Stephen Ross: Dolphins’ bullying scandal was “a product of racism”


Dolphins owner Stephen Ross says racism was the root cause of the team’s infamous bullying case.

Ross said in a speech to the Palm Beach Civic Association that he views racism as the underlying issue that caused the bullying of Jonathan Martin, who left the team because of the way he was treated.

“This bullying incident was really a product of racism,” Ross said, via the Palm Beach Post.

The Post article refers to the matter as the “Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin” saga, although it doesn’t specifically say that Ross called Incognito racist. Incognito is white and Martin is black.

Incognito was not the only player accused of bullying Martin. Offensive linemen John Jerry and Mike Pouncey were also named in the Ted Wells report of the bullying case. Both Jerry and Pouncey are black.

After the bullying scandal, Ross launched The Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality, an organization that seeks to improve race relations.

124 responses to “Stephen Ross: Dolphins’ bullying scandal was “a product of racism”

  1. Everything seems to be a product of racism these days. You can’t even go out to eat without people mentioning it. You want brown rice or white rice, white mild or chocolate. When will it all end?

  2. i’m sick of accusations of racism.most of the members of the bullying scandal were black, and bullied a black man. Yet a white guy has to take the FULL blame. I feel like I’m on a CNN Web page! Stephen Ross might as well have on a BLM shirt….while the rest of us care about ALL Lives

  3. LOL!!!

    Look at that picture of richie incognito!!!

    Stupidity just oozes out of his doughy, cliche tattooed body.


  4. 1st time a minority has been called a racist.


    Ha Ha Ha Ha, I guess you haven’t been a reader on this forum for long….

  5. No, it was a case of one player being a talented loud mouth meat head and another being a soft nfl talent deficient daisy. There is a reason why one is in the league and the other isn’t.

    Whats next, Sam isn’t in the league because of racism?

  6. the fact that Stephen Ross said this, proved that Stephen Ross is a product of stupidity.

    move on! we can’t do anything to change our skin colors.

  7. Ross is just hearing of this all now. Forgive him for being a bit behind the times but he’s only the team’s owner. In related news, he heard the Dolphins had went undefeated and wondered if they should do a parade or something.

  8. Actually it seems clear the bullying “scandal” was a product of Roger Goodell’s Nationa Integrity League manufacturing something that was never a real factor in the first place.

    Goodell is VILE

    Goodell and his cronies must go

  9. After reading a lot of what went on, I think it was more of a product of drugs. Even Martin said he needed to quit taking drugs. Plus, Incognito is just plain insane. Look at his history.

  10. “Everything seems to be a product of racism these days. You can’t even go out to eat without people mentioning it. You want brown rice or white rice, white mild or chocolate. When will it all end?”

    It will end when the country gets over the political correctness disease that has so weakened it.

    When I grew up we were taught sticks and stones and to let it roll off if someone called you a nasty name.

    Now these people are teaching kids to be “offended” if anyone crosses over lines that are crossed over literally hundreds of millions of times a day around the world. They are going to be soft and incapable of dealing with real crises when they happen.

    I’m all for not insulting other people, but to act like its a national crisis when someone uses a slur or bad name is ridiculous.

  11. Lets just say Ive spent years around Richie and his father. When you meet the father, it all makes sense. Richie has been like this since high school and his father is his enabler.

  12. Well your team hoisted Richie Incognito up as a leader. A guy who coming out if St Louis was already known as a bit of a nut job. A leaders job is to keep guys like that in check. Sounds more like an organizational failure to me.

  13. I guess he missed the part where Mike Pouncey was one of the main culprits in the bullying, huh?
    Those guys thought Martin was soft and tried to toughen him up. Their intentions weren’t bad, but their actions were terribly misguided and cruel, not to mention idiotic. What I have asked over and over again is, why weren’t the coaches held accountable?

  14. Mike Pouncey – African American. – In league
    Jonathan Martin – African American. (“victim” even though reports indicate he participated) – Retired
    John Jerry – African American. – In league.
    Richie Incognito – White – In league.

