Super Bowl 50 first in 22 years without a touchdown pass


The NFL has increasingly become more of a passing league over the last two decades as offensive production has exploded to previously unseen heights.

But Super Bowl 50 featured a rare occurrence when it comes to the NFL’s championship game.

Neither Peyton Manning or Cam Newton completed a touchdown pass in the Denver Broncos 24-10 victory over the Carolina Panthers on Sunday night. It’s just the first time in 22 years – and fourth time in history – that the Super Bowl didn’t feature a touchdown pass.

Super Bowl XXVIII between the Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills was the last Super Bowl without a passing touchdown. Emmitt Smith ran for two touchdowns in the Cowboys 30-13 win over the Bills.

Super Bowl VIII between the Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings and Super Bowl III between the New York Jets and Baltimore Colts are the only other Super Bowls that didn’t feature a touchdown pass. The Dolphins beat the Vikings 24-7 behind two Larry Csonka rushing touchdowns. Matt Snell of the Jets and Jerry Hill of the Colts each found the end zone on the ground in the Jets’ 16-7 victory.

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  1. The league got what they wanted when they promoted Manning to The Stupor Bowl. I can’t remember a worse game. Denver was 1/14 on 3rd downs. Manning went 4/6 on the first drive, and completed only 8 more passes the rest of the game. It was a pro Broncos crowd. Loud when Carolina was on offense. On a neutral field I’m not sure Denver beats ANY of it’s playoff foes.

  2. The Goodell-bot will not like this. His quest to turn the game into basketball will not be defeated.

    Expect rule changes & re-emphasis of rules against pass defense.

  3. The game was like watching paint dry. People were trying to convince me that they enjoyed it because it had a lot of defense but it was horrible. If it really was the most watched game in history then I guess there is not much going on in the world.

  4. That’s why I think it’s so hysterically funny that people actually think this game was “rigged”. If it was “rigged”, there would have been a million PI calls on passes Manning threw, however short they were just to get him a chance at a TD. But there weren’t. This was just a hard fought, defensive game. Period.

  5. The worst Superbowl in history. shut it off in the 1st quarter when Blakeman and the replay guy took away the Panthers catch.
    Knew the fix was in and wasn’t going to waste a minute watching.

  6. Except for the to teams fans in the SB it was really lackluster in all ways. No big plays, to many flags and reviews, to many turnovers which was the best thing in the game. Only part getting a lot of attention is half time and post game fiasco and Eli looks in the box with family. A lot of hype for the 50th and was a let down as games go.

  7. crackillsdumb says:
    Feb 10, 2016 1:19 AM

    … an overrated Offence vs great D and a bellow average offense vs a good D = makes for a ‘meh’ superbowl
    Sounds like Super Bowl 35..except the below average offense managed to score touchdowns (Ravens)

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