Washington sues former player after $40,000 overpayment

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Former Washington linebacker H.B. Blades was overpaid to the tune of $40,000, and now Dan Snyder wants his money back.

TMZ reports that the team is suing Blades in federal court because he was mistakenly paid $40,000 that he wasn’t owed in 2013, long after he last played for the team. The team says it was a clerical error and wanted Blades to pay the money back, but he refused.

Washington drafted Blades in the sixth round of the 2007 NFL draft and he spent four seasons with the team, playing in all 16 games every year from 2007 to 2010. He was cut at the end of the 2011 preseason.

45 responses to “Washington sues former player after $40,000 overpayment

  1. If they can manage to recover that they should look into getting back money from Archuleta and Haynesworth, also apparent clerical errors that received money they clearly didn’t earn.

  2. Curious how this came about. If he was cut in 2011 why would there be ANY sort of payment to him in 2013? And why is it three years later and they’re just now filing suit over it? Sounds like some really messy accounting.

  3. Good luck getting that money back. $40k is kinda chump change in the NFL. Tacky to go after it. Since Blades didn’t do anything, I’m not sure he has any money left after being out of football for five years.

  4. You have to wonder about someone’s intelligence when you’re accidentally overpaid … and you refuse to give it back.

  5. Obviously someone messed up in accounting, but when you are a billion dollar organization with one of the richest owners in the sport it doesn’t seem to be worth the PR hit and the court costs associated with going after $40,000.

    Let alone 3 years after the fact.

  6. This is an article written by a hater for haters, pure and simple. If someone owed you money and refused to pay, you would go after them also.

  7. Don’t think we needed more proof the Skins are a poorly managed business, but sloppy accounting and lax oversight are probably more on George Allen’s watch than the owner’s.

  8. Multiple players have had to sue them (and won) for Worker’s Comp after they were injured playing for them and the Redskins spent a lot of time and resources going to court to claim that (among other things)- players injured warming up on their field were not hurt “on the job.” If they were hurt at an away game, they weren’t really “working for the Redskins.” And if players study film in Virginia but played all their games in Maryland, only Virginia laws should apply to their place of employment. So, I guess what I’m saying is if a marginal player got a little extra money a few years ago, I’m not bothered by it.

  9. Maybe I’m just honest but I would have contacted them as soon as i got the check. Keeping it is just plain shady

  10. If my employer sends me an extra paycheck, I wouldn’t give it back either. Never mind that he (probably) paid taxes on it as income.

  11. Snyder should see the bigger picture and have more class. But that is too much to expect from a clown like him. If players see that the billionaire owner is fighting a former player over 40 grand, then they are more likely to be disgruntled.

  12. Teams should do this on purpose to every player they just drafted. Then sit back and wait to see which players have the character to let them know.

  13. Of course he should have sent it back but it’s a lot more than $40k worth of bad look for the Skins. Hard to believe they are that tone deaf

  14. My bank once gave me an extra $20 dollars on a large with drawl… I immediately spent, not even think about the total. It was taken care of quickly, they called I went in and pulled some more cash out and repaid them the $20… Same day, hours after being alerted of the error. It’s just what you do.

  15. 40 k is a lot of money to just think you can go ahead and put that in the bank and hope nobody figures it out. He should have had his agent or himself contact the Skins about the money. Whether he can pay it back now, who knows,but he does have to pay it back.

  16. That money is long gone. In life you have to learn to pick your fights. And getting 40 large back from HB Blades ain’t happenin’. Turn the page, Dan.

  17. ……It’s called integrity folks….yes it’s a drop in the bucket to a rich person, but Blades knew it wasn’t his money. I’m betting Snyders lawyers reached out to him & things got real heated. It then became a issue of principal to Snyder.

  18. What a well run operation the redskins have. They overpay someone 40k and then ask for it 5 years later, that is ridiculous. They will spend more than 40k on legal fees. Snyder needs to learn a lesson fire the accountant and move on.

  19. Why’d they wait 5 years? In some states, the statute of limitation on employment wage claims is 2 years. The Skins will waste much more than $40K trying to squeeze blood from that turnip.

  20. I can’t believe the “they owe me attitudes ” of some posters… It has nothing to do with a billionaire owner, nor the fact that there was an accounting error or that it’s the NFL and they can afford it….It was a mistake and this guy owes it back!

  21. Karma but not enough of it. I remember when they robbed Lavar Arrington of 4M. Both sides had agreed to a contract, they just needed to change a minor stipulation. Lavar’s agent sent it back, and a few minutes before the deadline it came back from teh Redskins. In good faith he signed it without reading it fully. It turns out, they had shorted him in guaranteed money. Total dick move, after verbally agreeing to everything, then not giving them enough time to read it.

  22. Lmao. People still believe that Lavar story? Did you leave out the part about him suing his agents and them being suspended for two years by the nflpa on purpose or are you in fact Carl Poston?

  23. How ironic that the Redskins employee who made the mistake probably makes around 40k. Go Redskins, the team representing our great nation’s capitol city and POTUS!

  24. Now that Snyder is out of football and no longer a coach and general manager he is just bored and needed something to keep him busy.

  25. This is why the Redskins keep shooting themselves in the foot! Let the man keep the money! The team made the mistake. It again makes the team look bad because of the money hungry dictator that rules his fiefdom. He reminds me of the prince from Shrek!

  26. Yeah, the guy shouldn’t have kept the money.

    But seriously, chasing a guy 5 years later, for a lousy 40 grand, over what was YOUR mistake ……. really bad form.

    The guy was a sixth round pick who played 3 years in the league, 5 years ago. It’s a lousy 40 grand.

    Stop looking so GD cheap. The Redskins blow that much in a week on coffee.

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