    My math isn’t what it used to be, but racism usually involves one group of people versus another. Do Pouncey and Jerry secretly hate black people? Or was it racism against Richie? Was Martin against whites, and Pouncey and Jerry were standing up for him? The ONE scenario that doesn’t work is 3 racists picked on an individual, despite 2 of them BEING THE SAME DAMN RACE!

    There’s a reason the Dolphins struggle. Their owner is incompetent and out of touch with reality. Just buy the darn Jets and sell the Phins. Woody has got to be bored with them by now.

    Jonathan Martin is out of the league. The other three involved aren’t. The other 3’s argument was he lashed out at Richie, an easily targeted figure, to explain his failure as a player. Instead of being a man and admitting he either couldn’t keep up or simply didn’t want to they created a scandal to excuse himself. In part to cover up the fact Martin wasn’t this pristine, sophisticated young guy and that he lead a normal life of a pro football player who’s rich, psychically in their prime, and in the 20’s.

    All the evidence showed friends that acted like college frat guys. Big shock. No bullying.

    Richie is an idiot, but it’s unfair to cast him in this light regardless of what people think of him.

    Disgusting this continues.

  15. Ross is completely wrong and is likely gaining some sort of benefit for his cause by calling attention to this now. That entire saga was full of stupidity from all involved but true racism was not really a factor.

    Much like the Patriots scandal, Ted Wells did a poor job on this as well. In both scenarios, he had a predetermined conclusion and massaged the facts and omitted things contrary to the desired outcome that was bought and paid for by the NFL. The media’s fervor and the general public’s fear of and misidentification of bullying/racism allowed this false story to rise to a national frenzy.

    The bottom line in that ordeal was that Martin was not happy about getting demoted and needed a way to save face and get out of his situation. His mom was a lawyer that specifically dealt with exactly this kind of perpetual victim fabrication. Incognito was an easy target due to his meathead antics.

  16. 12coltsfan12 says:
    Feb 16, 2016 12:41 PM
    are you sure it wasn’t a product of stupidity?? I mean, starting from the top???
    Stupidity from the top, you mean like the owner getting arrested for DUI? That level of stupidity?

  17. whiteybulgersson says:
    Feb 16, 2016 12:48 PM
    This is why I like the Patriots.

    You never hear Bob Kraft talking nonsense like this.
    Except when he tried to defend brady after accepting the punishment to the team handed down from the League. That was certainly nonsense.

  18. Crying racism is just too easy these days. Sadly, with the exception of Rob Parker, only one group seems to take heat for it. When you have overt racists like Bomani Jones and Kevin Blackistone on ESPN every day spouting their prejudice it’s clear this is a messed up situation. Same with Wilbon. They take intellectually and spiritually lazy path.

  19. I hate the Dolphins, but I feel bad for them that this idiot has to speak for them. Richie Incognito is a disgusting human being no question that being said he did not bully Jonathan Martin. Those two were friends and then Incognito said an off color joke then Martin capitalized on the PC culture and his parents and decided to go after the Dolphins for money and to get attention. No Ross the Ted Wells bullying investigation was no a result of racism it was a result of lying, identity politics, and stupidity by the NFL and ESPN.

  20. Ross: “What’s this I hear about Richie terrorizing Jonathan?”

    Philbin: “Richie and a couple other guys on the offensive line think Jonathan is an effeminate sissy. They beat him up a little, did some other pretty nasty stuff to him.”

    Ross: “Isn’t Jonathan a black guy?”

    Philbin: “Yes.”

    Ross: “Well, we could always say racism. Yeah, let’s go with that.”

    Philbin: “We may have a problem with that. Mike Pouncey was part of the bullying. He’s black too.”

    Ross: “No problem. We’ll just focus on Richie. The people are stupid enough that if we don’t mention Mike, they won’t remember he did anything.”

    Philbin: “If you say so.”

    Ross: “I do. Let’s roll with the racism angle.”

  21. To all the racists who don’t think it was racist, it’s 2016! Everything is racist!

    I apologize for this racist post

  22. Why would the owner of his own team revisit this ugly incident? It was ugly from 100 different perspectives. But damn, dude, let it die.

