Peyton Manning speaking tonight, in Jacksonville


On the same day that a new report featuring a new witness to a very old incident landed on the Internet, Peyton Manning will appear in the hometown of the quarterback he supplanted four years ago for a speaking engagement.

Jeff Darlington of NFL Media has made the trek to Jacksonville to hear what Peyton has to say, during an appearance at the Florida Forum Speakers Series. Darlington will be updating the situation at his Twitter feed.

Manning hasn’t spoken publicly since Super Bowl 50, apart from whatever he said at the team’s victory parade and rally in Denver and on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. If he’s asked any questions, he’s most likely to be asked about whether he has decided to retire. And he’ll likely say he hasn’t made a decision, since his agent said precisely that earlier today.

If Manning is asked about the Jamie Naughright, Manning will surely find a way to say nothing at all, possibly in a self-depracating way. He’s still bound by the terms of the 2004 settlement agreement that resolved Naughright’s defamation case, and he’s smart enough to know he’s inviting more problems with Naughright if he makes any comment other than “no comment.”

The event, as Darlington points out, was scheduled long before Super Bowl 50, and the cost of admission is $100. It’s unknown how much Peyton is being paid for the event; two years ago, he got $105,000 for an hour of his time at Oklahoma State.

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  1. He will be speaking at the end of the healthcare IT conference in Vegas on Friday as well. Good to be the sheriff

  2. Sickening that a phony like Manning gets paid 105K per hour to speak to college kids, while tuition and student loan debt increases exponentially. Makes a lot of sense!!!!

  3. He’s doing it for free to help raise money for a children’s hospital like he did in Indianapolis. And like Florio stated this was planned long ago, it’ not an effort to try to look good because of the Tennessee stuff. Mike, try putting some positive spin on this guy.

  4. Don’t care when this was scheduled. If it wasn’t prior to his disgusting acts at UT, it doesn’t matter. With the aid of a suspiciously quiet media and self-serving NFL, Manning has parlayed his name into a brand that capitalized off his phony image.

    Had there been any fairness from the beginning, his star would not shine nearly as bright. The reflex action to back him, even in the face of mounting evidence in the UT scandal and the HGH issue, is astounding.

  5. I’ve read and researched a lot concerning the allegations against Manning and what I’ve found is that this is one rude and crude woman we’re dealing with. She had a very vulgar reputation. This whole thing is a big scam. The people that were actually there agree that Manning was just a fun loving kid who was respectful to everyone and this woman was one weird chick. Really gross and foul.

  6. Why the hate? Because he is making money? Like anyone on this message board would pass up that type of money. You don’t like his playoff record or the sexual harrassment, fine. Dude can make money however he wants. He isn’t some monk that lives on a mountain and studies the evils of capitalism.

  7. He’s getting closer to Tennessee.The guilty man going to need all that money and more.

  8. qdog112: You would be wise to google Jamie Naughtright and read a bit about his this woman. You might just have a different take on the whole thing. She is a nut job who sues absolutely everyone. According to articles published, unfortunately after the Shaun Racebaitor piece in the New York Daily News she has sued about 33 people. Donna Karan and Peyton are the most well known people.

    I suggest you get your facts straight before you go slamming people. Or maybe you are just a hater.

  9. “Should have called it quits last year.”

    Peyton Manning, in an ice bath, Nationwide commercial, October 2016

  10. Animal kindness, that end around (otherwise known as a red herring) won’t fly. The only facts with any bearing are those related to what happened between these two the day he smothered her in his loins.

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