Broncos dispute Manning retirement story, which is revised by the Denver Post


The Broncos have openly disputed an item in the Denver Post that reported Peyton Manning will retire.

Peyton has not made a decision on his future,” Broncos V.P. of public relations Patrick Smyth said on Twitter. “Plan remains for him to continue talks with the team this week.”

Meanwhile, the story from Woody Paige of the Post has been revised. The following sentence has been removed: “According to two sources, Manning will acknowledge his decision by the end of this week.” It now says this: “I’m told Manning will acknowledge his decision by the end of this week.”

The headline continues to declare that Manning “will ride off into the sunset.”

Maybe he will, but according to the Broncos that decision hasn’t been made. If it has been made, it hasn’t been communicated to the team.

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  1. This is the SAME Woody Paige that swore he would retire from writing sports if Jake Plummer didn’t bring the Super Bowl Title to Denver . That’s how SURE he was !!!

  2. Not trolling, could this be a contract thing? How is his deal structured? Does a retirement result in a bonus payback? Serious question… anyone know what his deal looks like?

  3. This whole fake reporting of him retiring is gonna be the last nudge that makes him retire. Just imagine you’re Peyton and you’re contemplating it then all of a sudden the Denver post makes up a report that you’re retiring. Why would you wanna deal with the annoying media trying to rush for a story that they make stuff up all year.
    Btw what happened to that Dez Bryant tape pft?

  4. As a Viking fan, I have all the respect in the world for Peyton Manning. Crapping all over him with the childish insults just shows how small minded some of you people are. You only WISH you could be half as good in your professions as he was! Let the man retire with dignity. I’ll miss him not being in the NFL.

  5. Peyton Manning had a great career. He is a lock for the Hall of Fame. Coming off the Super Bowl win, he should just call it quits. There is nothing left for him to prove or accomplish.

  6. Peyton knows that if he can squeeze out just one more season from somebody, he can grab another record even if he winds up 2-14. And he’d have to sell a LOT of bad tasting pizzas to equal one seasons salary.

  7. This is going back to the 2014/15 season (the quad injury year), but I always felt like if Peyton decided to play 2015/16 for the WRONG reason–mainly, selfishness, i.e. claiming Favre’s last big statistical records, that somehow fate, the universe, the football gods, wouldn’t be kind to him.

    Did anyone else have those vibes, or see it now?

  8. I think it’s true.. the broncos are mad that woody paige spilled the beans.. before they got a chance to announce doesn’t matter cause it will all come out this week..

  9. He has to retire. if he takes any more HGH his giant head
    will explode. What a fraud. Go away and eat your chicken parm

  10. Congratulations to one of the finest professional athletes in American history. Thanks Peyton for all the entertainment, even going all the way back to Tennessee. Since Manning has been playing, there have been a lot of young QBs that came into the league hoping to change the QB position, but in the end, some things never change. Fans love to argue about who’s the greatest of all times. That’s part of the fun of being a fan. Is Woods better than Nicholas? Is LeBron better than Michael? Is Manning better than Montana? Just being in the conversation is quite a compliment. The Manning family has to be very proud. Now, imagine if Joe Montana also had a brother that won two super bowls. Manning does. Wow! This has been an incredible delight to witness this awesome family, and what they’ve accomplished.

  11. A sure fire first ballot hall of famer, multiple super bowl winner from a great family….and there’s nothing Shaun King or Stephen A Smith can do about it.

  12. tgoat12 says:
    Feb 28, 2016 1:59 AM
    Hope he answers questions about taintgate during his press conference.
    Just curious, but does Tommy boy always break his phone before he gets a new one?

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