  23. Ross, As a lifelong Finz fan this is one of the most ridiculous statements you have ever made. Ive met you in person and shook your hand and you were really cool and friendly and actually talked to me for several minutes. But you are dead wrong here. This was a case of a person that did not want to play in the NFL anymore and that was his exit strategy. RI may be a nut job but he is a pro bowl OL that gave it his all on the field for us. The Dolphins turned their back on him and folded like a liberal politician. Blame it on race..blah blah blah.. The guy was soft and should of never been playing in a MANS game !!!
    If we had RI this past season things would of been much different and maybe our multi million dollar QB wouldnt of been running for his life 1 second after each snap !!

  24. Funny how people say Ross is wrong even though Ross has information about what happened that will never be available to the media……Racism is real no matter how much you want to deny it….IDK if racism was the main issue here but Ross sure does and that doesn’t make him evil……not talking about racism won’t make it go it away…….educate yourself on the subject before screaming that racism is only used as an excuse….White owner who has more information on the subject than most things it was racism that let it get out of hand, sounds about right to me….

  25. Every time I think it can’t get any more embarrassing to be a Dolphins fan, it does, the incompetency starts from the top.

  26. Over time it has been proven Martin HAD A LOT of issues, and this was nothing like the initial troubling report.

    Incognito had a lot of issues and other concerning incidents. It seems he really learned a lot from this and worked to improve himself.

    His success both on the field and off the field last year in BUF are proof of his dedication to being a better person.

    That should be celebrated as a great example to kids, that it is never too late to recognize the error in your ways and try to be a better man.

    Why continue dragging the guy down, when it is obvious he was one of many that contributed to a situation that was definitely portrayed as worse then it was?

    Maybe Ross and the other PC clowns should focus on improving themselves.

  27. If Mike Pouncey and John Jerry were both bullying Johnathan Martin with Incognito, and both Pouncey and Jerry were black, can it really be because of racism? Somthing doesn’t add up there. Sounds like PC Media bias again.

  28. I believe many are missing the point. Martin was bullied for NOT BEING BLACK ENOUGH

    He was an intellectual, articulate, highly-educated free thinker & carried himself as such & not within the acceptably ascribed internal hierarchal milieu

    Incognito was obviously more ‘ghetto’ & de facto ‘blacker’ than Martin & that’s why these 3 ‘other’ Dolphins were riding him so much … for not being as ‘black as them’ and/or ‘black enough’ to hang with them …

  29. I’m embarrassed to be a Dolphin fan anymore and the looks I get when people ask me “Who’s your team?” makes total sense. The kids nowadays weren’t around when this was the class organization of the NFL though. How long can us fans HOPE the day will come when we are normal, let alone incompetent again.

  30. I know Ross has to be an intelligent man. He is after all a graduate of the University of Michigan and “other” fine business schools. Of course he is also an extremely successful entrepreneur. But the man is irrational when it comes to calling the bullying event in the Dolphins locker room as “RACISM”. If for no other reason that the team was more than 60% Black and that in every locker room I have been, there is always epithets & innuendos in abundance being exchanged. Sure some guys can handle the personal attacks better than others but when they refute the personal attacks it usually winds up in a physical altercation and inevitably other players get involved in order to break it up as well as coaches. But the unique event here is that of the three players thought to be the “principals” involved two where Black and one was White and genuinely liked by the other Black players. I ‘m referring to Incognito. Why was he then shown the door AND suspended from the NFL, when Pouncey’s contract was extended and given a raise and Jerry was given an opportunity to play and earn money with another team?
    I find what Mr. Ross said is offensive and egregious to the fan base and the players. If anything, what transpired with the Dolphins, back in 2013 was an emotionally weak player(Martin is no longer in the NFL) that simply couldn’t stand being away from home and the overreaction of tyro coaches and owners and reacting to putative story of ONE player.
    I’m surprise Richey didn’t sue the Phins, the coaches and the NFL for defamation of character when they called him RACIST and threw him out of the league!


  31. I love reading opinions about political correctness where people act as though they are being oppressed by a notion that is designed to create comfortable, respectable working situations for people who aren’t part of a majority either consciously or unconsciously oppressing people who are different.

    Political correctness is treating all people with respect. The opposite of that is supporting an oppressive status-qua steeped in old-timey racism.

    And Stephen Ross is absolutely correct that racism played a role in the scandal.

