2016 franchise and transition tag numbers

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Now that the salary cap has been set at a whopping $155.27 million for 2016, the franchise and transition tags for the coming league year can be calculated. Fortunately, someone better at calculating things than me has done the calculating.

The franchise and transition tag numbers for each position appear below. The first number is the nonexclusive franchise tag; the second is the transition tag.

Quarterback: $19.953 million/$17.696 million.

Running back: $11.789 million/$9.647 million.

Receiver: $14.599 million/$12.268 million.

Tight end: $9.118 million/$7.713 million.

Offensive line: $13.706 million/$11.902 million.

Defensive end: $15.701 million/$12.734 million.

Defensive tackle: $13.615 million/$10.875 million.

Linebacker: $14.129 million/$11.925 million.

Cornerback: $13.952 million/$11.913 million.

Safety: $10.806 million/$9.116 million.

Kicker/punter: $4.572 million/$4.123 million.

16 responses to “2016 franchise and transition tag numbers

  1. Actually it’s only the first 51 players roster spots that count against the cap, so you get a thumbs down buddie…

  2. Why is OL lumped together, but DL separated for DE and DT?

    Everyone knows that a LT graded as “good” is more valuable than a OG graded as “very good”.

  3. Holy cow, even the kicker/punter number is north of $4.5m? No wonder the cost of attending games has gotten so out of control in recent years. Even the star players had to work an offseason job just to make ends meet at one point. Now some ham & egger of a punter can be set for life with one tag. Crazy.

  4. “Actually it’s only the first 51 players roster spots that count against the cap, so you get a thumbs down buddie…”

    Actually, the top 51 rule is only in effect for the offseason. Once the regular season starts, all 53 active roster spots need to be under the cap, as well as anyone on IR and anyone on the practice squad.

  5. Technically, wouldn’t the WR number be less if Calvin Johnson retires? I am guessing he is top 5 paid at WR.

  6. The NFL/NFLPA agreement has really top loaded salaries over the years……Those that get drafted feel lucky because the finally get money for playing…..They really are the heart of the league as for the next 3-4 years, they make up the majority of the players and only those that rise to the very top of their particular positions will get the top dollars………

    It used to be that with the open competition, a few players in the league, including top draftees, got huge inflated salaries…..Now, it is about 10 players on each team…..crazy how the system has developed……

  7. miamiron says:
    Feb 27, 2016 11:46 AM
    Someones feelings were hurt by the photo
    This is football stop being a ta-ta queer
    Wrong, this is a website. And only feelings hurt are when your dolphins don’t make the playoffs 😥

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