Hue Jackson wants to hear any advice Jim Brown has to offer

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Even though they disagree on one pretty salient point, new Browns coach Hue Jackson said he’d be wise to heed the counsel of Browns Hall of Famer Jim Brown.

Brown has been a special advisor to the team since 2013, and Jackson said he wants to tap into his wisdom as he acclimates to his new gig.

“I’m looking forward to finding out as many things as Jim Brown knows that can help our football team be the best that it can be,” Jackson told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “We’re talking about a guy that did it as well as anybody ever, so it would be really smart on my part to sit and talk to him and have him tell me the things that he sees and that he’s felt.

“I think I’ll get to know him even better as I go through this process of being the head coach in Cleveland,” said Jackson. “Obviously he’s a sensational person, humanitarian, and football player. There are so many things to describe to Jim Brown.”

Of course, one of those things would be “Johnny Manziel supporter,” something Jackson apparently is not.

Brown said he didn’t want to see Manziel “traded or anything like that,” but the team’s hand-washing statement following Manziel’s latest brush with the law effectively took care of that.

But beyond the fate of Manziel, it is worthwhile for Jackson to keep Brown in the loop, if only to remind a new generation of Browns that it is possible to win football games in Cleveland.

21 responses to “Hue Jackson wants to hear any advice Jim Brown has to offer

  1. The Obligatory offer to the Jim Brown alter. Jim Brown has held de facto Godfather status over the Browns for way too long. The man was arguably the greatest running back ever, but that was 50 years ago and the Browns need to listen to experts in the modern game, not the dinosaur hanging around the neck of practically every head coach that franchise has ever had. Jim Brown knows every media contact in his city and they’ve all made good money for each other for long enough. If I am the head coach of the Browns, I hang up when Grandpa calls and give him props ceremonially on the holidays / team celebrations / anniversaries only.

  2. I believe it is the logical fallacy of appeal to authority to assume that a great football player necessary has anything to say worth listening to.

  3. It must suck to be the Browns coach. You have to lick Jim Brown’s boots even though he’s never proven himself to be a football genius.

  4. Just seek Jim Brown’s advice, do what you think is best anyway and thank him afterward.

    That is just smart and you never know if Brown could be right once or twice. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  5. Hue Jackson sounds like a smart man. If I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to the great Jim Brown, I’d do it too. Even if it wouldn’t help your football team, it would be something you’d remember for the rest of your life. You’d gain something positive, even if it only helped yourself. There aren’t that many great, great men, such as the great one. Why do you think they call him the great one? I could talk to Jim Brown for hours, and the subject of football might not even come up.

  6. Lol good idea? Jim Brown has always said every RB is garbage that’s not named Jim Brown. Guy is an idiot.

  7. Hue Jackson and the Peter Principle know each other well. Jackson is a good OC, but over his head as a head coach. Of course, the Browns are relieved that Jackson was willing to sign on with them, but I give him max two seasons before he is shown the door. Jackson is a one- dimensional coach who is ineffective on the D side of the ball.

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