Chris Baker believes RG3 can “be a hell of a player” if given another opportunity


Quarterback Robert Griffin III will become a free agent in the near future with the Washington Redskins set to release the former No. 2 overall pick after four seasons with the team.

After such a promising start in Washington, Griffin spiraled downhill beginning with knee injuries late in his rookie season. He never regained his early form and feuded with coaches before being surpassed by Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy at times as Washington’s starter.

But is Griffin completely damaged goods or can he once again find the ability to lead an NFL team under center?

Washington defensive end Chris Baker is one who believes Griffin will prove people wrong if he gets another opportunity.

I think Robert just needs an opportunity,” Baker said in an interview with Alex Marvez and Phil Savage on Sirius XM NFL Radio. “He needs a coaching staff that believes in him 100 percent and is going to work with him to help him become best quarterback he can be. This wasn’t the ideal situation or ideal year for a guy like Robert Griffin.”

Griffin was the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2012 before his knee buckled on shoddy turf at FedEx Field in the NFC Divisional Playoffs against the Seattle Seahawks. Griffin was the never the same and lost his job after struggling to return from the knee injury in 2013. He was relegated to playing safety on the scout team at times in 2015 as he became an afterthought behind Cousins.

Baker believes Griffin still has the potential to do good things as a quarterback. He just needs another opportunity.

“If a team gives him a chance, he’s going to prove a lot of people wrong. He’s going to be a hell of a player,” Baker said.

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  1. This is why if I’m with the Eagles and it’s obvious Tom Condron wants the Eagles to pay too much for Sam Bradford, I’d be looking to bring in RG III on what likely would be a heavily incentive-laden contract where if he played like an elite QB, he gets paid $20-25 Million a year on a deal that could work out in the end to be $150-175 Million over 7-8 years (but where it starts out as say three years for $21 Million or $7 Million a year before the incentives kick in).

    If RG III is cut as expected, that’s the route I’d be looking at if Condron asks for too much for Bradford.

  2. maybe just maybe he could become a quality back-up but rgTURD CANNOT play more than 4 games without being broken to pieces or driving his team into the dirt by blaming his mistakes on his coaches and his team.

    He is only about himself not his team, city, god or his family. rgTURD is God in his own eyes.

    He refuses to learn, adapt and evolve bc he thinks he is already the best and everyone is wrong.

    rgTURD refuses to learn anything new, refuses to be told by coaches it is better to do things that is not rgME’s backwards ways, he cant read even the most simple of defenses, cant write plays at the line when the defenses look means he has to audible the play, he cant make plays in the pocket using his brains bc he refuses to study film, the playbook and QB techniques.

  3. Robert is no charity case. He deserves a chance to play, because of what he has done in college and in the NFL. This kid was ROY. He did not handle his early success or his failure, in the best way, but he was a productive QB.

    Unlike Manziel, RG3 has actually demonstrated he can play, yet it seems like he has a good a chance to play, as Griffin. Let that sink in.

  4. Change of scenery, sitting behind a veteran QB, with a good coaching staff could help him out. No guarantees though, since he need to put in the work to improve.

  5. I think a team ought to take a shot with him if he comes at a reasonable salary. There’s potential in him that still might be achieved if the coach is right and he’s willing to work hard.

  6. He could sit behind Romo and learn a playbook for a couple of years, but he’d have to be willing to take a cheap deal because they don’t have money.

  7. Unfortunately another example of great talent thrusted into the limelight before he was ready . If he was giving more time to mature a continued to be groomed to handle the pressure he would be in
    different place

  8. The reason the REDSKINS haven’t released RG3 is because no one in the organization except a few of the players screaming ” pay him !!!” are completely sold on KIrk.

  9. >>bigblackanvil says:
    Feb 23, 2016 11:30 AM
    The reason the REDSKINS haven’t released RG3 is because no one in the organization except a few of the players screaming ” pay him !!!” are completely sold on Kirk.>>


    Or it’s possible Daniel Snyder wants to control where RG III lands. The absolute LAST places Snyder likely wants to see RG III wind up are Dallas and LA and I suspect Snyder would go as far as to take a bad contract on from another team if RG III agreed to re-structure his deal rather than straight cut him JUST to keep RG III from going to Dallas or LA.

  10. The reason they haven’t released him is because once they do, they don’t get anything for him. They will hold on until the last possible day to see if they can finagle a trade and cut him if they don’t. Why would someone trade when they can pick him up after being cut? Because then any other team can bid for him as well. That’s how the business works.

  11. So funny how just 2 years ago, you people were saying rg3 was a terrible qb, a gimmick qb and now you want him on your squad. I am on the side that I don’t care if he ends up on a NFC East team. If your not a skins you haven’t watched what took place here. If he didn’t have the injuries I might feel different but that and the fact he can not read a defense to save his life, it doesn’t matter where he goes. If he is trying to be a starter this year it’s gonna be ugly. Trust me. He needs to sit and learn at least one more year. People forget in 2012 we were like 4 and 6 before going on that run, that’s all it was. A lucky run. Ever since that run was over, rg has looked awful..

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