    Is he saying that friends can’t make off colour jokes together in a safe environment? No. He isn’t trying to ruin your basement poker game, and America will be just fine being considerate of how minorities are oppressed. Relax.

  32. What a racist thing for Stephen Ross to say. Blaming racism on something that is clearly not racism IS racism.

    How? It’s interjecting race and blaming a race (whatever race happens to be blamed) for a situation.

    Using race as a scapegoat IS racism.

  33. Ok , as a black man I’m offend. This had absolutely nothing to do about race. This was about a man that was big enough to take care of himself but refused to stand up. I played football in high school. And, players were teased all the time, You either stood up for yourself of kept quite. Normally it passes and it would have passed in this case as well. This was about one of the most childish places in society. A football locker room. It’s about a place where this sort of stuff is the norm and it got blown out of proportion by someone who really didn’t want to play football anymore.

  34. Geez… guys the racism was that Martin (who is clearly too soft to be a football player… i agree) was teased for not acting black enough. Basically he was being a “Carlton Banks”, teased for being “whitewashed”.

  35. I’ll have to be kinder to Fins fans in the future, they have such a cross to bear with that guy for an owner.

  36. Once again they got it wrong. You had one mentally unstable guy who couldn’t handle the pressure of the NFL. He proved it in San Fran. That’s why he’s out of the NFL.

    Instead he chose to blame it on someone else instead of admitting he could not handle it. Nothing worse than someone who blames others for their shortcomings.

  37. Okay, here’s further explanation of how the bullying was rooted in racism, despite Martin being black along with most of the Dolphins and some of the accused bullies. And despite Martin being too soft for football and Ross being a bad owner (things I agree with as a hardcore Dolphins fan).

    Jonathan Martin went to a traditionally non-black ivy league school where he put a focus on his education. He was well spoken and soft spoken… which are all traits that contradict the typical stereotypes of black football players.

    The Dolphins coaching staff asked Incognito to “toughen” Martin up (yes, he wasn’t tough enough for football… that’s not being debated here). And Incognito decided the way to go about this was to tease him for being a well spoken, non-violent, educated black man.

    Other black members of the team also alienated Martin because they also bought into the stereotype of how a black athlete should behave. There are text messages documented that flat out prove this.

    The bullying was a product of racism.

    Don’t ANY of you remember Incognito declaring himself an honourary black man? And you deny that racism was involved?

    Wow. just wow…

  38. It’s Ross’ attempt to deflect blame from his lame organization and put it all on Richie Incognito. Did Incognito take it too far? Probably. But the whole thing started as being team-driven, in an attempt to toughen up Martin. It’s that last part that Ross wants everyone to overlook.

  39. Every group on earth has been persecuted at one time or another throughout history be it for their religion, their ethnicity, the color of their skin..etc…

    That being said, the skin color of the persons’ involved in this incident had nothing to do with it…

    Not a Fin fan…but you guys would be better off with an owner has more interest in building a winner in Miami….

  40. I would buy all the outside excuses for the team, but for two things:

    1. Incognito got invited off his team four times that I know of before Miami. And all four teams I ever heard him associated with. You sign that guy, you better be ready to deal with the crap. No where to run.

    2. Tormenting the asian trainer was the sign of a very out of control culture. When it is 300 lb lineman v 300 lb lineman, all millionaires … When it is a bunch of 300 lb millionaire linemen v a 125 pound $25k a year guy … that is ugly. My view of Philbin tanked the day that came out.

  41. “becoming the Steinbrenner of football.”

    Absolutely not.

    At least Steinbrenner’s teams were usually winners. Ross seems to have zero interest in getting his team out of the AFCE basement.

    The Fins, winning the off season for 20 odd years now. Winning on the field ? Not so much.

  42. There may have been some underlying racial comments made by Incognito (the texts and such). And certainly, Martin’s mother (who happened to be a corporate attorney) jumped on those comments. But for Ross to flat out say that the bullying scandal was a product of racism is overly exaggerating things. As we know Incognito wasn’t the only one involved in the bullying.

    You know, if I were Martin’s counsel, I’d be taking notes on what Ross says. He’s a walking blabbermouth. Everything he says can and will be used against him. Martin could sue for lost wages, couldn’t he? He was/is a terrible offensive lineman, but lets not let “facts” get in the way of a potential lawsuit.

