Dave Caldwell pushes back against perception Jaguars will spend aggressively next week


As the NFL approaches the final year of a four-year window during which all teams must spend, on average, 89 percent of the total salary cap, the Jaguars and Raiders are the only two teams behind the curve. And that’s created the impression that both teams will spend aggressively in free agency.

PFT recently explained last week that this may not be the case. Jaguars G.M. Dave Caldwell thereafter explained that, indeed, it won’t be.

“I know there’s been a lot of numbers out there,” Caldwell told PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio. “None of them have been accurate to be honest with you so I wish that if people are going to state the numbers that they be accurate. We’re not that much under. We have to spend maybe 94 percent of the cap to be at the minimum. We knew that going in to this, but we also know that in a year from now some of our best players in Allen Robinson, Blake Bortles, Telvin Smith, Aaron Colvin, Brandon Linder, they’re going to be up for renegotiation. So we’ll have no problem spending that money, and we’ll have until February [2017] to do it. So I could probably buy you lunch this week and we’d be over 89 percent.”

That’s precisely the point that was previously made. Just because the Jaguars and Raiders are lagging behind the 89-percent average, they don’t have to get there by next week. They have to get there by next year, and they can wait for guys like Bortles, Robinson, and Smith to become eligible for new deals.

Apparently, that’s what the Jaguars will do.

17 responses to “Dave Caldwell pushes back against perception Jaguars will spend aggressively next week

  1. Smart move. Also, if he was going to spend a lot, you don’t want agents knowing that and expecting more money than you’re willing to give, or trying to use your cap space as a bargaining chip to get a better deal with another team.

  2. I can’t see the Jags spending aggressively in free agency, but I can see them making a real run at Bruce Irvin. They need a pass rusher and he wants to come play for Gus. Other than that, they’re going to want to roll over cap to be able to cover the up front money on locking their young guys up.

  3. I love it when smart people in positions like this give an honest no BS answer. Informative without being revealing. I’m an NFC guy, but I think a lot of people would like to see the Jags have some success.

  4. They need to overspend. Gus and Dave are on the hotseat rather anyone wants to admit it or not. The offense is on the cusp of something special, but the defense is anemic. Go get some pass-rushers and ball-hawks. Something’s got to change on the field of the front office will be cleared out.

  5. Smokescreen much?

    Two weeks ago he was talking about how the team is open to going after older free agents now that we don’t have as many holes…

    Mario Williams, Danny Trevathon, and Reggie Nelson.

    That will spend enough now and save enough for Bortles, Smith, ARob and Linder.

  6. Surprise Surprise. The list didn’t include the first draft Pick that Dave Caldwell made after taking reign.


  7. “Ha ha” laughed Caldwell, “why should we spend money? Every year we are the ‘up and coming’ team and every year we draft top 5. No one ever complains…..”.

  8. Accounts payable vs Accounts receivable:
    If your team doesn’t bring in a ton of revenue, you cannot spend a ton of revenue on good player (or good staff for that matter) and expect to make money. Jags ballin on a budget bruh!

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