Jameis Winston learned at Pro Bowl that he has to “get my body in shape”

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Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston learned plenty of things during his rookie season in the NFL.

He learned that NFL teams do a much better job of punishing you for turning the ball over than the teams facing Florida State can manage and that it is better to keep things simple than trying to do it all on every play if you want to avoid those turnovers. As he explained to TheMMQB.com, those lessons kept coming after the season.

When coach Lovie Smith was fired, Winston says he learned “that you can never take stuff for granted.” Winston also absorbed some lessons from other players when he went to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii last month.

“The most important thing I learned is I have to get my body in shape, because those men look good,” Winston said. “Not just the other quarterbacks — everyone. Their bodies look good. But also, Russell Wilson’s preparation at the Pro Bowl. You know, it’s a relaxing event, and he is still doing everything the right way. He is the first one to the huddle, leading guys in stretches, running everywhere you go.”

There were some concerns about Winston’s conditioning heading into the draft last year, although they didn’t stop the Buccaneers from selecting him first overall and there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with Winston once he hit the field. Improvement in that area isn’t going to hurt him and the observation shows Winston’s understanding about all of the things that go into being a starting quarterback in the NFL.

That should provide optimism inside the Bucs organization about continued improvement for Winston when his second season kicks off later this year.

33 responses to “Jameis Winston learned at Pro Bowl that he has to “get my body in shape”

  1. If Jameis Winston could somehow land Russell Wilson as a mentor/friend, that could unlock all kinds of personal and professional potential.

  2. How does a guy get drafted by a team in April of ’15 only learn that he needs to be fit to optimize his play once he gets to the Pro Bowl on the last day of January of ’16?

    (01) Didn’t Winston have a full season of Buc football to learn that?

    (02) Didn’t he have those years at Free Shoes University to learn that?

    (03) Doesn’t every other athlete (plus every non-athlete) know that fitness is key to peak performance in athletic endeavors?

  3. Jameis Winston is a young player who “gets it”. He’s learning all the right lessons and following all the right players.
    Jameis Winston is going to be a terrific QB for years to come. He’s a smart kid with a good attitude.

  4. I wouldn’t put too much into this.

    Ben Rothlesburger is FAT, and he’s been a top tier QB for years.

    As long as he makes strides reading the defense, not turning the ball over, and the Bucs build an offensive line around him and obtain a pass catching TE, this guy will be good for a long time.

  5. Kaepernick is a greek god and Brady Quinn would be in the Hall of Fame if being in great shape was all it took. Meanwhile, Roethlisberger is probably obese by BMI and Brady, Brees, Rodgers and the Mannings have never exactly turned heads with their physiques.

  6. Winston showed great promise in his first year and has a bright future if he continues to get in shape and work hard. That said, even the most homerest of Bucs fans and fanboyest of FSU fanboys have to admit that he didn’t deserve to go to the Pro Bowl.

  7. I really believe that Jameis is a good kid. He’s made some dumb immature decisions in the past, but I’m interested in seeing how he progresses over the next couple of seasons.

  8. These guys are better off staying silent then sharing anything. The young man makes the Pro bowl his rookie season, talks about observing other QBs and how he needs to improve not only his health but being a leader and its just rip the guy. No matter what these guys do, somebody will have an issue. Too many charity appearances, he isn’t dedicated to the job and watching film. Guys will either fail or succeed and the game won’t wait for them.

  9. tonyzendejas says:
    Feb 23, 2016 10:56 AM

    Dude’s 23 and has a beer gut. It’s all downhill from here.

    I don’t know, Manning has looked 5 months pregnant for several years and apparently he was the best QB ever this last season… So I guess they have more than just sexual assault allegations in college in common

  10. Winston made nothing but complimentary comments about fellow Pro Bowlers. Instead of being complimented in return for his insight, he gets ripped. It is clear why most athletes resort to repeating meaningless phrases to the media.

  11. Every young kid thinks they are invincible…nice to hear Jameis has come to earth. Knowing and accepting that one has to improve all the time is a hallmark of someone wanting to stay in the league for a while. I honestly thought he was going to be a bust. I was wrong. If he gets in uber shape, and hones his craft, he just might get a ring one day. Wilson, being undersized at QB, knew the secret to success from day 1.

  12. For an athlete that has been able to get by on genetics and talent all the way through college and into the NFL, realizing that improving your physique can improve your game might be more insightful than people think. Sure, there are the Brady Quinns that were just gym rats and that didn’t translate into performance on the field. But, Brady Quinn wasn’t going to be good chiseled out of marble or molded out of play dough. Winston has the talent and if he improves his conditioning and core strength it can only boost his game.

    Guys like Roethlisberger aren’t good because they are tubby, they are good DESPITE being tubby.

  13. He has more in common with Roethlisberger besides being out of shape. That said, if he can keep it in his pants, best of luck. Good start so far

  14. At least he might be learning. Sure, he probably should have picked it up a few years ago having been a 2 sport athlete at a major program. Maybe hanging out with Eli, JW will recognize that you have to be able to see the LBs in the middle of the field.

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