Ryan Grigson not thrilled with players who choose not to run

Colts General Manager Ryan Grigson’s message to players at the Scouting Combine is, if you can run and jump, you should run and jump.

Grigson said that while he understands some players with injuries won’t work out at the Combine, he questions the competitive of a player who stand there and say, “I choose not to run.”

“If there’s a good valid reason for it then of course you’re not going to say the guy’s soft,” Grigson said. “But if a guy just flat-out crosses his arms and says, ‘I’m not doing it,’ that’s going to turn you off. You want guys to compete in this arena. You want the cream to rise to the top.”

Grigson says that if players want to show they’re freakish athletes, there’s no better place than the Combine to let their freak flags fly.

“Somebody on my staff asked me what I’m going to be looking for,” Grigson said. “One of them is, I want guys to compete. A lot of times the vertical, and all these different drills, people say, ‘I don’t know if that’s going to equate to football.’ I like to see guys get in there and give personal bests, do freakish things. Because that’s something that sticks with you.”

And if you choose not to run, that label may stick with you, too.

49 responses to “Ryan Grigson not thrilled with players who choose not to run

  1. I’m sure Andrew Luck is not thrilled with a GM who refuses to protect him with actual offensive lineman

  2. How does the guy who took a 5th WR over a starting OL to help protect your franchise QB last year in round 1 still have a job?

  3. I see nothing wrong with his comments. He may miss out on a great player, but I agree with him that someone taking a diva attitude with so much at stake may be missing that competitive fire that he wants his players to have.

    Will it cost him some good players? Maybe… But I can’t disagree with his mndset. I would want those types of guys in my locker room too.

  4. And now players know how to avoid being drafted by this sorry franchise. Grigson truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

  5. Don’t expect every GM to come out and tell you exactly what they’re looking for. Lots of them are just at Indy for the interviews. What a lot of GMs are actually hoping for is that some of the guys that they really like will run a slow 40 time, so that they’ll slip to them.

  6. You want the cream to rise to the top? What cream? The fastest players? Very rarely are the best athletes the best football players. It’s usually the other way around, the best football players aren’t the greatest athletes. Because they’re football players. Not weight lifters or track stars.

  7. I don’t get why they don’t….as most GMs say, they will look at your best time knowing that you will rarely run 40 yards much in your career.

    Look how much money Jamal Lewis, Chris Johnson, and Mike Mamula made running

  8. I wonder what Ryan Grigson thinks about the competitive nature of a quarterback willing to have his hands stretched for the combine. That probably is not what Grigson had in mind for giving ‘personal bests’ and doing ‘freakish things’ though.

  9. “I like to see guys get in there and give personal bests, do freakish things.”

    No doubt just hanging out with jimmy he could see guys do all kinds of freakish things…

  10. That’s right Lois. It certainly will.

    However, that might mean more to Grigson than it would to others who can judge football speed by watching game film, which is a bit different than running a series of sprints.

  11. If you ever decide to retire, at least consider staying on part-time as the person who chooses the pictures for each article; it’s probably your strongest talent.

  12. They should feed these guys a few beers and fireballs. God knows I’ve tried to do some things physically I wasn’t sure about after a little liquid courage. In fact every long jump off a garage into a pool was precipitated with too many dranks

  13. Why isnt full participation a basic requirement of getting to attend the combine? Dont want to run, fine but we give your spot to someone that will. Dont want to throw but want to bank it all on your pro day against air, fine. Next. Dont want to interview or get your medical clearance, no problem. This is a cattle call gentelmen and your the meat. Next. Meet Roger Goodell. Hes not pissing on you. Its just raining. Get used to it. Next.

  14. I 2nd that motion!! I would like to see the NFL take it a step further! If one of those potential High round QB Draft picks? If they choose not throw??!! Then they should get their invite reneged and then invite a QB that wants to throw and Wants to compete!! That would solve a “couple” of problems, in 1 shot! It would A, force these ” uppity up” QB’s that wait until their Pro-day to throw in the National Combined! While the National spotlight is on them and under unfamiliar conditions and unfamiliar Wideouts! Rather then, them worrying about their NFL Contract! That rule would force these guys high ranking QB’s to throw! If they choose not to throw? Then replace their invite with small School guys, potential undrafted free agents, that really want to compete and throw! That normally/ WOULDN’T get an invite to the National combine! Bingo, Done! If you “Choose” not to throw, but still want to do the jumping and running and you’re a potential 1st to 25 overall pick? Nope, you’re out, NEXT!! That’s exactly the reason Jacksonville picked Blake Bortles 3 overall! Because he made all the throws they asked him to make! And he even volunteered to be one of they positional Drills QB! Then he did all the running and jumping too??!! I would Draft that guy with my first overall pick too!

  15. There’s something to this. The best players tend to be those with the fire of competition in them, not those who sit back and make career decisions. I totally think the unwillingness to risk yourself or your standing by refusing to compete on neutral grounds should be a bit of a red flag.

  16. Okay..I’m a college grad and I’m gonna take life advice from a man who almost got fired and has one foot out the door that nobody can stand.

    I think I’ll do the exact opposite and be glad he doesn’t draft me.

  17. Grigson is looking to put the finishing touches on a roster that was good enough to get to the championship game in 2014, even with a bad coaching staff. Pagano brought in some better coaches and the Colts are ready to roll. This is Andrew Luck’s 5th year and the Colts are primed for a super bowl run. Last year many of the football experts around the country were picking the Colts to win the super bowl and many of them regarded Luck as the league’s top player. Well, the league’s top player got hurt and the Colts slipped to 8-8, but they beat Denver while Luck was healthy and they went into overtime against Carolina.

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