Stafford: We have to play offense differently without Calvin Johnson

Getty Images

The Lions say they still haven’t heard any definitive word from wide receiver Calvin Johnson about whether he plans to return to the team for the 2016 season and say they won’t put any pressure on him to speed up his timeline for making that call.

At some point, though, the Lions are going to need to know for sure what Johnson is going to do. The decision will impact their salary cap space and it will impact the design of their offense, something that quarterback Matthew Stafford discussed during a visit to Pro Football Talk on NBCSN on Tuesday.

“We have to play offense a little bit differently,” Stafford said. “It’s something that will take an adjustment if in fact he doesn’t come back and play for us next year. I’m confident that the coaching staff and players we have on the team will make it work.”

You can check out the preview of Stafford’s appearance right here and catch the entire interview on NBCSN at 6:10 p.m. ET.