Earl Campbell thinks he could help Johnny Manziel

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Although the Browns have given up on Johnny Manziel, there are still plenty of people willing to give him a helping hand. If he’ll take it.

The latest is Earl Campbell, who like Manziel is from Texas and a Heisman Trophy winner, and who thinks maybe Manziel would listen to his perspective.

We gotta get him some help,” Campbell told ESPN. “I know everybody says that, but if you’ve never been there, how can you listen to someone? I think some former Heisman winners like myself, some Hall of Famers that have done it all, he should sit down and listen to what we have to say because we’ve been through it all.”

Campbell says Manziel’s problems are serious, but he’s still young enough to turn his life around.

“I’m like everybody else that lives in Texas,” Campbell said. “I’m disappointed, I’m upset a little bit. But I think at some point, you have to say everybody was that age at one time and we have to get back to what’s important. . . . I would tell him that I used to be 23 years old. At one point I had Texas in the palm of my hand as far as an athlete. At a very young age, my mother said it’s not so important what you do now, it’s what you do over your lifetime. Johnny’s gonna be just like me eventually. He’s going to sit down and have a chance to sit down and talk to people. Is he going to be remembered for [his problems] or is he going to be remembered for a guy that did like Von Miller. Got up off the carpet and did something about it.”

Campbell’s offer is kind, but Manziel’s problem hasn’t been a lack of people offering to help. Manziel’s problem has been a lack of interest in getting help. All the offers in the world won’t matter if Manziel won’t listen.

63 responses to “Earl Campbell thinks he could help Johnny Manziel

  1. The only one who knows if Johnny needs help is Johnny. Therefore, the only one who can help Johhny is Johnny. For Gods sake EVERYONE, let him figure it out. Trust me, I’ve been there!

  2. My favorite player of all time, and I’m a Cowboys fan. Greatest running back of all time. One of the greatest men off the field. If you won’t listen to Earl freaking Campbell then you’re just a lost cause.

  3. What would really help Manziel play QB in the NFL would be to hand the ball off to the Earl Campbell from 1978-1980; a lot of current QB’s would find that playing the position is easier when you can do this. Great player.

  4. The biggest problem I have with Johnny is his friends. Surely they see what he is about to lose, and will still jet off to Vegas with him, or hammer back a few with him at a local bar. Of course, nobody has a camera these days to snap a photo or video.

  5. Lifelong Vikings fan here and Earl Campbell is still in my top 3 all time players. He was the original Beastmode! But Earl do yourself a favor and steer clear of this train wreck. I wish Manziel all the best and hope he gets the help he needs, but this is way, way above your pay grade. He needs a team of professionals to sort out what is going on in that noggin’ of his, not a HOF running backs advice.

  6. At this point it’s about finding a way to keep Johnny out of prison and/or the grave. Football is over unless he wants to play in Canada or arenas or something, which until he matures, aren’t big-time enough for him.

  7. The only way to help this turd is to flush him down the toilet and forget about him. The sooner we stop talking about him, the sooner this nonsense goes away. He was a great college athlete, a below average professional. Time to move on….

    Browns Fans

  8. I don’t think Johnny’s problems stem from a lack of smart people trying to provide help. He needs to want to change his actions and lifestyle for himself before anyone on the outside can help him.

  9. The Browns offered this clown plenty of help and opportunities to get help. I’m sure if he ever called anyone from the Browns, or showed up in Berea, the Browns wouldn’t slam the door in his face. He’ll never play in Cleveland again, but the first sentence of this article is ridiculously misleading. The Browns made every effort to help Manziel. Are Michael smith and Michael Irvin the same moron? Seems likely.

  10. Although these are words of wisdom from Campbell…Manziel is a punk, and he needs his ar$e kicked more than he needs advice…

  11. While I want to feel sympathy for Manziel because of his addiction, I have to keep reminding myself there’s a another person who is the real victim in this case: Colleen Crowley.

  12. Boo Hoo Manziel! How about we help some guy going to work everyday making $10.00 a hour taking care of a wife and a couple of kids or your elderly neighbor who could use a hand or etc. etc. not some spoiled rich kid drinking $1000.00 bottles of champagne acting like a jackass.

