Cam Newton and Rob Gronkowski getting shows on Nickelodeon

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Maybe since they’re co-workers now, Spongebob Squarepants can give Cam Newton some tips about having a positive attitude when things go wrong.

And he can also go pick up Rob Gronkowski after a long night, since he’s been spending plenty of time around Bikini Bottom himself these days.

According to the Associated Press, the kids television network Nickelodeon announced plans Wednesday for two new shows starring Newton and Gronkowski, at least one of whom seems tailor made to host a show for kids.

The one starring the Panthers quarterback will be called “All In,” and will feature the league MVP taking kids on dream-fulfilling journeys.

The Patriots tight end will host “Crashletes,” which sounds like a show of sports action clips.

The shows are designed as part of a shift away from the network’s heavy base of animation, though one might argue that doing it with a cartoon character like Gronkowski makes it an unusual decision.

29 responses to “Cam Newton and Rob Gronkowski getting shows on Nickelodeon

  1. Completely unrelated to this story, but I realized today that Cam Newton seriously might have bipolar disorder.

  2. Are these really the type of guys we want influencing our children? One more reason not to have cable…

    My kids will be getting re-runs of Mr. Rogers, thanks.

  3. Solid role models. Cam can teach them how to steal there friends laptops and gaming systems. Gronk can start them playing beer pong at a young age,show them how to shotgun a beer maybe.

  4. orandegadsen – you do realize the laptop was nearly 8 years ago, don’t you? Long past time to get over it and move on. And if you’re going to criticize people for things they did 8 years ago, at least learn how to spell and punctuate properly.

    As for the shows, “Crashletes” sounds like an episode of “World’s Dumbest Daredevils” featuring people making homemade slip ‘n’ slides from the top of their houses into a 6-inch deep kiddie pool. And I can see Gronk doing that, as long as their are a dozen barely-clothed supermodels right outside the kiddie pool waiting for him……….

  5. I don’t know, I think it’s pretty funny. I might watch one or two myself.
    Regardless of their weird antics, they are both pillars in the community and have never had any legal issues.
    It’s not like it’s the “Pac Man Jones Hour” or something.

  6. Don’t know much about Gronk and what he does for kids and his community but living in Charlotte I know a little about Cam. You clowns that constantly dog him are just a bunch of jealous little girls, he is great for our community, constantly does awesome things for kids (some in and some out of the media) and has never given this community anything but good since he arrived five years ago. EVERYONE that posts negative things about Cam either is jealous because he is not your qb, mad because he beats your team and celebrates when he does it or maybe….you have some other personal motives… Go Panthers…Keep Pounding…

  7. Wow kids get see what suspect charter and classless actions will get you, a TV spot where ones with class and character only get pizza deals.

  8. Boy, I am glad I’m not as miserable as some of you all seem to be. Lol

    First, Cam had this in the works before the Panthers season went supernova. Secondly, he seems like a big kid himself and his show sounds fun. I bet it’ll be a hit

    Gronk seems more cartoony but not in a kid- friendly way. Still, both are upstanding citizens and Cam just had a baby. Good opportunity for two big personalities to have fun and entertain.

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