Scouting Combine sparks reporter squabbles, too

The highlight of Friday night at the Scouting Combine consisted of Falcons defensive line coach Bryan Cox shoving a Cardinals scout. Saturday night’s festivities possibly (hopefully) will feature fisticuffs among a couple of guys who cover the sport.

Early Saturday, Jason La Canfora of CBS posted a tweet that some have characterized as a threat against NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport.

Said La Canfora, in a message directed to Rapoport’s account: “Keep my name off your lips. Always. Remember this. I know you will.”

Rapoport had no comment on the tweet, which apparently wasn’t friendly banter or an inside joke. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Rapoport doesn’t know what prompted the comment. Another source with knowledge of both reporters suggests that La Canfora heard from a coach or a scout while out and about on Friday night/Saturday morning that Rapoport had said something about La Canfora, regardless of whether Rapoport actually did.

If both are still in Indianapolis, here’s hoping that they cross paths and resolve their differences. (Or, perhaps, that they cross paths and don’t resolve their differences.)

The reality is that, when NFL reporters get around NFL coaches and scouts, plenty of NFL reporters will say things to NFL coaches and scouts in an effort to discredit competitors. Getting bent out of shape about it is a waste of time and effort, because nothing La  Canfora or anyone else says or does about it is going to stop it from happening.