years

  1. Man this is a great kicker. If that team from boston had a kicker that good they might have made the big game this year but looks like a lil karma caught up with the asterisks from new england.

  2. ….as long as he stays with the Colts , he’s gold. 8 games in the dome….1 game in the Texans dome… plus at least 1 or 2 more games in other teams dome. It will be fun to see if he can beat Morton’s record.

  3. Best kicker in the league to this day. We miss him greatly. Although Gostkowski is amazing too.

    -Patriots Fan-

  4. He averages 111 points a season. If he can hang in there for two and a half more years, he’s got a shot at the record.

  5. We – love – Vinny.

    On the day he’s not ready to go, however, punter Pat McAfee will fill in. He has great range, and holds a Guinness World Record for Longest Field Goal While Blindfolded.

  6. One of the things I always loved about Vinatieri when he was with the Pats is he’s not just a kicker, he’s a football player.

    There were quite a few times a kick returner broke through and Adam laid great tackles on them. He stopped another team’s special teams from getting a kick return TD at least once or twice a year.

  7. QUOTE:
    coreycroom says:
    Feb 9, 2016 2:49 PM
    Adam Vinatieri is a great kicker and a national treasure. Plus his great-great-grandfather was General George Custer.

    – A different Patriots fan

    No, his great-great-grandfather was the bandmaster for Custer.

  8. Who could forget those TWO magical kicks he made in a driving blizzard.
    The guy was money on the biggest stage…perhaps the greatest kicker of all time

    NFL Legend

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