Jack Del Rio in favor of coaches being able to challenge any call


At last year’s owners meetings, the league opted not to enact any proposals to alter the replay system to allow coaches to challenge a wider variety of calls made during games.

The idea that coaches should be able to challenge everything is one supported by Patriots coach Bill Belichick and reportedly got increased support before being voted down last year. More supporters have come forward since then. Panthers coach Ron Rivera said during the season that he thinks it’s a good idea and Raiders coach Jack Del Rio expressed his support from the Scouting Combine on Wednesday.

“Bill Belichick brought up a great point in our owners meetings last year about allowing a coach to challenge any play if he decided it was worthy enough,” Del Rio said. “So I’m in favor of that. If we have an opportunity to get something right, let’s use that opportunity and let’s get it right. That’s what he was saying. It doesn’t really matter if we can make it right. If it’s wrong, and we all know it’s wrong, and we have an opportunity to make right under the same criteria — indisputable — then why not? So makes all the sense in the world to me and I’m supportive of something along those lines and we’ll see where it goes.”

The league has added to the list of reviewable plays over the years, usually after an instance of a call being missed that replay would have corrected. Making more of those plays reviewable proactively would seem to have some value by getting ahead of such situations and leaving coaches to make their challenges to correct as many errors as possible. We’ll find out if that’s something the league will be considering again this year in the near future.

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  1. been saying this for years. The league would rather say a call is “not reviewable” than actually correct a wrong call. I call this a Goodellism. He spends more time on garbage than actually things that would help the game (and usually screws that up!). There should be a “super-flag” (or whatever you want to call it) that a coach can use say in the final 5:00 of the game… anything can be challenged because there are many calls, and more importantly no-calls, that can directly affect the outcome of a game that are “not reviewable”.

  2. Totally agree. Coaches only have 2 challenge flags, so they should be free to challenge ANY poor call. If a ref goofs up on a “judgment” call, and replay clearly shows the ref was wrong, then let the coach decide if it’s worth it to him to throw his flag. It’s BS for a committee to have ever created such a long list of plays that are “protected from challenge”.

    Also, don’t make the head ref on the field jog over to a replay monitor and try to formulate an “unbiased opinion”. Give me a break … how many times have we seen ex-NFL referees predict that a call will be overturned because the replay CLEARLY shows the call was incorrect, but the head ref proclaims, “the call on the field has been upheld”. Say what??? The refs on the field are WAY TOO INVESTED in their own calls to ever be “unbiased” when they duck under the hood. Take that burden away from them … allow officials who are not so invested (emotionally, professionally, financially, etc.) to man the replay booth. It would go much quicker.

  3. They’ll never do this!!!! It would effect the fixing by NFL officials.. Same thing with the NBA.. Ref makes a bad call, player looks at him wrong, said player gets T’d up!

  4. Sounds great if you’re short-sighted. But let’s be real…two years after this goes into effect, people will be whining that coaches need more than 2 challenges per game and the next thing you know, we’ll be arguing the plays in court.

  5. The review process for the most profitable sport on the planet is a joke.

    Part time referees are a joke.

    Instant replay has made these guys look so bad.
    The game isn’t played in slo-mo.

    If that’s going to be part of the NFL, then they need to get every call right.
    The NFL needs to buck up and a a full time staff on each game reviewing every play.

    A coach should not be penalized for getting challenges correct.

  6. Either do this or make the refs more accountable.
    Fine them when they do things wrong as they do for the players.

  7. Coaches still only have 2 challenge flags. It would still need to be 100% conclusive evidence that the play on the field was wrong.

    People say this could lead to challenging a holding call. If you look at holding in the rulebook it is pretty black and white, so if a coach wants to use a challenge flag on that, or if a holding call/non call does change the outcome of a play why not? Why are we afraid of trying to get more calls correct?

    Even Pass Interference. Its a judgement call, sure, but if during instant replay we see that there was absolutely zero contact, than that means it could be overturned. However, nearly all Pass Interference calls, even wrong calls there could be at least a 1% chance that the call was right, in that case the call on the field stands and the coach would have wasted a challenge/timeout.

  8. collectordude says:
    Feb 24, 2016 2:27 PM
    As if games aren’t long enough.


    Being able to challenge any call does not mean being able to challenge every call. It means that every play from the opening kick to the final whistle could be challenged assuming you have one of your 2-3 challenges (and a timeout to cover it if you get it wrong) left. It would actually take less time than it does to have a coach throw a challenge flag on a non-reviewable play, have the ref come over and explain why the play can’t be reviewed, then head over to the opposite sideline and explain why the coach who threw the flag wasn’t penalized, huddle up the officials to make sure that explanation was right, and then call up to the time keeper to reset the clock.

  9. Why are people worried about how long the game is??? I love football. I will watch the game if it is 2 hours long, 3 hours long, 4 hours long, 5 hours long. Why do people get all pissy about the length of the game. If a 3 hour game is ok, but a 3 hour and 5 minute game isn’t, then go watch ballet.

  10. therealraider says:
    Feb 24, 2016 2:16 PM

    It was Belichick’s idea to move the extra point back and thats proven genius, but I dont want every penalty to be challanged.
    collectordude says:
    Feb 24, 2016 2:27 PM

    As if games aren’t long enough.

    It won’t effect the length of games, or the number of challenges. Coaches would still get 2, it would just allow them to challenge any call.

  11. Never going to happen. A much smarter approach is doing something similar to what college football does. But ultimately, the refereeing is going to all be done from the booth, with the refs on the field only being used to spot the ball, and keep the game moving. This emphasizes keeping the game moving, and getting every call right. Some coaches hate replay, so they come up with crazy ideas, hoping that it will sabotage the whole idea of replay. Sorry Jack, we just ain’t buying it.

  12. never understood why coaches lose their challenge if they are shown to be correct. It came up in the Super Bowl when Rivera used his two in the first half and one was correct (and the other likely was too but still wasn’t overturned)

  13. It Takes 3 Mannings To Equal One Brady says:
    Feb 24, 2016 2:42 PM
    Why are people worried about how long the game is??? I love football. I will watch the game if it is 2 hours long, 3 hours long, 4 hours long, 5 hours long. Why do people get all pissy about the length of the game. If a 3 hour game is ok, but a 3 hour and 5 minute game isn’t, then go watch ballet


    When people say they dont want to lengthen the game what they mean is they dont want a commercial break after every play.

  14. Duh!

    If an official has a bet on the game the first thing he’s going to do is get the coach to spend his challenges.

  15. I think coaches should get two challenges and if they get them both correct the officiating team should be suspended the next week.

    It’s time to clean the game up.

    I’ve seen it happen at least 5 times in the past 5 years in Raider games and many other times across the league where the refs make two really stupid calls early in a game and force the coach to possibly lose a challenge/TO. Then on the next drive the next fairy tale call comes out and the coach is stuck again on very bad calls.

    The Amari Cooper TD non call in the Bears game sticks out. It was clearly a TD. The refs called it incomplete forcing JDR to challenge the call and it was over turned to a TD. If it’s only reviewable if it’s a score the refs should call it a score. Instead JDR needed to risk the timeout and use a challenge because the ref was blind.

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