  13. Earl must have had one too many concussions if he thinks he can make a difference with a pathetic fool like Manziel.

  14. Earl must have had one too many concussions if he thinks he can make a difference with a pathetic fool like Manziel.

  15. Good maybe he could sit down with McCoy and teach him how not to spend 20 million on a bottle of champagne

  16. Why do these guys give a crap about “Big John Football”? The dude has shown absolutely no redeeming qualities from his lack of maturity to his lack of football abilities. People seem to shoving each other out of the way to try to get a piece of sCam 2.0 (minus the freakish abilities). The dude’s been in tue NFL for 2 years now and just doesn’t get it. Please just squash this and move on. Big John Afluenza needs to get out of my internet already.

  17. Two things I’m sick of hearing about right now.

    1. Johnny Manziel

    2. People saying they can help him without actually attempting to do so.

    Someone needs to give these guys a dictionary and point to the word “intervention.” Spouting off in public is only compounding the situation. Set the guy up and confront him face to face, force his hand. If not, everyone shut up and go away.

  18. Besides, having Michael Irvin and Earl Campbell vouch for you isn’t the best thing ever. Irvin is Irvin and Campbell can barely speak fluently anymore. Living in Austin, I see Campbell around in the local news and golf tournaments etc. CTE live and at its’ best.

  19. You cant force an addict to get help, either they want to turn their life around or they want to keep partying. No amount of reasoning or logic will change their minds.

  20. The only difference is Manziel is a spoiled brat who’s been given everything is whole life. He has no idea how to earn anything on his own. He’s beyond help.

  21. With a due respect Mr. Campbell, Manziel doesn’t need your help or anyone else’s football related help. His shelf life has run out. He doesn’t deserve help to revive his career and make millions. He needs medical help and needs it fast.

  22. Manziel doesn’t get that his talent on the football field is the only reason people want to help him. As the talent fades away, people of influence in the football world will not be so graciously offering their help.

  23. Zimmer could help him. I’m not saying I want him on the Vikings, I’m saying Zimmer could help him. Zimmer can do everything. Superbowl homeboys!!!!

  24. So far, Earl Campbell wants to help Johnny. Deion Sanders wants to help Johnny. Michael Irvin thinks Jerrah and dem Ka-Boys can help Johnny. That’s all fine and dandy but I just have one question.

    Does Johnny want to help Johnny? So far all indications seem to point to “no”. He doesn’t care because he just doesn’t get it. He will probably only understand when he finds himself face down in the gutter, just inches away from death. Until he reaches that point, just a step away from the point of no return, it is pointless to try and help a drowning man who seemingly wants to drown.

  25. Ok… Let’s be real. Johnny Manziel makes Tim Tebow look like Tom Brady. The guy stinks. Plus he’s a woman-beating, coke snorting alcoholic.

    His is the spoiled son of some Texas oil douche.

    So with all of the other talented football players in the world, why does anybody care about Johnny Manziel?

  26. Next time some current or former athlete calls a press conference to say they would like to help Johnny Manziel, the first question should be “are you an addiction counselor.” If the answer is “no” then the media should turn off their cameras and mikes and go home.

  27. harrisonhits2 says:

    Earl must have had one too many concussions if he thinks he can make a difference with a pathetic fool like Manziel.

    You should tell that to Earl personally.

  28. wide recievers , running backs, defence players all stepping up to try an help a young drunken addict QB. but who should really step up is an older vetran QB thats ben there
    Joe Namoth , Tommy kramer. but they played drunk and were half way deciant course joe was a showboy”playboy ” also. tommy was just a drunk

  29. rootpain says:
    Feb 14, 2016 9:08 AM
    Nice of you to offer Earl, but your backgrounds are not the same at all and for that reason I don’t think you really know what’s going through Manziel’s head and I don’t think you will be able to help him.
    Manziel grew up rich and spoiled and all he ever needed was attention. He had a financial fallback that protected him. So he never had the fire in his belly that was essential to you. You didn’t have the fallback, you needed football.
    Manziel has access to all the money he will ever need without ever putting on a football uniform again. But that’s not what he needs. He needs recognition. You needed to be rewarded for your skills and effort. So although you may have made some similar mistakes and may be from the similar geographical area, you were/are much more of a man than Manziel ever was. He needs to take these first steps by himself. He needs to grow up and become a man recognizing that he needs help. Once he does that then maybe your experiences may be of some benefit to him.

