DeMarco Murray still wants to return to Cowboys, but he’d need to take less


Assuming that Eagles running back DeMarco Murray wants out of Philly (he does) and that the Eagles are open to trading him (they reportedly are) and that the Cowboys are interested in a reunion (they could be), there would be only two impediments to a deal.

First, the Eagles and Cowboys would have to work out agreeable terms of compensation. Second, Murray would have to revise the five-year, $40 million contract he signed a year ago.

A trade between the two teams wouldn’t be out of the question based simply on the fact that they’re in the same division. In 2007, for example, the Cowboys traded up with the Eagles to draft Anthony Spencer, and the Eagles landed quarterback Kevin Kolb with the lower selection.

The bigger issue is Murray’s contract. And it’s not because the Eagles would absorb a $13 million cap hit by cutting him. If they trade him, the Eagles would absorb a cap charge of only $4 million this year, and he’d be off the books in 2017.

The problem comes from the guaranteed money due in 2016 and beyond. Murray has a fully-guaranteed $7 million base salary this year, and $2 million of his 2017 base salary is fully guaranteed. Murray would have to take less this year, and possibly waive his guarantees for 2017, to facilitate a trade.

Murray already has made $9 million under his contract with the Eagles; considerably more than he made in four years with Dallas. But the Eagles owe him plenty more over the next two years, and they’d surely love to unload that obligation. The question is whether Murray would decrease the obligation to the point where someone else would assume.

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  1. In my opinion, the Cowboys bailing them out or that horrible contract and saving them $9 million against the cap next year would be more than enough compensation. Actually, after his 3.6 yard per carry season, the Eagles should have to pay someone to take him.

  2. Trading up ot down in the draft with a division rival for a player that hasn’t stepped on the field is a WHOLE lot different then trading for the guy that lead the league in rushing 2 seasons ago..

  3. I doubt that Dallas is interested in surrendering even a 7th for a 29 year old RB that they know has lots of mileage.

    Murray went to Philly for the money. He should just collect his money and live with his decision.

  4. IMO, he’d be foolish to renegotiate the contract. He’s going to get $9M over the next two years, which is probably triple what he’ll command during a renegotiation.

    He’s not the player he was in Dallas, partially because the Eagles don’t have the same caliber OL, partially because the Eagles weren’t a real threat to throw the ball more than 10 yards, and partially because he’s now two years older, and hasn’t shown the same vision and burst he did while with the Cowboys.

    And while the Cowboys had the same OL personnel in 2015 asthey did in 2014, they didn’t play nearly as well. And they’re potentially going to lose Leary and Frederick after 2016.

    IMO, he should ensure his guaranteed money doesn’t get renegotiated because I don’t think he’ll ever earn it back.

  5. If I were him I’d refuse to give up any money.
    Take his guaranteed money, plus last years money, and he’s set. He has at most 3 years left, so why bother giving up any money?

  6. What a debacle. All three sides have handled this situation terribly. Yes, the Cowboys could’ve offered Murray a better deal. Yes, Murray could’ve taken less money. Yes, the Eagles were idiots for signing a player MORE for keeping him off a division rival than signing him for their own needs. It’s like, I don’t know, owning a truck and buying car parts to keep your neighbor from buying, and the parts just sit in your yard.

    All three sides lost, and I don’t think him going back to Dallas would work out. Why? Not sure. Just a hunch.

  7. Northerpackfan You really think Jerry is gonna let Fredrick walk when his contract is up??? It ALL starts with him” CLEAN POCKET” No owner or GM will let there pro bowl center walk

  8. As Dallasgoon mentions, this is a classic case of a Lose-Lose transaction. Actually, Lose-Lose-LOSE – both teams lost, as did Murray (except in the wallet).

    But, it is worth remembering, that Jerry Jones offered Murray a whole basket of cash. It’s not like the Cowboys just let him out the door with a lowball offer. Chip Kelly (remember him?) coveted him so badly that he didn’t think out the transaction – really, you Murray THAT kind of money only to put him in a three back rotation? And, Murray isn’t off the hook, either. Sometimes, the grass ISN’T greener, even if the cash is.

