Washington holding out hope for possible Griffin trade


When Washington executive V.P. of football operations Bruce Allen recently discussed the status of quarterback Robert Griffin III, it became clear for the first time that the team will be moving on without him in 2016. So why haven’t they already done so?

Per multiple sources, Washington is holding out hope for a possible trade.

For a trade to happen, Griffin would have to be willing to dramatically restructure his contract. As one source explained it, Griffin would potentially be willing to do that for the right team.

But the “right team” will still be there after Griffin is released, and that inevitably will happen before his 2016 base salary becomes fully guaranteed on April 1.

From Griffin’s perspective, the fact that a team would be willing to even explore a trade demonstrates genuine interest. The best way to prove interest would be to make the trade — with Griffin agreeing to the same contract he’d get on the open market.

It’s all highly unlikely at this point. But with Washington not required to cut Griffin until March 8, there’s no reason to forfeit the opportunity to do a deal, even if the chances of the opportunity arising are slim.

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  1. Why would another team bother to offer a trade to the REDSKINS when they can just wait and not have to give that team anything? It’s a given he will be cut before he is guaranteed this season’s salary. A team would be foolish to even think about a trade.

  2. This really is a disappointing situation. He’s so much more talented than Kirk Cousins.

    People are complaining because he got a few Subway commercials and is upset about a loss?

    I hope he catches on with a good team and the Washington football team has one of their typical 4-12 seasons with their “franchise” quarterback.

  3. “The best way to prove interest would be to make the trade — with Griffin agreeing to the same contract he’d get on the open market.”

    I don’t foresee him getting much of a contract from the open market.

  4. They must really like Cousins. Would you pay Cousins extended years worth of whatever he’s askin … 20 mil? Or pay RG3 one year of 16 mil and draft a kid to gill the spot later.

    The NFL is constantly evolving. $20M QBs are detrimental. You don’t need one. You need a defense and limited offensive turnovers.

    Just sayin’ …

  5. Washington is screwed. I can see them playing hardball with Cousins then tagging him and having Dallas swoop in give up two 1st round picks for him and leave them without a QB. They will use those 2 first rounders to move up and select Goff who will be the next big bust.

    Meanwhile Cousins leads Dallas to the playoffs for the next 5 years straight only to be eliminated by the Giants each of those 5 years.

  6. How about him ending up with the Rams and all the players from all the picks (has anyone from that group set the world on fire?) that the Redskins traded to move up to draft him. I know a lot has happened since then but his rookie year was just incredible to watch even if you knew it was going to end in Dr. Andrew’s practice. The hate now is unnecessary as he was a good soldier for all of last year and I wish him the best.

  7. Tavaris Jackson coming back to back up Wilson? He could go there with his style. Saints? Or Bucs if they want to let Glennon go.

  8. A team my wait for him to be released, however, the field for his services also get bigger possibly which means this also may drive up the asking price for his services. You can either deal with one team or be in a scrum with several other teams…the big question is who and how bad do they want him?

  9. RG3 just doesn’t get it… he thinks the problem is everyone else and not him; so, he will never dedicate the right amount of time and effort to achieve what he is truly capable of.

    Speaking to a trade; why would anyone trade for his current salary if 16mil when they can sign him off the street to a 1 year prove it contract?

  10. The Browns make the MOST sense right now. Assuming WR Josh Gordon gets reinstated he would be reunited with his WR he had a Baylor. They have Travis Benjamin and will most likely make a hard push for Sanu or another top-flight WR. He could help Hue with the slow turn around process.

  11. I could see the Broncos or Rams offer up a late round pick if Griffin will re-do his deal. Broncos need a qb and their 7th rounder is way at the end of the draft.

    Rams need a qb and a name to fill seats in LA.

    All that said I don’t see RG agreeing to do a new deal to facilitate a trade.

  12. It actually makes sense. Not likely but a team could show interest, get Griffin to agree to a lower contract and give Washington something. That would be a good deal for Washington and the other team. Robert really doesn’t benefit except that if he waits to be cut some teams that might have been interested could have found an alternative by then.

    The more I think about it the more I can see Robert and his agent trying to do it now. Give the Redskins a 7th round in next year’s draft so they get at least something and Robert gets to pick the team he wants and the two can try and come to terms on a contract.

  13. I’m holding out hope that Gwen Stefani asks me to leave my wife, and I think it’s more likely than RG-me getting traded.

  14. Really thought Robert was going be a solid QB for the Redskins. Still confused what happen. The injury excuse doesn’t work for this past year. Either way, Go Redskins, the team representing our great nation’s capitol city and POTUS!

  15. The Rams will take him for an additional 3 1st rounders.
    …And then proceed to miss the playoffs for 4 consecutive seasons, again.

  16. If some poor team wants him as a backup it makes sense to see if he’ll redo the contract for a couple of mil and slide the Skins a worthless 5th round choice. It cuts out any other team. Why not?

  17. Are you talking about “You like that” Brand Boy. You better keep an eye on your boy. He is trolling around the country trying to make a name for himself so he can get RG3’s Subway commercial, too. Nothing is too much for the ungrateful, greedy kirk Cousins. The first chance he got after the gift of even not having to compete with Colt this year, he turns around and try to get as much money as his little sticky fingers can hold. Don’t listen to what people say, just watch what people do if you want the truth.

  18. It’s the contract that makes a trade impossible. 16 million guaranteed for a guy you might bring in to compete for the job?

  19. RG3 is insurance because Kirk will mostly be playing somewhere else next year. In the words of Scot …”You have to have a back up plan in case things don’t work out. Always. It’s a business. We can’t focus on just one player. We would like him back but I have to think about the team. Franchise is an option but highly unlikely because it limits flexibility with the salary cap.” Not my words or Bruce Allens’. Scot M. Redskins General Manager.#HTTR

  20. This makes sense. The NFL is way too competitive and needy for experience at QB. (game and practice experience)

    If there truly is genuine demand for RG3, an interested team will make some sort of offer to gain his services. Its way to risky to roll the dice on an unproven college player or the change to loose RG to another team in free agency.

    Giving up mid round pick is a low risk gamble for any team, and a real possibilty .

  21. He’ll be an upgrade in a lot of squads assuming they have a coaching staff who can get the most out of him.

    I’d have love to see him in Eagles green next year for the right price.

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