Charles Woodson lands in Keyshawn’s seat at ESPN


When word emerged that ESPN would part ways with Keyshawn Johnson after nine years with Sunday NFL Countdown, it was believed they already knew who would take his place. And Charles Woodson was believed to be on the short list.

He was. And he’s now on the even shorter list. Woodson has the job, according to Jason McIntyre of

The 1997 Heisman winner (beating out the likes of Peyton Manning and Randy Moss), Woodson retired last month after 18 NFL seasons with the Raiders, Packers, and Raiders again.

Per McIntyre, Woodson will join the current cast of Chris Berman, Tom Jackson, Mike Ditka, and Cris Carter. However, many in the industry expect the lineup to last only one year, with even more changes coming in 2017 as the network tries to unload bloated salaries and simultaneously skew younger.

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  1. I’m sure that C-Wood will excel as much at his broadcast position as he did as a HOF player. I am a bit surprised that it’s ESPN he’s going to be working for because ESPN is notorious for employing people who dislike/hate the Raiders (Tom Jackson being a prime example).

  2. “as the network tries to unload bloated salaries and skew younger”….That’s easy, get rid of Berman. His shtick wore out a long time ago, now he’s just embarrassing himself. Painful to watch.

  3. GREAT choice!

    ~ Tennessee Titans Fan (who might’ve been the only guy in Nashville who thought Woodson deserved the Heisman more than Manning.)

  4. Key was an essential player. Don’t think Woodson has the same charm and charisma required for viewers to tune in every Sunday.

    Hope to see you on NFL Network, Key.

  5. “You’re next Tom Jackson”

    Maybe its just my nostalgic fondness for the defunct “NFL Primetime” show that ESPN use to air on Sunday nights, but I enjoy Tom Jackson more than the others.

  6. araidersfan says:
    Feb 12, 2016 4:22 PM

    I’m sure that C-Wood will excel as much at his broadcast position as he did as a HOF player. I am a bit surprised that it’s ESPN he’s going to be working for because ESPN is notorious for employing people who dislike/hate the Raiders (Tom Jackson being a prime example).


    Tom Jackson hates a lot of people.

  7. I don’t know what is worst, NFL Countdown on ESPN or Gameday Morning in NFL Network, both Networks are full of obnoxious and loud “analysts”.

  8. Chris Berman-still using the same schtick he used in the 80’s.

    Tom Jackson-Notoriously biased against certain teams.

    Mike Ditka-either looks half asleep or can’t understand a word he babbles

    Chris Carter-arrogant know it all who thinks he’s the greatest WR of all time.

    Charles Woodson hasn’t even been on set yet and he might already be the best of that group.

  9. How can Keyshawn be the only one let go on that list? Let me know when Berman, Ditka and Carter are also let go then Jackson in 2017…..the only reason why I might put them on is because the networks don’t start until noon so the only comp is NFL network which is just as unwatchable….

  10. Other than when there’s a game on are there any adults watching bspn anymore? Woodson could flat out ball and was a joy to watch on the field but being on bspn is the equivalent of going into the witness protection program as far as being seen by any serious fans goes

  11. I hope this is the beginning of a trend. It is definitely time to change up a few of these network lineups. Some of these guys are just too old (Ditka and maybe Berman) or haven’t said anything intelligent in a few years (Cris Carter, Deion, Michael Irvin). I haven’t watched the pregame shows in a while because of the bad combinations. Perhaps this is the first step towards more intelligent broadcasting.

  12. I am glad they cut the WR population on that panel in half. There was a little too much diva on the set for my liking.

    But either way, you know they want a QB on the panel, and probably a coach with more recent NFL experience. The other NFL shows they have on the air appear to be smarter, more insightful, and more connected to what is actually happening. They need to be experts, not casual observers, which is what all of them have become. Occasionally they stumble across a relevant and interesting story, but the rest are sideshow attractions at this point. ESPN should have learned their lesson with Dennis Miller, Tony Kornheiser, and Gruden. Sideshows get old when you see them a couple of times

  13. 9 years was way to long….all the other guys are stale to…no one should have to listen to the same guys talk football on tv for more than 2 years imo…

  14. The amazing thing is that those two former players entered the NFL only one year apart; Johnson in 1996 and Woodson in ’97.
    That’s how long Woodson’s career has spanned.

  15. logicalvoicepft says:

    He’s a good man and was the 2nd best CB of his generation behind Fred Smoot. Congrats Charles!

    Looks like logicalvoicepft went for a ride on Fred Smoot’s boat.

    “The Love Boat soon will be making another run
    The Love Boat promises something for everyone
    Set a course for adventure,
    Your mind on a new romance.”

