Heath Miller statement thanks Steelers, their fans

Not long after the Steelers announced the retirement of longtime tight end Heath Miller Friday, Miller released a statement through the team thanking the Steelers and their fans for their support.

“I realize how extremely fortunate and grateful I am to have spent my entire career as a Pittsburgh Steeler,” Miller said. “I would like to thank the Rooney Family, Kevin Colbert, Bill Cowher, Mike Tomlin, James Daniel and the rest of the Steelers organization for giving me the opportunity to live out my childhood dream. I will always cherish and value the special bonds that I formed with my teammates. It was truly an honor for me to take the field with them.

“I am also appreciative of my entire family and all of the coaches who helped me along the way. Additionally, I want to thank Steelers Nation, the best fans in the NFL! Lastly, I owe the biggest thank you to my wife, Katie, and our four children for their unwavering support.”

In a separate statement, Steelers president Art Rooney II said Miller “has been an amazing player on the field and an outstanding contributor in our community. On behalf of the entire Steelers organization and Steelers Nation around the world, I would like to congratulate and thank Heath of his many contributions to the Steelers. The chants of “HEEATH” will be missed at Heinz Field and around the entire NFL.”

Miller, a first-round pick of the Steelers in 2005, started 167 of 168 regular-season games, and 15 postseason games. He holds the franchise record at his position for catches, yards, and touchdowns, with 592, 6,569, and 45, respectively. In 2012, a season that ended with Miller suffering a torn ACL, Miller was named the team’s MVP.

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  1. Really going to miss his no nonsense and hard nosed approach to the game. A Steelers Steeler … I will miss the chant of Heeeeeeeeth.

    Time for another legend to be born …. Thanks Heath and good luck.

  2. Heaaaaaath!!!! – you will be missed. Thank you!
    What a great pleasure it was to follow this very talented player.
    Total class act and leader. Respect!
    Thanks for giving it your all, Heath – it led to some incredible memories.
    Good luck to you and the Miller family – Steeler forever!

  3. Heath Miller is a bad bad man, it was a pleasure watching him play. Best wishes for a healthy & happy retirement!
    A Giants guy

  4. Heath is a class act as he went about the tight end position the way it was meant. He blocked for the running backs when the play called for him to open up a seam on his side of the line. He pass blocked for Ben or slipped out in the flats to be the 3rd or 4th choice on a pass play and if he got the ball, made the most yards he could then got up and jogged back to the huddle without making some scene as this was HIS JOB. You never read a bad word in the paper or on the news about him doing something to embarrass himself or the organization. Congratulations to you Heath, whatever you do next I know you’ll do it with much class……..

  5. You can always come back to the NFL as a “coach”.
    Your role will be to illegally go on to the field, and to illegally incite Burfict to be flagged so that Pittsburgh can allow the Refs to win the game for you.

  6. I don’t know if he’ll be inducted into the HOF but, if the criteria were just being a true professional, he’s automatic. Unlike so many others in the NFL, Heath let his play do the talking, rarely if ever spiking the ball. Great job Heath.

  7. swagger52 says:
    Feb 19, 2016 4:59 PM
    Dear Heath,

    Given that Steelers can no longer beat the Ravens, I don’t blame you for retiring.

    Owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers
    Raven fans are jumping on the Bungle bandwagon? Geez man your team had a bad year, it’ll get better. The ship’s not going down yet, and hey, they DID beat the Steelers, so there’s that.

  8. Leave it to Ravens fans to try to take a crap on someone who’s being universally respected for playing the game the right way and being a great guy.

    After all, Heath Miller is no Ray Lewis or Ray Rice, is he Ravens fans? And because you all are dumb, let me spell it out for you: That’s a good thing.

  9. swagger52
    Feb 19, 2016, 5:03 PM EST
    You can always come back to the NFL as a “coach”.
    Your role will be to illegally go on to the field, and to illegally incite Burfict to be flagged so that Pittsburgh can allow the Refs to win the game for you.

    Hey Swagger how do you have time I mean with your responsibilities cleaning poop off the felons statue? Trolling the retirement of a non felon is pretty stupid…. But it’s expected.

  10. Much respect to a player you always had to account for in the passing game, he was a very solid all round TE too

    Good luck in the future Heath!

  11. Maxx Williams says “good luck.” LOL.

    Lord of The Lies … Who is this Maxx Williams you speak of… Must be another one of Ozzies draft busts. How does it feel to be looking up at the Steelers again in the standings?

  12. A great player and a great professional, there was never a drop of drama from him and always a complete effort. Heath Miller was a clutch receiver and the best blocking TE in football, all trolls be damned.


    Go Steelers!

  13. As a bengals fan I live to hate the steelers ever fiber of my body, especially after how the end of the playoff game went down. However I will say that Heath miller is everything you could ask for in a football player. Reserved, tough, great teammate and always steps up when asked. No ego whatsoever. He scores a td he almost cringed at the though of extra attention. It’s been a pleasure watching his career except when he was schooling my team. Good luck in retirement Heath, from a bengals fan.

  14. Heath is what a professional football player should be, hard worker team player, did what was asked of him with no grumping. Total class and will be missed in Steeler nation.

  15. Only a Steeler fan would think losing their primary check down drive saving receiver would be a plus. So funny to watch the hopes rise then wash down the drain as they did in Denver for the second time in a row. LOL.

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