Bill O’Brien on drafting a QB: My mantra is do what Mr. McNair wants

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Texans owner Bob McNair hasn’t been shy in recent weeks about expressing the same opinion held by many other people about his team’s biggest need.

McNair has made it clear that the team needs to be better at quarterback in 2016 and said that he doesn’t “know any reason” why the Texans wouldn’t draft one this year. On Thursday, coach Bill O’Brien didn’t bother trying to throw up any misdirection about the team’s intentions this offseason when he was asked about picking a quarterback.

“Whatever Mr. McNair says is what we’ll do,” O’Brien said, via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. “That’s always been my mantra.”

O’Brien said it’s hard to play quarterback in the NFL and that the Texans will have to “put in a lot of time with [a rookie quarterback] and give him time to develop.” That doesn’t lead to thoughts of instant success, although the plan the team’s employed the last two years hasn’t worked any better and, perhaps more significantly, hasn’t shown many signs that the upside of their current quarterbacks holds promise for better days ahead.

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  1. Texans would be smart to keep Hoyer around. He won’t mentor the rookie at all because he’s a selfish prick, but he will at least keep the team afloat as the young guy develops.

    O’Brien seems like a good coach, they definitely should have some patience with him.

  2. “Whatever Mr. McNair says is what we’ll do,” O’Brien said, via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. “That’s always been my mantra.”
    Sounds like Bill needs to come up with a new mantra.

  3. O’Brien is keenly aware of the NFL version of the Golden Rule: Whoever has the gold makes the rules.
    In this case the guy with gold happens to also be right, it’s not as though there’s a plethora of proven FA QB’s available even if that D is capable of winning now.

  4. You have to gauge your employer. If that’s the way they operate it, you need to accept it, and adjust.
    I wouldn’t like it, but then again, there are things about my job I don’t like.
    I’d love to try being a head coach (and getting paid like one).
    Sure I’d fail,but it would be a fun year. 🙂

    “Whatever Mr. McNair says is what we’ll do,” O’Brien said, via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. “That’s always been my mantra.”

  5. Watching Patriots QB retreads struggle elsewhere makes me appreciate our system even more. We won 11 games with Matt Cassel, let that sink in for a minute.

  6. What does McNair know about football? Just another meddling owner that will never win. Let football people do their job and let ownership do theirs. McNair is another buffoon that somehow managed to connive enough people to buy an nfl franchise.

  7. .
    Even if the Texans draft a QB, it’s highly improbable that he would be of much help as a rookie. It’s a rarity these days when a first year QB steps in and performs well from day one.

  8. Might wanna change that mindset since the team has pretty much been a bottom feeder since entering the league in 2001

  9. They should offer the Indianapolis Colts all their Draft picks for Andrew Luck? lol If they actually pulled that off?? lol & they actually took Andrew luck away from the Colts ( we all know that they tanked to get Luck anyways) Owner James Irsay GM Ryan Grigson, and Chucky boy? lol I think that “Fun Bunch” Are dumb enough to Trade Luck to Texan’s for all of Houston’s Draft picks! I think the Texans Owner Bob McNair, GM Rick Smith and Bill O’Brian could actually pull this off??!! lol how awesome would that be!!??! They would become an instant, SB Contending Team!!

  10. he just wants to avoid the conflict of interest in questions about Christian Hackenburg. He recruited Hackenburg to Penn State (when Penn State still had Bobby Petrino sanctions). Hackenburg chose Penn State ahead of other offers and then he dumped him for a shot in the NFL.

    He simply wants to tell Christian that it is not his say whether Houston draft Hackenburg or not. Mcnair is just the scapegoat.

  11. As long as the last name of the QB isn’t Carr, I’m sure Rick Smith and the Texans fans will be fine with any quarterback taken. Can’t have another person with the last name of Carr leading the team since David was bad, right Texans fans?

  12. To All of those people who say O’Brien is a yes man, You are all wrong one reason and the most important one Mr.McNair has the right and the damn pen and money to do what ever the hell he wants to. He is th owner he was just saying a fact, the staff has it their way long enough with retread QB’S and now he wants a change. If you all were owners with a team worth over a Billion you would do the same. So stop with stupid bashing of coach and staff and get into the real world of BIG BUSINESS AND SEE THE BOTTOM LINE IT IS TIME FOR A PAYOFF FOR SUCH A LARGE INVESTMENT. That is real name of the game.

  13. He had a chance to draft a quarterback but instead he drafted DE Jadaveon Clowny. His owner is telling him he better draft a good one this year or he may be shown the door in the near future.

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