  9. In that photo Murray seems to be saying don’t go, Jase!
    I’m not an Eagles fan but he should stop complaining ! His behavior and whining does not present himself as a man. Big, baby! Grow up!!!!

  10. As a Bengals fan, it sounds familiar to the case with DE, Michael Johnson. He left the Bengals for more money in Tampa and returned to Cincinnati for basically half the money. Signed a 5 year deal for $43.75 million with the
    Bucs then came back to Cincinnati a year later on a 4 year deal for $20 million.

    As joestemme mentioned, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. :/

  11. First thing he’d need to do I suppose would be Slap his mom, beat up baby mama at Walmart, fail some drug tests, get caught stealing underwear, kill a passenger while driving drunk, throw baby mama on pile of automatic weapons after beating up said baby mama, be implicated in baby mama murder, oh and then fail a forth drug test. I know I left out a lot but that’ll make you one of dem boys.

  12. It was an idiotic move when it happened, everyone but Chip knew that when he was signed.

    I think the Eagles are stuck with his salary but i also think he will be better this year in a conventional offense that has more than 7 plays.

  13. Here is another factor to the equation. Totally hearsay but will put it out there. His wife ( and I think she is his agent) is a major league high maintenance princess. She was quietly difficult to handle around The Eagles organization. My educated guess is she desperately wants out of East coast living. So the marriage pressure issue also factors into this. That can wear anyone down to make a compromise. Just something to think about in the overall equation.

  14. Not much chance of that happening, DeMarco would have to take one hell of a pay cut, I doubt he would want to. Let the Eagles choke on that contract, it might teach them to raid the Cowboys free agents.

  15. screw you, Demarco. sleep in the bed you made. Darren Mcfadden had more production than you did last year. maybe you can come back and wash hi jocks for25 buck a week.

  16. Why would Dallas want him, It is dumb to take back the rb that made them go. Not to mention Romo’s shoulder is about to fall off. America’s Queens don’t need him.

  17. The Cowboys never have been, never will be America’s team.

    They ranked dead last in the USA Today’s top and most loyal fan bases in the NFL. #32 DEAD LAST, which means they are the biggest wagon jumper fan base in the NFL.

    1 fluke season in almost 30 years and all the fans have disappeared again, hahahaha!

  18. The contract is not untradeable at all.

    $7M isn’t lot if that RB comes close to do what DeMarco did in Dallas. And only $2M of next year’s salary is guaranteed. With the cap going up nearly 10% this year, what’s the problem?

  19. Can’t help but blame this nonsense on Howie.

    he asked the dude to take a paycut because the coach that Howie hired didn’t use the player right.

    Now the only stud-level RB on the team wants out.

    The only way I move this turd is if it can somehow burn the cowboys too.

    I’d take Murray + pic 13 +a 3rd to Dallas for pick # 4 and their 2nd round selection.

    everyone’s happy,
    next question!!

  20. The decision for murray is that is happiness worth more than money. If he is so unhappy in philly he should be more than willing to renegotiate to facilitate a trade. At the same time, he left dallas for the money, so its probably not likely.

  21. Distracted 9 because cowboys is the only team to every have trouble players. Get over it. And by the way, everybody is so quickly to judge somebody’s past but forget that they have a past. The person that was drunk and accidentally killed his best friend in car wreck obviously has to deal with that.. lets not forget both people are adults and knows right from wrong and nobody held his hand and made him get in the car with a drunk person. Either way sad for both families involved…

  22. perfect way for Eagles to get back the 2nd rounder (and then some) that Chipper gave away for some reason in the Foles-Bradford deal.

    That way, they could get QB and O lineman they need in first 2 rounds. That would be serious win.

    Of course, they’ll then need to draft/sign a RB, because Mathews/Sproles aren’t good enough/durable enough to last a season. Plenty of good ones around…generally reasonable pricing at RB position (other than Chip losing his mind last year for Murray)

  23. @myeaglescantwin – Demarco is the only only stud RB on this team? That’s funny, I was under the impression that we had a little dude named Mr. Sproles that is quite a stud my friend. A much better teammate than Demarco any day.

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