  43. It might interest all the (know it alls) assuming J.Martin
    Is black ; that he is actually mixed race, so you’ve all wasted a bunch of time trying to find reasons to deny the truth.

  44. Sounds like the media and Sharpton got ahold of Ross and told him to say it was racism.

    Ross essentially runs the team from NY so how does he know what happened anyways.

  45. As a life long dolphins season ticket holder, it is truly embarrassing to have this man as our owner.
    Please Mr Ross just sell the team make your billion profit and free the dolphin nation from the never ending shame.
    You have not had one winning season in over 7 years, lets call it a day.

  46. One more reason Spygate and Deflategate exist.

    Moron owners who hire moron GMs who simply don’t get it, things blow up, and they lash out and bash Goodell to make up witch hunts for punishments to try to cheat behind the scenes, in anger and retaliation.

    ROss will probably be on the Competition Committee soon to change some rules to help his team.


  47. MichaelEdits says:
    Feb 16, 2016 1:02 PM
    Only a ginger can call another ginger “ginger”

    Last time I heard someone call another person a ginger, Darryl Dixon was blowing them to pieces with an RPG.

  48. No it wasn’t racism. It was a professional victim with employment lawyer parents looking to distract from the fact that his career was going down the toilet. Martin’s relationship with his teammates was just fine until he was benched. But the PC warriors won’t let you bring that up.

  49. I am not very surprised by such a characterization. If I recall it correctly, Martin was referred to as not enough black by some of his teammates.

  50. contrary to previous idiocy above, to be racist one has to a) support and express a philosophy of one demographic group being superior to another based upon racial traits or characterisation of same, and b) have the covert or overt support of social, political and/or economic institutions in support of those racist philosophies;

    it can be argued that only a) applies, but without the active component of b), the mere philosophy is little more than hot air;

    a minority there CANNOT be racist against his or her minority group BECAUSE THEY LACK THE ACTIVE COMPONENT OF B) to enforce it;

    even when a minority acts in a racist manner against another member of their own minority group, they act merely as an AGENT of the true racists because again, they lack the support of a racist institution to enforce the so-called racism of that minority agent;

    this is what people like Senator Scott, Clarence Thomas and others of their ilk never quite understand–that they are acting as mere agents of racists and their institutions, the latter of whom will unceremoniously dump those agents right back into the pile of their own minority group once everything that can be gained from that minority group through that fool agent is realised;

    in the 19th century the Calvary only conquered the West by using Native Americans as scouts to hunt down other Native Americans;

    guess who were the first ones the Calvary disarmed after the West was won and through on the same reservations with the conquered Nations?

    the same was true for the Hawaiins in the 19th century, the Mexicans, the Spanish in California, the native Phillipinos, the list goes on…

    so, no, a minority cannot be racist against his own or any other minority group–he can only be a fool;

  51. Plain and simple.. Jmart was too soft for the NFL and his exit strategy was to do what he did under the guidance of his mommy. He is out of the NFL and RI is a pro bowl OL that we sure could of used the last few years. Instead upper management folded to the PC pressure and nonsense. Why would any high caliber player want to come play for a team that doesn’t have your back. The locker room on a NFL team is no playground and grown men doing a grown mans job use it. This isn’t peewee football and toughen up or do not play in the NFL.
    Ross just needs to sell the team and take that money and stay in NY. As a lifelong fan i am sick of this mess!!!

  52. note to dreemeagle.. your list omitted the africans who raided other villages and then sold their captives to slavers.. were they just agents ? if they were then werent the slavers also just agents?

  53. I don’t agree with this at all. Most of Incognito’s biggest supporters were black guys.

    It was bullying, Ross. The fact that you can’t see that is concerning.

  54. Incognito got a raw deal from Ted Wells and Miami and he’ll make us pay for this mistake for the next 3 years.

  55. The old boy has officially lost it. What a pathetic joke of an organization the Dolphins have become.

  56. jjackwagon says:
    Feb 16, 2016 12:48 PM
    Further proof of how clueless the owner is.