  30. Johnny did what he could for the league in this day and age. Won a couple of games for mismanaged team that couldn’t punch it’s way out of a paper bag. His is a life of water-sports and nightclubs, now.

    The days of Doug Atkins and Frank Gifford are gone. Those HOFers wouldn’t have been allowed to play in this league. Goodell is too busy converting the game to a marketable, non-violent sport inhabited by choirboys to even stop to spit on their graves.

  31. It’s amazing how many people jump to judgement on this guy without knowing him personally.

    “He who has not sinned can cast the first stone.”

  32. The Browns gave Johnny a fantastic opportunity, offered all kinds of help up to and including rehab, covering for him and, in the end, people losing their jobs over his circus. This is not the Browns’ fault. Earl Campbell might be a great guy for him to talk to, especially when he’s got the least to gain from helping, but first, Johnny’s got to listen. Hope he gets it right

  33. He needs to hit rock bottom before he gets help. Until there is too much pain, financially, physically, emotionally and or legally, he will probably not take any help seriously. He’s got to find bottom first. It is the rare individual that can recognize they need help and then seek it out without the pain. This is why you see so many people going to rehab more than once.
    Jails, institutions and death.
    This is what awaits him until he gets help. He’s already been to rehab, so he can circle institutions. He has had problems with the law and if doesn’t respect the restraining order on him he will be able to circle jails. See the progression? What’s left?
    Show me one successful alcoholic/addict and I can easily show you 10 that are in jail, rehab or in the cemetery.

  34. But can Earl help Camera?

    “Cam Newton releases first public pic of newborn son (not so incidentally named “Chosen”) on Instagram this week bracketed with his MVP Trophy and Offensive Player of the Year Trophy! The baby was merely a prop!!! What kind of man does this?”

    (Jarrett Bell, USA Today Sports, 2/14/16)

  35. #1. We came to believe we are powerless over alcohol, that our lives are unmanageable.
    #2. Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
    #3 Made a decision to turn our lives and our wills over to the care of God.
    These are the only decisions Johnny needs to make. Or continue on the elevator down to his personal bottom.

  36. I think Earl Campbell is right when he says that Johnny is not going to listen to someone who has never “been there”.

    Earl may have been a Texan Heisman like Johnny but was he a money spoiled kid with a raging alcohol and drug problem?

  37. #1. We came to believe we are powerless over alcohol, that our lives are unmanageable.
    #2. Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
    #3 Made a decision to turn our lives and our wills over to the care of God.
    These are the only decisions Johnny needs to make. Or continue on the elevator down to his personal bottom.
    Remember Johnny, you don’t have to take the elevator to the bottom. You can get off at any floor and stop the madness.
    Good luck and God speed.

  38. Manziel is like a Lindsay Lohan a child star gone bad. Maybe the people who should be helping him are guys like Corey Feldman or Todd Bridges who had too much fame too early and melted down.

  39. Only neat can help him is Johnny boy himself. And his priority it a party and a good time. Forget about saving him, not worth the effort.

  40. I still think Johnny is sabotaging his own career to
    play in Dallas. If he does he is a bigger punk than I thought!
    If he isn’t, he is just channeling Ken Stabler, back then the whole coaching staff would join him at the bar.
    A 12 pack of Hamms and pack of Lucky Strike red’s.

  41. Johnny Manzeil will not accept or ask fpor help until the money is either cut off or runs out and he is out on the street and has hit bottom. By then it will probably be too late. You can book that.

  42. I’m just so comforted to see that there are so many over qualified basement dwellers willing to offer their two cents. I’m not sure how I would have been able to sleep tonight without the petty witisizims.

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