Cowboys tossed out the playbooks for the Senior Bowl

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The Cowboys spent most of last season doing what appeared to be drawing plays in the dirt.

So it stands to reason that when they coached the Senior Bowl recently, they didn’t bother with playbooks.

Or, more accurately, they wanted to see how players reacted without them.

Via Alex Marvez of FOX Sports, Stanford linebacker Blake Martinez said during an interview with Phil Savage on SiriusXM NFL Radio that the Cowboys handed players blank notebooks at the beginning of the week, telling them to take their own notes.

“Their whole evaluation for us was, ‘How well can this guy take notes?’” Martinez said. “They didn’t give us a playbook. They basically explained it on the board. They expected us to write down good enough notes to go back to our rooms, study, and have the diligence to step on the field the next day and perform at the high level they wanted.”

Savage, who is the executive director of the Senior Bowl, said teams generally provide some form of playbook to the college players they work with for a week. But Martinez said you could tell some of his teammates were shocked by the unique approach.

“You could see the facial expressions when we were in the meetings and [the Cowboys coaches] said, ‘We’re not giving you playbooks. Take some notes,’” Martinez said. “It was like, ‘Oh, . . . I’ve never done that before.’

“I feel like it was one of those things where a lot of guys maybe at the beginning struggled but as the week went on they learned or looked at other guys to see how it’s done and what they needed to do. That kind of showed a type of player, a professional player, from that standpoint — finding a way to get that done whether it’s a weakness or strength.”

It’s an interesting learning opportunity for the Cowboys, an advance on the 15 minutes they might get to put a player on the board in Indianapolis this week at the Combine, or some insight before a longer pre-draft visit to their facility (or a reason to skip one or both altogether).

It’s also worth remembering that one of the sink-or-swim players they coached there was North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz, who you think they’d have to consider at No. 4 considering how sideways their seasons have gone when Tony Romo was injured.

14 responses to “Cowboys tossed out the playbooks for the Senior Bowl

  1. Last place in the NFC East in 16′; Garrett gets canned…..BOOK IT.

    1. Redskins
    2. Giants
    3. Eagles
    4. Cowboys

    That’s how it will finish. BOOK IT.

    BOOK IT.


  2. OH…

    I read it wrong….

    I thought the article said “Dallas tossed out their play books”

    Which would have explained quite a bit….

  3. Apparently, the Dallas Cowboys coaches forgot to provide their players with a pen our paper during their meetings/practices…

  4. How does one become a college senior and not know how to take notes in a classroom setting? By being an NCAA “student” athlete.

  5. That might explain why Garrett’s team lost. Maybe there was some secret strategy to keep the players under wraps so Dallas would have the edge in scouting…tin foil hat.

  6. Dallas’s troubles when Romo has been hurt have NOTHING to do with whether the team should draft Wentz or not. While a rookie QB MIGHT get up to speed fast enough to be better than a less-talented veteran in year one, it is more likely than not that the QB would NOT be ready, especially one from a non-elite college program. Dallas MUST upgrade its backup QB spot for 2016, and Wentz simply does not offer that. Hence, Dallas in no way must consider Wentz due to their backup needs.

  7. x1xbbx7x says:
    Feb 23, 2016 7:16 AM
    Sounds like a good way to weed out the guys who don’t take studying seriously.

    If only the Washington DC F.C. would have done that in 2012, it would of saved them alot of wasted picks, time and money on the bad joke of a NFL QB rgIII. BUT They also would of Drafted Captain America Kirk Cousins Alot higher, he is a study freak.

    smdh rgTURD went 2nd overall it shows you what kind of scouts the Skins had.

  8. imsomeguy says:
    Feb 23, 2016 9:33 AM
    So if this is true, does that bring RG3 back in the picture since he is a “don’t need no stinkin’ playbook” kind of guy?

    100% accurate view of anyone that has actually watched and seen rgTURD the last 4 years……..

    If only the Washington DC REDSKINS would have done this in 2012, would saved them lots of wasted picks, time and money on the bad joke of a NFL QB rgIII.

    They would of then Drafted Captain America Kirk Cousins Alot higher.

    Captain America Kirk Cousins is a study freak. He has a Genius IQ and is a offensive football nerd…. which is a great thing for D.C. fans

    smdh rgTURD went 2nd overall it shows you what kind of scouts the Skins had.

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