    Ross, is the reason the Dolphins are annually amongst the worst franchises in all of pro sports, never mind the NFL…He is inept, his team is inept….has been for a long time now…43 years

  57. With racism now a booming industry, accusations of it will never end. It will never be “good enough”.

  58. must be liberals- everything is racist. Ever think that incog was worried about his job and so if he could get that other guy to quit he would be inline for $’s. Not everyone is a teammate.

  59. Justice would be Richie suing for slander due to lack of proof racism was the root.

    Sue the Dolphins, sue the owner and shut the damn door on this case.

    Could you imagine if the off duty police were white? That would race gate 2016, OBama himself would get on the pulpit

  60. Do we recall one of the racist episode of bullying was to have Martin carry a veterans equipment to the locker room. On my lord that is crazy lynch Richie that meanie

  61. I can see all the available FA this year begging to go to Miami!!!! Not
    Ross has no clue what he did by saying this. Well, he has no clue anyway LOL

  62. Ross is right. It’s kind of like in Seattle when some of the black players didn’t think Russell Wilson was black enough. Jonathan Martin is a Stanford educated black man who grew up with educated parents. Most of the black players in the NFL grew up in the hood, and so they think there are certain ways that black people should act. Martin just acted the way most kids from his neighborhood act. That was a threat to the other guys on the team, whether they were white or black. Hey don’t blame Ross. That’s what was going on. You may not like it, but that’s life in the big city. It’s not liberal or PC or conservative or right wing. The article is written in a way to get a knee jerk reaction from a bunch of yahoos, but if you sat down with Ross and heard the whole story, you’d understand. But then we might learn something that doesn’t feel comfortable, so we lash out at someone. Hey, that’s life in the big city too.

  63. This is why I like the Patriots.

    You never hear Bob Kraft talking nonsense like this.
    Except when he tried to defend brady after accepting the punishment to the team handed down from the League. That was certainly nonsense.

    Ear pressure in footballs? What was that blabbering old foolish koot stammering on about?

    Now we have some idea of how this wasn’t handled very well.

  64. While I fall on the side of those who think that racism is a two way street, it’s impossible to argue that what Incognito said to Martin weren’t racist comments.
    Any kind of remarks which are intended to bully someone are always out of bounds. And Incognito’s remarks were certainly intended to bully Martin. But he went beyond bullying.
    Even if you agree that Martin had issues of his own, it’s ludicrous to excuse the things he said to Martin.
    I dislike with a passion when race is used as a crutch in any situation, but clearly Incognito crossed the line and his comments were racist.
    Incognito should consider himself very lucky. He is still playing in the NFL and Martin is not.
    I’m not black, but if I were, one guy I would not like on my team is Richie Incognito. And if he were on an opposing team, I’d have to restrain myself from trying to take his knees out.

  65. In the world of ESPN if a White guy insults a Black person he or she is the second coming of David Duke but when the shoe in the other foot I only hear crickets.

  66. Somebody tell this guy to zip it. Anything Ross says just sounds so stupid. What a complete moron.

  67. You just can’t make this kind of idiocy up……most normal franchises would not even want to comment on this ever again…….and yet, Ross comes out and makes a complete ass of himself……..pure gold

  68. contrary to previous idiocy above, to be racist one has to a) support and express a philosophy of one demographic group being superior to another based upon racial traits or characterisation of same, and b) have the covert or overt support of social, political and/or economic institutions in support of those racist philosophies;

    it can be argued that only a) applies, but without the active component of b), the mere philosophy is little more than hot air;

    a minority there CANNOT be racist against his or her minority group BECAUSE THEY LACK THE ACTIVE COMPONENT OF B) to enforce it;

    I did not print all of your comments, but I totally disagree with you. Anyone can be a racist.
    There are white racists, there are black racists, and there are racists of every nationality in every country in the world.
    The definition of “racist” is much simpler than you state. It is simply a person who thinks someone of a different race than they are is beneath them because of their race,
    and that person acts aggressively either by words or action toward the person of a different race.
    So don’t hand me that only whites can be racists, because it’s simply not true.

  69. I must say, I am shocked by the number of people who defend Incognito.
    How anyone can defend him is beyond me. He was already a dirty player, but he showed a much worse side with his actions against Martin.

