Rivera to shorten Panthers’ offseason program


As a team that got to the Super Bowl this year tries to get back next year, one of the biggest impediments to playing into February comes from the fact that the team has just played into February.

The fatigue can take a toll on a team, and Panthers coach Ron Rivera already is thinking about how to manage the extra effort expended in 2015 as 2016 approaches. Specifically, he’ll be delaying the start of the offseason program in order to ensure that his players get more rest.

“We’ve checked with the league and we’re gonna be able to do some things a little bit differently as far as when we can start,” Rivera told reporters on Tuesday. “We checked with the league, the league checked with the Players Association. Because of finishing as late as we did, we’re going to start a little later. I am going to eliminate a little bit of the time, as far as what the OTAs and the offseason program brings.

“The whole idea is that we’ve had five extra weeks of work, our young guys have gotten five more weeks that they normally wouldn’t have gotten, or may not have gotten. So that I think is important. And, again, the idea right now in talking with the trainers, the docters, the strength and conditioning staff, it’s about rest right now. . . . It does complicate things, but it’s a great problem to have.”

The players, Rivera explained, will have the same amount of time off as they had last year. But the program will still end at the same time as it did last year.

It’s a plan that goes against the approach employed by most NFL coaches, who will take full advantage of every rep and every practice and every opportunity — especially under a CBA that limits contact and practice time.

Coaches want more, not less. Rivera’s decision to choose less could start a new trend, if it ensures that the players have more gas in the tank as the team gets to December and, more importantly, January and, even more importantly, February.

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  1. I never noticed Bill Belichick lengthening the off season after a Superbowl run. Hmmmmm, I wonder why Ron isn’t modeling his team after a winning program. Ahhh, he is going with the Marvin Lewis method of letting the inmates run the asylum.

    Bad move Ron. Let your team get healthy, and take the right time. But don’t start making it easy on them or you will never get back to the big dance.

  2. These guys play a game for a living. They need extra time to be ready to play in 7 – 8 months? Really?

    The panthers need to get to work on getting Cam to learn the pro game. Like all gimmick players, the DCs in the NFL figure it out. Cam’s weakness? Putting it all on him and pressuring him to do it. He can’t right now and falls apart when he tries to do it.

  3. and dont forget that the team and most americans must try to recover from a severe case of “premature edabulation”.. that may not be so easy..

  4. Can has clearly learned the pro game, being called by a number of opponent s as one of the smartest Qbs in the league today. That extremely modified Coryell (I can explain that since you seemingly likely wpupsnt know what it is) Carolina runs is also known to require a huge mental component, and Carolina has effectively run that and then more

    J/w what you see when you look at Can and think that isn’t smart enough to to “learn the position” despite all available evidence to the contrary. Just curious, bro, why don’t you share?

  5. This team has been making steady progress under Rivera. The key positions are filled. Why would he copy any of the 30 coaches or programs that DIDN’T get to the Superbowl?

  6. corkspop says:

    This team has been making steady progress under Rivera. The key positions are filled. Why would he copy any of the 30 coaches or programs that DIDN’T get to the Superbowl?
    Because they lost.

  7. Hey Camera, keep digging! You are only making it worse. LOL!!

    Monkey Puppy Baby > Cam the Sham

  8. I became a fan of Riverboat Ron on how he handles things. Calm but quite serious Demanor.

    Actually this superbowl it was a tough decision for me to route for. Some superbowls I hate both the teams. This year actually, I liked both the teams because of their respective coaches. Kubiak and Ron are class acts. It would be great if these coaches succeed in the years to come. So I watched this superbowl mostly emotionless.

  9. However, one full week will be set aside to practice how to jump away from a fumble and still not look like a wus.

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