Browns OLB Bryant pleads not guilty to drug charge

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Browns outside linebacker Armonty Bryant pleaded not guilty to federal drug charges Wednesday. Bryant was assigned a $2,500 personal bond.

Bryant was indicted earlier this month on charges stemming from his Christmas morning arrest after a traffic stop near Cleveland. Bryant’s case was assigned to the courtroom of former Browns linebacker Dick Ambrose, who later recused himself.

Later Wednesday, Browns coach Hue Jackson told reporters at the Scouting Combine that he’d spoken to Bryant about the case and about his expectations for his players.

“I think [Bryant] has talent, but again it’s not just about talent,” Jackson said.

Bryant can rush the passer — he had a career-best 5.5 sacks last season — so he might be able to hang on to his job. But Jackson has taken a hard-line stance on off-field incidents and told reporters Wednesday that Johnny Manziel’s behavior will not be tolerated.

The Browns can release Manziel at the start of the new league year next month.

3 responses to “Browns OLB Bryant pleads not guilty to drug charge

  1. It will be interesting to watch the Browns-Bengals games considering that Hue Jackson knows Andy Dalton first hand and what his deficiencies are. Plus, he has practiced against that defense so much. But if he doesn’t have the players to put up a good fight that won’t mean much.

  2. The DUI early on in his rookie year obviously taught him nothing.

    The absolute privilege of having a nfl career and you jeopardize it with drugs, guns and horrible decisions.

  3. It’s a “felony” drug charge, not a “federal” drug charge.

    If it was a federal drug charge, like trafficking, he would really be in a world of hurt. It wouldn’t be a hard line that Jackson would be taking because Bryant would be looking at hard time.

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