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Report refutes Texans interest in trading for Kaepernick

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Last week brought word that 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick would like to be something other than a 49ers quarterback during the 2016 season and wants to be traded to another team.

The 49ers haven’t said whether Kaepernick made such a request, although owner Jed York said he thinks the quarterback can be “a big piece of what we’re doing.” Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported that the Texans and Browns are interested in making Kaepernick a piece of what they’re doing, but another report from Houston has the Texans taking the opposite view of a potential trade.

The Texans have made no secret about their desire to find a lasting solution at quarterback this offseason, but John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that the Texans have “no interest” in trading for Kaepernick.

If the 49ers do decide to make a trade, linking Kaepernick to the teams most in need of quarterback is a good way to try to get other clubs to make offers for his services. For the moment, though, the Texans appear to have no interest in being involved.

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24 Responses to “Report refutes Texans interest in trading for Kaepernick”
  1. bryantrulen says: Feb 28, 2016 12:15 PM

    Bill O’brien would not work well with Kap. No way Houston does this.

  2. pooflingingmonkey says: Feb 28, 2016 12:23 PM

    His agents are just trying to create a sense of false interest. Put false rumors out in enough places these days, and they will eventually get picked up by the mainstream media. The Texans have zero interest guys like Kaepernick.

  3. greenbaychicksarefat says: Feb 28, 2016 12:27 PM

    NFL GM’s lie more than politicians. Why wouldn’t Houston want to upgrade their QB position? I’m no fan of Kap, but he’s definitely better than anyone they have now.

  4. ttommytom says: Feb 28, 2016 12:29 PM

    The Texans should be interested in every available QB from Peru to the Arctic Circle.

  5. tonebones says: Feb 28, 2016 12:32 PM

    Teams have to talk to the media, but teams don’t have to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. This is poker. Have you ever played a game of poker where all the players just laid all their cards out on the table for everyone to see? This is like gambling, but you’re gambling with the owners’ money. You sure as heck better not show your hand unless you don’t want to have a job.

  6. abninf says: Feb 28, 2016 12:38 PM

    Kaepernick wants out of SF because he knows the whole locker room hates him for screwing a teammates girl.

  7. sdchicken says: Feb 28, 2016 12:42 PM

    I’d take 48 year old tommy copper wearing Bret Favre over Hoyer

  8. jmscooby says: Feb 28, 2016 12:44 PM

    Kap doesn’t fit O’Brien’s scheme. Simple as that.

  9. jag1959 says: Feb 28, 2016 12:48 PM

    Texans need a read QB to effectively run O’Brien’s offense, that is most definitely not Kaepernick.
    Hackenburg is undoubtedly on their draft radar but he won’t be plug n play and that D is ready to win now, be interesting to see how they look at bridging the gap

  10. JSpicoli says: Feb 28, 2016 12:51 PM

    Why does the press and most people go with every story like there is no motivation or narrative behind it?

    Are we surprised? Does anyone seriously believe 7 has ANY trade value when April 1 looms and both sides do not want each other?

  11. cinzano08 says: Feb 28, 2016 12:54 PM

    Seeing gm Rick smith on hard knocks showed me he’s a real lightweights yes man for their clown owner who hasn’t a clue running a team

  12. 49ers1970 says: Feb 28, 2016 12:54 PM

    Texans have the worst QBs in the league. Picking up Kap for a 3rd rounder and also drafting a QB to groom will be smart for them . They are not drafting in the top of the draft to get one of the best QBs available. They was Kap’s contract is set up they can always cut him if they are not happy.

  13. damcmp says: Feb 28, 2016 1:32 PM

    John McClain is an idiot… he can’t spell twitter, but I hope he is right for a change

  14. jscott1000 says: Feb 28, 2016 2:06 PM

    This is just John McClain’s opinion being reported as fact. Maybe he knows what Rick Smith and Bill O’Brien are thinking and maybe not.

    Either way the Texans probably are not going to bring in another reject from another team, and more likely than not they are going to try to groom a rookie into the franchise QB. Maybe it’s Hackenburg and maybe not. Nobody knows at this point. Not even Rick Smith and O’Brien probably know at this point what they want to do.

  15. realtruthteller100 says: Feb 28, 2016 2:49 PM

    no one should sign him til he shaves his tats off!!

  16. dcapettini says: Feb 28, 2016 3:01 PM

    The Texans always have some excuse. Isn’t just magical how Kubiak managed to win the Super Bowl just 2 years after they decided that it was worth paying him a ton of money to go away? They are lucky that the Bengals are in the same conference as them or they wouldn’t have any playoff wins for their whole existence. They have the best football player of the current generation and they still can’t win.

  17. eagles777 says: Feb 28, 2016 3:21 PM

    Ian, hearing voices?

  18. alonestartexan says: Feb 28, 2016 3:52 PM

    The most logical choice for the Texans is trading for Mike Glennon from Tampa or Matt McGloin from Oakland, cut Hoyer and Weeden, and draft a possible QB of the future.

    It’s amazing how Rick Smith still has a job after passing on Every QB in the draft to select Clowney, then draft Su’a-Filo over Derek Carr.

  19. jscott1000 says: Feb 28, 2016 5:45 PM

    The thing is with Kubiak and Wade Phillips they both have some good ideas, but after a couple of years they get stake. Phillips was awesome in Texas his first year, but productivity dropped off. And Kubiak’s offense was so predictable, we became the pick 6 capital of the NFL. So it’s lucky Denver pulled it off in their first year because I seriously doubt they can do it again now that everyone has enough tape and time to figure out what they are doing.

    As for Rick Smith passing on Derek Carr… they say that the coaches and GM should not listen to the fans, but I think most folks in Houston didn’t want a Carr under center. Just brought back too many bad memories of number 8. I still have his jersey that I can’t wear even after ripping off his name.

  20. bengalsfan2079 says: Feb 28, 2016 6:01 PM

    Think they’re going to try and trade into the back of the first and take Bill’s boy Hack.

  21. aquineas1 says: Feb 28, 2016 7:24 PM

    I would think Robert Griffin would be more desirable than Kapernick, based on how he carried himself last year while carrying the clipboard.

  22. jjackwagon says: Feb 28, 2016 8:45 PM

    According to Texans fans they are only a QB away from making a serious run.
    No way they go for Kaep, they would still be a QB away.

  23. shlort says: Feb 28, 2016 9:10 PM

    Kaepernick wasn’t even good enough to start for the 49ers once he was exposed as garbage. Who would trade for a guy who sat bench behind a second stringer? That would make Kaepernick a 3rd stringer. I am sure the 9ers could get some team to give them all their picks for the next 100 years for a has been who never really was.

  24. eagles777 says: Mar 1, 2016 9:00 AM

    Yes, the Texans have no interest in TRADING for Kaep. They would have interest in signing him to a lower contract. The Niners have to decide if they keep him as a very p-offed expensive back-up, given he was a p-offed back-up last year.

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