Top defenders headline PFT’s Hot 100 free agent list


Von Miller of the Broncos and Muhammad Wilkerson of the Jets headline PFT’s annual Hot 100 free agent list.

Five of the top six on the list are defenders, and it’s no coincidence that a bulk of the top third consists of players who can get to opposing quarterbacks — and offensive linemen charged with stopping them.

A lot of players are going to get a lot of money over the next few weeks. Many of them will end up getting tagged or re-signing with their current teams, but we rank them here if they’re eligible for free agency as of the initial publication. The list will be updated as free agency plays out.

Players expected to be released or elibigle to opt out of their current contracts won’t be added until the transaction is announced. Restricted free agents aren’t on the initial list but will be added if they visit with another team.

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