NFLN technical glitch opens door for a Browns diss

During Saturday’s coverage of the Scouting Combine, with hushed commentary usually reserved only for golf (because football is usually played in silence), something happened with the NFL Network feed. And it led to an employee of the league’s network (which is owned in part by the Cleveland Browns) taking a shot at the Cleveland Browns.

After the broadcast unexpectedly cut from Rich Eisen and Mike Mayock, a shot of Eagles coach Doug Pederson was on the screen and voices could be heard talking off camera. One of them (apparently Chris Rose) could be heard saying this, presumably in reference to Carson Wentz: “As I texted this morning, is the next former Browns quarterback about to take the field?”

Far worse could have been said during the 30 seconds or so of confusion before NFLN threw to a break. After the commercials, the feed was still messed up, with a test pattern on the screen followed by a shot of Rose, Charles Davis, Daniel Jeremiah, and Brian Billick talking about tall quarterbacks running the 40-yard dash, with Billick making the point that, when Joe Flacco ran the 40, it looked like a six-foot, six-inch guy running.

Three years ago, misadventures with a hot microphone on NFLN resulted in a couple of “F” bombs being uttered (apparently by Warren Sapp) in the direction of Patriots coach Bill Belichick, with Chris Rose reading a vague but effusive apology the next day.