  16. I think Charles is a good guy, but I’ll see him on air before I decide.

    Nearly halfway through the season he said on CBS that the Jets defense was better than the Broncos defense. That definitely turned about to be wrong, and I can’t help but think it was due to his bias. Even Bart Scott said it hands down the Broncos.

    Ah, what am I saying? I don’t even watch ESPN.

  17. Keyshawn was actually pretty good and he’s smart, I think he’s much better than Cris Carter. The guy that really has been just taking up space for the better part of 2 decades is Tom Jackson. He is flat out awful and the only reason he’s held that great gig for so long was that he got in on it waaay back in the day and is basically just grandfathered in at this point.

  18. Too bad. I can’t watch BSPN NFL coverage. Chris Berman, Chris Carter, Tom Jackson, Ray Lewis and Trent Dilfer keep me away. At least they finally got rid of Keyshawn. That place needs to be wiped clean. Congrats Woodson, maybe your the beginning of a major shakeup!!

  19. Beware, Woodson. Everyone making positive comments now will soon be bashing you simply for working for ESPN.

  20. Ideal Sunday morning NFL set: Scott Hanson (the redzone guy) as anchor, with Kurt Warner, Michael Irvin, Charles Woodson and Brian Baldinger (or Solomon Wilcotts).

  21. I find myself bouncing back and forth between ESPN and NFL Network Sunday mornings: I’ve determined that the threshold at which I am forced to howl “What a load of pedantic, self-serving, sycophantic horsecrap!” at the screen loud enough to scare the cat ranges between 12 and 15 minutes of either broadcast. It’s how I get my heartrate all up and aerobicky.

  22. I know I may get dislikes for this but from watching first take the other day with T.O. And ochocinco and I believe they should have a show together on much rather watch them two than Michael Smith and Jamele Hill show

  23. So was their an equal opportunity for a white person to receive an interview? Isn’t it against the law to not advertise the job for other applicants to apply? Why is it if a black person is the one a company wants to hire before an interview process begins, they don’t have to interview white candidates and the black candidate can get the job immediately, same with blacks hired into the NFL , no rooney rule for whites there. Nothing surprising though

  24. Espn should cut 3/4 of the people on tv covering the nfl on Sunday and Monday. I don’t mind Berman so much but Carter, Jackson, Young, Kolber, Lewis, and the incessant “sideline reports” can all go away forever as far as I’m concerned. I hope Woodson does well and ends up at an organization that isnt so ridiculously biased in their coverage

  25. Like many of the commenters, I havent watched ESPN since the early 2000s either. The panel has been for the most part terrible. But I am happy to see a member of the silver and black represent. And Im sure Woodson will continue his charitable work as he has throughout his career. If Im not mistaken, he once donated $2 million to charity. Not too many players can claim that.

  26. Great! Next move, can they hire a pair of Labrador Retrievers to replace Steven A. and Skip? I promise the analysis will be more rewarding.

    I might remember which channel ESPN is too!

  27. this is great news.
    bad news, however, is that we have 7 more months to suffer through before we see NFL Countdown 😦

  28. Berman and TJ are NOT the problem there. For old school fans who used to watch the Sunday morning show with them and Pete Axthelm in the 1980s, that was the golden age of ESPN. ESPN lost me back around 1990, but NOT because of Berman and TJ; it was when ESPN began presenting itself as “hip” and for dumb college boys with their hats on backwards that I turned it off.

  29. I never watch NFL Countdown any more. I get more enjoyment watching ESPN’s fantasy show because they focus on the games. Between Carter, Johnson, Ditka and Berman I never know what the hell is going on. Too many people saying nothing at the same time.

  30. Article quote: “However, many in the industry expect the lineup to last only one year, with even more changes coming in 2017 as the network tries to unload bloated salaries and simultaneously skew younger.”

    What are the odds this channel ever cuts there cable costs to the consumer?

  31. realtruthteller100 says:
    Feb 12, 2016 5:56 PM
    both should be payed less then TEBOW, about 60% if u ask me

    blammo that constitutes 102 mph chin high comdeic brush back pitch

  32. It’s yet to be determined how Cwood will do on tv. But the time has been long over due for Tom Jackson to be jettisoned. I would say Berman is close as well, but Tom is terrible and adds nothing to the show.

  33. Ability paired with preparation made Charles so amazing.

    That combination will serve him well in his new career.

    Looking forward to tuning in!

    Thank you, Charles, again, for your years in Green Bay.