  70. I must say, I am shocked by the number of people who defend Incognito.
    How anyone can defend him is beyond me. He was already a dirty player, but he showed a much worse side with his actions against Martin.

    He also caused havoc in strip clubs pool halls/bars. As well as accosting a female event staffer at a golf outing. Yet Ross was somehow OK with having him in a leadership role via Philbin. It is reminiscent of JJ and the Cowboys.

  71. nyneal
    Feb 16, 2016, 6:39 PM EST
    contrary to previous idiocy above, to be racist one has to a) support and express a philosophy of one demographic group being superior to another based upon racial traits or characterisation of same, and b) have the covert or overt support of social, political and/or economic institutions in support of those racist philosophies;

    it can be argued that only a) applies, but without the active component of b), the mere philosophy is little more than hot air;

    a minority there CANNOT be racist against his or her minority group BECAUSE THEY LACK THE ACTIVE COMPONENT OF B) to enforce it;

    Your philosophy is the root of our race problems. To say blacks can’t be racist is just plain foolish.

    If All PEOPLE are not held to the same standard then just shut up and stop complaining .

    You can’t have it a one way street .

  72. We all like to sit around and make fun of the ownership in Miami, but the man obviously has serious mental issues.

    It’s worse for the Fins than we ever thought. They’ll be going nowhere fast, and not just because of the average QB.

  73. Like I said before in these comments (and others have since verified), Martin was bullied in this case for being (in effect) TOO WHITE … all you gotta do is read the transcripts of Incognito’s texts & other supporting transcripts to him with this in mind … Incognito was an ‘honorary black’ on the team and was ringleader of his ‘peer group’ in attacking Martin for (among other things) his inferior ‘whiteness’

  74. Just using common sense here, but in this situation, racism was used as part of the “bullying.” With that said, let’s use our big-boy vocabulary and call it what it is; harassment or abuse.

    Martin didn’t fit in with those guys, they messed him, in jest, like men do, and he couldn’t or didnt want to deal with it. There was a lot of pressure on him, to fill Jake Long’s position and role, to fit in with some pretty nasty men… whatever.

    On the topic of racism though, if i recall, Martin is of mixed race, and felt he didnt fit in and/or got a hard time from everyone (meaning richie, pouncey, jerry) for being of mixed descent. In addition, Did Richie not also make racist comment to an asian trainer? racist texts to martin in regards to himself and his family? sticka golf club up a woman’s a$$ as a club event?

    The whole thing snowballed, the guy’s personality and antics leaked all at once. If it was one isolated event it maybe have had a different outcome.

    With all of that said, Miami Dolphins have one of the worst offensive lines in football and you can BELIEVE
    its because they lost John Jerry, 2nd round pick on a RT, probowl OG, 1st round pick Jake Long, forcing them to sign injured brandon Albert, draft 1st round JuWann James, and 3 mid round picks (3rds and 4ths) and on OGs Thomas, Turner, Douglas.

    That is a HELL of a lot of resources invest and lost in the offensive line all because of that scandal, which i PROMISE you takes away from the rest of the team and is catching up to them only now as we see the LB and secondy units becoming depleted or having only late round or undrafted players added.

  75. I think Ross is partially right in that Martin was likely teased for not being “black” enough, but to say the incident is rooted in racism is still misleading.

    Martin’s meltdown had a lot more to do with his insecurities than anything else. The guy was demoted from his position shortly before the incident after streaky play, and probably had some kind of growing emotional shock that he was on his way to being a backup. Somehow I doubt he would have caused this scene if he had played well and kept his starting job.

    Notice how fast he left the NFL when he wasn’t keeping a starting gig in SF or Carolina, hardly more than 1 season after Bullygate. He stated “injuries” as his reasoning, but tons of NFL players keep trying to come back ASAP despite getting injured. Guy’s a quitter and wanted no part of being a backup.

  76. All I know is that the Dolphins sure could have used the white bully on their pathetic offensive line this season.

  77. A product of racism, or of one player being marshmallow-soft?
    The Dolphins, once one of the league’s flagship franchises, have become an embarrassment on par with the Browns.
    Ross needs to sell the team. Now.

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