Elway says he’ll know what Peyton plans to do by March 9


In the aftermath of the Super Bowl, Broncos G.M. John Elway said there’s no deadline for Peyton Manning to apprise the team of his plans. On Thursday, Elway conceded that, indeed, a deadline is looming.

“I met Peyton two evenings ago and we sat and chatted for a couple of hours and I think that the thing that’s amazing is we’re only two-and-a-half weeks out from the Super Bowl,” Elway said on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk. “Obviously everyone wants to know what Peyton is going to do and after 18 years in this league he deserves some time to think about and enjoy the game but also get away for a little and kind of figure out exactly what he wants to do. We’re going to afford him that, I told him we’ll get back together again in another week or 10 days and kind of see where he is and go from there. But he deserves some time to think about what he wants to do.”

“We are coming to the point where his salary is fully guaranteed for the 2016 season,” I then asked. “I assume you expect that you’ll know what he’s doing before the 9th of March?”

“Yeah and we will, and that’s hopefully what we’re going to do,” Elway said. “Until we get there and until we absolutely need that we’re going to give him that time to continue to, obviously when he gets farther away from the game and clears his head a bit, he could kind of see where he wants to go.”

Elway also made it clear that he can’t wait for Manning to make a decision when it comes to negotiating with Brock Osweiler.

“We’ll continue to talk to Brock, because we can’t afford to lose both of them so I think that we’ll kind of see where that goes,” Elway said. “We’re going to work with Brock, work with his representatives and see what can happen. At least work on the outline of a deal until we see where we’re going to go. Because not only are we going to need an answer, but I think Brock’s going to need an answer too of what Peyton wants to do because Brock’s going to want to play. He’s been in the league now for four years and he’s going to want to play. So he’s going to need some answers too.”

If you have questions about the discussions with Osweiler, here’s what Elway had to say about that.

If you have questions about anything else he said, tune in to NBCSportsRadio.com at 7:35 a.m. ET to hear the entire interview.

22 responses to “Elway says he’ll know what Peyton plans to do by March 9

  1. Knowing Peyton and his love of $$$ he won’t tell them by the 9th, forcing them to pay him or cut him (lose/lose for the Broncos, out cash or lambasted for cutting him). You heard it here first, they won’t know.

    If he gets the cash, he doesn’t have the physical ability to play anymore so he’ll just bank the money and watch with a mystery injury. If he gets cut, can almost guarantee he’ll try to play for another team because he won’t want to end his career being cut.

  2. Unusually forthcoming insight into the whole thought process of what is fast becoming the best GM in The NFL.
    Elway is refreshingly honest and in that honesty it is clear why he gets the very best out of his staff.

  3. The wild card in all of this is Trevor Siemian. No one outside of the organization knows what the kid can do other than looking pretty sharp, for a rookie, last pre-season. What if Elway/Kubiak actually think the kid looks better than Brock did after year one? If Brock says he wants more than the 12-13 million the Broncos are reportedly willing to pay, maybe the Broncos let him walk, wheel Peyton out one more year while he grooms Siemian. On the flip side, if Brock realizes he can get 17-19 million a year, but only in a Browns or Rams jersey, maybe he takes the Denver offer. Then Peyton gets cut, signs a one day deal and retires a Colt.

  4. Elway finally admits the truth – big cheats (multiple massive salary cap violations to rob other contenders of 2 rings) never admit anything until they absolutely have to. And you don’t have to read between the lines too hard to see that Elway is saying they can’t hardly wait for Peyton to confirm he’s riding off into the moon-set so that they can push on with Brock.

  5. Manning is the ultimate ego maniac. He can’t stand it that he will become irrelevant in a few days so he has to hang on and try to be the center of attention until the very end. I hope he doesn’t announce he’s going to retire and the Broncos have to cut him, then no NFL team even gives him a call. It would be a fitting end to the most selfish player in NFL history.

  6. He won’t be irrelevant, he still has multiple indictments coming his way, as well as a closet full of skeletons we haven’t found out about yet. Forcing his taint on someone is just the beginning.

  7. No way Manning just walks away from the possibility of grabbing another 19 mil. Would you?
    He will force the Broncos to cut him and he should. That way he can still take the moral high ground and make the team look bad.
    “Hey I still wanted to play but they cut me. Whaaaa…Whaaa…everyone feel sorry for me!”

  8. Peyton manning should have announced his retirement by now.
    He is probably up to something, unfortunately.
    He no longer has the physical skills to be a good QB. If he wants to get cut, and play a year for a bad team, I hope he really stinks.
    I was rooting for him last year, but he’s worn out his good will with me.

    Is he mad at Elway? Why? Just retire already. The Broncos did all right by you.

  9. Both Osweiller and Manning were dinged up last season. Manning’s injury was more severe of course. Osweiller has a better arm but he is inaccurate and his receivers didn’t help him much with all the drops. If Elway manages to keep the team intact, it makes more sense to try to make another SB run with Manning.

  10. Elway can’t wait for Manning to start working on a contract for Osweiler, but I find it hard to believe that Osweilers agent would have him sign a new contract not knowing if he would be the starter. I think standing on the sideline for 4 years is enough time for most QBs to be ready. If Osweiler was smart he test the free agent market first.

  11. I’m pretty sure there’s already a contract in play for OZ that’s why there’s no hurry. No way shape or form is manning getting a dime from the broncos next yr!

  12. Peyton Manning will retire, and his legacy will not become the farce that Farve left with his retire, return, retire, return debacle. Manning has more class than that, and if he retires now, he does so with SB ring number 50.

  13. Elway announce his retirement more than two months after winning the Super Bowl. Allowing Manning a few weeks is the right thing to do. Brock can wait!

    ENGLEWOOD, Colo., May 2 – John Elway made official today what everyone has known for the past two weeks. The Denver Broncos quarterback will retire after 16 seasons of breathtaking work, the past two as a joyfully vindicated Super Bowl champion, simply because, “I can’t do it physically any more, and that’s really hard for me to say.”

  14. If Elway is seriously considering Manning next year, he has some disturbed thoughts. Manning is done as an NFL quarterback, both physically and mentally. He made many physical and mental mistakes this year. I cannot see any time interested in him except as player-coach (if that exists). Elway should go all out for Osweiler. He showed great promise. If the Broncos do not go for him strongly, many other teams will be interested in him.

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