  34. jfinn5 says:
    Feb 12, 2016 8:39 PM

    Wish he would replace the fall guy. Chris Carter.
    I couldn’t agree more. I’m happy for Woodson,but next to go should be Ditka. Between not being able to finish a sentence,falling asleep,and flatulence (just to name a few),he has no business being on that panel. Some of the ESPN “talent” is a downright embarassment. I can’t believe Suzy Kolber and Steve Young have to sit on Monday night countdown with Ray Lewis. They know their stuff,and they put them out there with that incoherent fool every week. I don’t know why they stay. Does they actually like the guy? Dilfer is just a fraud.

  35. I think most rubes just have these pregame shows on in the background while waiting for their games to start. Tuning in minimally. Or maybe it’s just me…

  36. I hope Keyshawn can lose that weight he put on. This was the reason he was canned. If you want to be in front of the camera then you must be in shape as a former football player. He really looked fat in the face. Seek help Keyshawn and I hope for a speedy recovery.

  37. I actually started to like Keyshawn a few years ago. I think Wood will do a great job. Get rid of Berman. He’s annoying and needs to stop and take a breath more often. I like Tommy and even though Cris was a Viking I like him as well. Ditka is great for old-school stuff.

    Didn’t Keyshawn start “C’mon, Man”?

  38. logicalvoicepft says:
    Feb 12, 2016 4:18 PM
    He’s a good man and was the 2nd best CB of his generation behind Fred Smoot. Congrats Charles!
    I know that you’re trolling but you could have chosen Champ Bailey…and you call yourself a Redskins fan…

  39. Berman, Ditka, Jackson, and Carter. WOW. I haven’t watched ESPN in years, now I remember why. My finger automatically hits “change channel”. Unbelievable these guys still have careers on a major network. C-Wood will by far be better immediately. Shame, he’s so much better than that. Hope they don’t dumb him down

  40. I really dont understand people who have negative things to say about Tom Jackson.

    I love Tom Jackson! And I am a Chargers fan!

    He is the most intelligent voice on that broadcast. If there is a hot topic of the moment, I stop what I am doing to listen to what Tom Jackson has to say about it.

    TJ is always understated and well thought out, whenever he leaves this iconic set I will be sad. It will be the end of an era that has defined my Sunday mornings for a long, long time.

    Key, like Ray Lewis, is/was laughably terrible for multiple reasons. Key didn’t deserve to sit next to TJ.

  41. Get rid of Trent Dilfer too…one might think he was good the way he talks…and does he TALK….he never ahuts up!

  42. I stopped watching these shows because they think they need to be comedy teams and secondly because they are always gushing about someone. This type of coverage made me not like players they were slobbering over who by all rights I should have rooted for.

  43. There is no real analysis on any of these shows…just a bunch of ex jocks who have lots of trouble putting sentences together.Try watching the NFL Network for more than 10 minutes..i dare you!

  44. I also saw Chris Berman doing play by play with his voice sounding dry and weak instead of deep and powerful like the old days. Kind of like Paul McCartney sounding feeble and old…time to hang it up guys. It was a good run, but kicking back and WATCHing the shows is more suited to you these days.

  45. I’d actually love to see Berman gone from the draft so that we won’t hear him giving away the pick before it’s announced. How frickin annoying, self-serving, grrrrrrr…..

  46. araidersfan says:
    Feb 12, 2016 4:22 PM

    I’m sure that C-Wood will excel as much at his broadcast position as he did as a HOF player. I am a bit surprised that it’s ESPN he’s going to be working for because ESPN is notorious for employing people who dislike/hate the Raiders (Tom Jackson being a prime example).


    Tom Jackson hates a lot of people.

    Tom Jackson admits to hating the Raiders…it’s been a long time since you played Tom so grow up and be a professional

  47. Berman can’t talk anymore without losing his breath the fat beast. Berman’s long hair in the back makes him look like he is wearing Darth Vader’s helmet. Get off the air.

  48. I don’t know what executive told Chris Carter he was an analyst but it was probably the same one who told Trent Dilfer, Ray Lewis, Jamel Hill, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless that they were too. Pitiful excuses for talent.

  49. want me back watching espn, Ax berman,carter hill,johnson,ditka, lewis,bayless etc, then stop putting unflatering clothing on some females on air..

    then Ill be back..

  50. You should have seen Tom Jackson family in the golf cart leaving the HOF, One lady was yelling at people to get out of their way as if all should yell hail to the chief. Was fun to see .

  51. Sounds like no one watches a pregame show; guess everybody’s watchin some Joel Osteen. What’s better? Get some more Skip Bayless and Stephen A on Sundays? They all tell us everything we already know and crack lame ars jokes, that’s it.

    That said..Edge to the NFL Network for Prime and Irv. Point Deduction to the E for hiring the murderer.

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